Postmates Could One Day Become Your Personal Shopper!

We are all familiar with buying stuff online but most of the time this service is only provided by large organisations with a massive infrastructure. However, there are a lot of us who buy from local stores who do not offer this kind of service, until now! A new idea called Postmates aims to bridge the gap between small local stores and the consumer, it is an app that uses the Foursquare API to locate small businesses where you are working or living at the time to provide a personal shopping service between the store and the customer. Continue reading “Postmates Could One Day Become Your Personal Shopper!”

Save £40 On The Kindle Fire HD Tablet From Amazon!

Amazon has reduced the price of its The Kindle Fire HD Tablet by £40, so it now costs a very reasonable £119 for a seven inch tablet device that offers HD quality graphics. It is not just an e-reader there as there is much more to the Kindle such as surfing the net, checking email and of course, a little bit of social networking too.

Save £40 On The Kindle Fire HD Tablet From Amazon!

The Kindle Fire HD Tablet has a seven inch screen in HD with an LCD offering a 1280 x 800 of pixel resolutions with up to 720p HD. It is powered by a dual core 1.2 GHz OMAP 4460 Processor and comes with 16 GB on device plus free Cloud storage for all Amazon content.

Save £40 On The Kindle Fire HD Tablet From Amazon!

Audio is provided by the Dolby Audio dual driver stereo speakers. It measures in at 19.3 cm (W) x 13.7 cm (D) x 1.03 cm (H) and weighs just 395 grams with the battery installed that Amazon say will last for over eleven hours of continuous use!

Save £40 On The Kindle Fire HD Tablet From Amazon!

The Kindle can be purchased from Amazon the price was $159 the price now is £119 that is a saving of £40!

Never Leave Your Cards Behind With A Ping!


If there is one thing that you never want to wake up to in the morning after a great night out, it has be finding that you have lost your bank debit or credit card! Or that Tattoo, but that is another idea for later! Anyway, back on track, you have lost your card it could be anywhere and it be in the hands of a criminal who is currently having a great time at your expense!

Well, check out the Ping Smart Wallet, this small wallet is not much bigger than the cards it will carry and yet with this wallet you are never going to wake up to the shock that your card or cards are missing. The Ping comes with a Smartphone app that will alert you that the card is missing and now you can do something about it before it is too late. It might just be that it has been dropped or that it’s still at the counter, either way you will be alerted.

The Ping Wallet will hold up to ten cards and some cash too, yet its only 3 mm thick. However, the best thing is that the Ping will keep track of what’s in the wallet and so when it has removed either the app will alert you or the built in speaker will and so, this is why the Ping Smart Wallet has to be the only wallet you will ever need.

Once the Ping Wallet hits the stores it will retail at around $80 (£51), but early birds can pre-order the grey anodized aluminium Ping Wallet for a cool $50 (£33) other colours are available, but they are a bit more expensive.

Source: Ping Wallet


Just How Does Etsy Work

Mention Etsy and a world of coffee mornings, knitting and homemade cakes might spring to mind, but that image couldn’t be further from the truth. Etsy has over 875,000 stores located all of the world and these shops are selling almost three million items per month. So now, all of sudden Etsy looks more like an international business and that is exactly what it is. So maybe we should be taking a closer look at the global marketplace and in order to do this properly we need an info graphic and luckily, MBS Online has one that fits the bill. Check it out to see just how cool Etsy is, you may never look at it in the same way again.  Continue reading “Just How Does Etsy Work”

Amazon Eyes Up The High Street For Stores


While book sellers in all High Streets around the world should not be too worried immediately, the rumour is that Amazon is planning to open up a store in its own back yard of Seattle, Washington in the US.

This store is supposed to be a boutique style place where buyers can check out the Kindle and what it has to offer in the way of accessories and apps. However, if this idea took off who knows what they would be selling and where!

We are still waiting for the book seller to make the official statement on the store or what the company intend selling from it.

Source [Tablet Crunch]