Facebook Clears Up Spam Images

The largest social network in the world, Facebook has been under attack with users being spammed by violent and pornographic images. However, Facebook do deny that they are responsible for a flaw in the system; in fact, they blame an unnamed browser with a vulnerability that was expolited. This issue has now been solved and […]

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Iran Fights The Duqu Virus

Following reports that the computer systems inside some of the nuclear sites in Iran have been attacked by the Duqu virus, experts within Iran are starting to fight back according to a statement! The world was alerted to the virus by the security firm Symantec; they found a virus running a similar to Stuxnet. However […]

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Valve Confirms Steam Was Hacked

It seems that the Steam game service run by Valve, has been attacked by hackers and although there is no evidence one way or the other that data has been taken, it is possible that credit card and other data belonging to the thirty five million users could have been compromised. The company is in […]

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How Malware Has Mutated Over Time

Amazing as it may sound, malware, computer viruses or however you wish to describe them have been around since the 70’s! In fact, the first computer virus was the Creeper Worm created in 1970 and attacked Arpanet. Since then the virus has mutated many times until what we see today sophisticated programmes that can sometimes […]

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Personal Panic Button Ring

There are several devices around that can fire off a series of text messages to family and friends. but the MyRingGuard security ring is what it says a ring that can be worn all of the time until needed, then once activated it connects via Bluetooth to the users Smartphone to send off a pre-programmed […]

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What Now For Julian Assange?

Yesterday Julian Assange and his team heard the High Court state that the Australian born Wikileaks founder must comply with the extradition request from Sweden where he is wanted to face questions on sexual assault allegations. However, it has long been believed that he would not get a fair hearing and ultimately he would end up […]

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Just What Is Hactivism?

We hear a lot of terms thrown around the media, some are classics and others are new, so new in fact that everyone understands the meanings and one such word happens to be “Hactivism” it sounds rather strange, but it is the point where computer hacking and political activists crossover and combine! The first mention […]

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Funny Captcha Fails

It seems that even those features that we put in place to secure our websites fail, but not always in the way that we would imagine! Check out these epic fails offered by the captcha feature from different websites. Perhaps it would be better to get the number version installed, as words can be such […]

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