New Product New Friends

There is something exiting about a midnight release for a product, we have all seen the queues forming outside the stores, sometimes these folks have been there for days and all for a new game, phone, tablet or software release. So if you were ever tempted to get onto the end of one these queues, […]

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Livescribe Sky WiFi Smartpen

This is really a device that actually puts the smart into pen, it comes with built in Wi-Fi that allows everything that is written or heard to be sent to the user Evernote account, where it can be retrieved. The user can also tap anywhere on the notes that have been written to hear any […]

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Ties Made From Real Wood

When it comes to wearing a tie, for me it’s a no unless I am forced to wear one. But after seeing these ties made from wood, I might be changing my mind as these ties are totally different from anything that we have seen before and we have seen a lot of strange stuff! […]

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