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    Easy open bottle caps

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    How many times have you had trouble opening a fizzy drinks bottle? Well at some point, it happens to us all and then there is always the one where you just happen to get a little bit over excited and although you actually get the bottle open the contents tend to follow at a high… Read more »

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    BioFuel Caffeinated Popcorn

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    Here is the perfect pick me up for the person who wishes to have that caffeine hit, but at the same time does not really want to have a large mug of coffee! It seems that the coffee these days is not as hip as it used to be and popcorn is the new caffeine… Read more »

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    The Blue LED Digital Watch Gift Watch

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    This is a deceptive looking watch that uses blue LEDs to produce a wonderful looking display that has the appearance of depth. However, of course, this is merely an illusion. More importantly is how do you tell what the time is with this watch? Usually there are detailed instructions on how the display works, but… Read more »

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    Portal 2 gets double top again

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    With all of the holidays recently, the amount of time that consumers could actually spend shopping has been drastically reduced. But still in the world of gaming a few public holidays is nothing to worry about, but still there was little movement in the Games Charts last week. This means that despite sales being down,… Read more »

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    The Mindbending Watch

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    Check this out, it is the Kaleidoscope Watch from GRO Design, check out the video to see it in action, but be careful not to be near anyone who is likely to offer suggestions as you may end up being sorry that you see this watch at all. In a way, this watch reminds us… Read more »

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    The Top Gadgets For 2011

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    The top gadgets in 2010 were obvious there was the iPad, Windows 7 powered phones and of course the iPhone 4, but were are third of the way through 2011 do what can we expect to be seeing this year in way of gadgets? Here is the top ten gadgets expected during 2011, which one… Read more »

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    Lionshead Studios release trailer for Fable III

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    PC gamers have been given a treat with the release of a trailer for Fable III, this improved game appears to be much smarter on the PC version than the version made for any of the consoles, which where the PC games often come out on top. Check out this video trailer to see what… Read more »

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    Twisted Metal Game play Trailer

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    There is always a bit of a downer between the time that a game is completed to the actual time that the die hard gamer can get their hands on it. this is clear when it comes to Twisted Metal, this game has been in the pipeline for some time and yet the game is… Read more »

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    Group buying sites for big savings

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    It stands to reason that supermarket chains such as Tesco and ASDA are going to have superior buying power over the average household, but there are ways that the household budget can chip away at the discounts that the big stores are getting. The most popular way is through group buying, the most popular in… Read more »

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    Where no man has gone before

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    This is wallet that will appeal to fan of the original series of Star Trek; it looks as if it has been made from some sort of tough plastic material, so it will be waterproof to a certain extent. However, most of all this is just a cool wallet made especially for retro Star Trek… Read more »

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    Sometimes Product Placement Does Not Work

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    It seems that sometimes when marketing people have a “Good Idea” it might be sensible to step back and just take a look at the big picture. This is exactly what did not take place when the advertising firm that owns this billboard on the side of a Co-Operative Funeralcare office, they must have overlooked… Read more »

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    Stargate Blueprints Found on eBay

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    The Stargate is an ingenious device that transfers matter instantaneously from one Stargate to another, making travel between distant planets possible in a matter of seconds. However, this technology is science fiction right! Well a set of blue prints have been found up for sale on the auction site eBay, so they must be real!… Read more »

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    Laser target alarm clock

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    This is not something that you every day, it is an LCD digital display alarm clock with a target above it, so you can guess what happens here as the alarm goes off the users has hit the bulls eye with the laser to turn the laser off. This is a battery powered device, so… Read more »

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    Turbospoke the bicycle noise machine

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    This is the Turbospoke device, it is in effect a fake but noisy exhaust system designed for kid’s bikes, it uses a card to stick through the spokes and the exhaust system amplifies this sound to make it more real and life like. There must be plenty of people around today that remember doing something… Read more »

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    Debenhams launch High St Scanning App

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    The High Street department store chain, Debenhams has launched a cool new app for Android phones that allows the user to scan barcodes through the devices camera; this will then display all sorts of information on the product directly on the user’s handset. The app will also direct the user to special offers and deals,… Read more »