Government Launches Tech City Apps

The UK’s Tech City is located in East London, it is a place where businesses of all sizes have set up and where new businesses are encouraged to visit. They can then take advantage of the expertise offered by the Tech City Investment Organisation (TCIO)! Now this new app will offer the user news, events […]

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New Free App For Photo Editing

There plenty of web applications around that offer photo editing, but many of these are basic and to be honest most of the editing could have been done on the computer in the first instance. Then are sites such as Pic Full; they offer free picture editing with a difference and the difference here is […]

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Handheld Smartphone Scanner App

When we hear the saying, “There’s An App For That!” we normally think of games, tools and social networking. However, there are some interesting and sophisticated apps becoming available these days, such as this MobiUS SP1 ultrasonic scanner from Mobisante. Naturally, this is not just an app, but it is equipment too, so there is going […]

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