Aldi Selling Seven Inch Medion Tablet For £80!

Tablet wars are certainly taking off with the UK’s top supermarkets coming out with their own branded seven inch Android powered tablets. Adli have teamed up with German based consumer electronics giant Medion for their tablet. It only comes in black, but it runs apps from Google Play and so it is fully compatible with […]

Baby Selfie Means That Babies Can Take A Selfie!

A day does not pass without us hearing about a selfie, only this morning at the Oscars a selfie made the headlines and the other day we featured an app that helped cats take selfies. So there is only one way to go now, everybody will have an app to suit their lifestyle, job or location […]

Pre Orders For The Samsung Galaxy S5 Over 100,000!

It does not seem that long ago when the first Galaxy smartphone from Samsung was launched and now we are thinking about the fifth generation of the phone. However, it seems that there are plenty of fans out there ready to pre order the £600 device, over a 100,000 in fact! There has been a lot […]

Take Full 360 Degree Images With The Cycloramic App!

It has to be said here that the iOS version of the Cycloramic app is better than the Android version, sure, it is more expensive but iPhone owners get to see their smartphone rotate in front of them with no assistance, while the camera is taking the shot. This produces a true 360 degree image, so […]