First look at La Noire’s DLC

The great thing about modern games, apart from the game play itself! Is the ability to download additional content, in the case of the Rockstar game LA Noire this extra content appears to be just as super cool as the original game! It is only a matter of a few weeks since the main games […]

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Hoodies made for a Superhero

Even a superhero needs a change of clothing when it gets cold and what could be better than this hoodie designed in the style of some of the most popular Marvel Comic characters. These are fully licensed and certainly have the impact look, if that is what you are looking for. These are the details […]

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IT Phishing calls increase

In a survey conducted by software giant Microsoft shows that twenty per cent of people in the UK have been contacted by fake IT security companies with the sole aim of getting their credit details and money out of them. This is part of a wider survey that covered Canada, Ireland, UK and the USA, […]

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Nokia to close online store in UK

It seems that cost cutting or lack of customers has made the Finland based mobile phone maker Nokia come to the decision that its online stores are just not working and as a result, the UK will be losing its store. Although the company have given no specific dates, it is believed that the site […]

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Where do old PC’s end up?

Recently we have been uber consumers of almost anything and computers have been no exception either. However, do you ever sit back and think what happens to the computer that you have just left at the local tip? Well it certainly doesn’t stay there for too long that is for sure, in fact when there […]

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Garmin GPS Dog Tracker

This is a dog tracking system created by the sat nav people Garmin, it is being aimed at the hunting market, but it does not necessarily mean that it is exclusive to that particular group of dog owners. The system is made up of a collar with built in tracker system and a handheld receiver with […]

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The Daleks are here

It is quite apt that as the new series of Doctor Who gets going that we find this brilliant full size replica of a Dalek. It has been carefully produced to the original BBC plans for the machine! although it is hollow inside it is not recommended that any rides inside the machine as there […]

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New Trailer for Duke Nukem

It is hard to believe that Duke Nukem Forever has been in the making for around fifteen years now and it seems that this game is not going to disappoint any of the fans who have been patiently waiting. The trailer is a bit adult orientated, as you would expect from a game with content […]

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Rockstar offer more for LA Noire

Fans of the cool LA Noire will be able to take advantage of some downloadable content plans over the next few weeks for a fixed fee for the entire collection or they can be purchased separately if required. According to Sam Houser, the founder of Rockstar Games; “With its blend of real crime influences and […]

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