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    Mozilla Opening Marketplace App Submissions Soon

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        At long last, the wait is over for developers interested in producing apps across the whole Mozilla platform will be able to submit their apps to the Marketplace for approval. This will be announced by Mozilla at the Mobile World Congress that take place next week in Barcelona, Spain. Once the developer has… Read more »

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    Want Clean Teeth There Is An App For That

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        It seems that these days there is nothing that can be done without the use of a Smartphone and an app; this now included brushing your teeth! This is the Beam brush and app, it works with a Smartphone to keep track of how long you are brushing your teeth and keeps a… Read more »

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    What Are The Best And Worst Apps

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            Love them or hate them, apps are everywhere these days, on your phone, tablet and computer, there are even apps available for your TV so there is no escaping them.   So the best thing to do is get used to apps and find out which ones are good and in… Read more »

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    Chrome For Android Gets Beta Launch

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      This may sound great, but this beta release of the Chrome browser will replace the existing version in the Android operating system, but only those running the Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android and at the moment, that is not very many devices. In fact, it is estimated that only around one per cent… Read more »

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    BT Develop Free Fon App For Blackberry Owners

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      With three and half million BT Wi-Fi hotspots around the UK, the owners of Blackberry device could have well felt left out. But, not now, because BT has released an app that offers connection to the BT Fon wireless network. What is more, BT broadband customers get free access to the BT Fon network… Read more »

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    Apple Kicks Out Fake Apps From The App Store

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      For the developers of the Temple Run, Tiny Wings and Words with Friends apps seeing Temple Jump, Tiny Birds and Numbers with friends, booted out of the App Store must have been a bit of a relief, but for the developer of the fake apps, Anton Sinelikov it was all bad news. In fact Apple… Read more »

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    Mobile Phone Ownership Around The World

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      This graphic from So Mobile is very interesting because it clearly shows the top countries according to the percentage of mobile phone ownership, but worryingly it also shows that there are many countries with little or no mobile phone ownership at all. In this case, we assume that the percentage of ownership when compared… Read more »

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    Vimeo Launches Official App For Windows Phones

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      Finally the owners of Windows powered Smartphone’s will be able to get the Official Vimeo app that offers all of the great Vimeo features all in one free app. Now managing and sharing videos with friends has never been easier, as well as being able to set privacy settings, comment and watch videos later… Read more »

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    Visit Britain Launches Best of Britain App

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      Android users can find out the Best of Britain with an app developed for national tourism agency, Visit Britain, as an official guide to all of the great places to visit around the UK. These are the features and details for the Best of Britain app for Android devices; The official guide to the… Read more »

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    Free RAC App For Nokia And Windows Phones

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      This is a smart app from the RAC; it uses the integrated GPS feature in Nokia Symbian and Windows Phones to use the devices location in conjunction with the latest RAC traffic updates. This means that the user should always be aware of what is happening just down the road or around the corner…. Read more »

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    Facebook Brings Gowalla Into The Family

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    It seems that a deal has been struck between Facebook and mobile location app developer, Gowalla! It is not clear if this is a takeover or that the Gowalla team including Josh Williams, the founder and chief executive of the Texas based firm. Gowalla started back in 2009, but it was beaten to the global… Read more »

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    WalkSafe For Android Warns Of Danger

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    This is WalkSafe it’s an app that has been developed for Android phone users that warns the user of oncoming cars. Basically, what this is for is the situation where the user is walking down the street making a call and steps out into the road without looking. The app uses the phones camera to… Read more »

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    The Rules For Using A Phone In The Dating Game

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    It seems that there really are rules or etiquette for using a Smartphone with your date, the rules are clear and if you are looking to get to that all important second date, then you would be wise to observe the rules! However, as with almost anything to do with social media and new technology… Read more »

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    Government Launches Tech City Apps

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    The UK’s Tech City is located in East London, it is a place where businesses of all sizes have set up and where new businesses are encouraged to visit. They can then take advantage of the expertise offered by the Tech City Investment Organisation (TCIO)! Now this new app will offer the user news, events… Read more »

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    Google Closes Android App Inventor

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    The other week Google announced that a number services would be shutting down and the Android App Inventor is just one of those services getting the axe! In an email to users, Google reminds them to download their projects before the end of the year! But then they will be able to transfer them over… Read more »

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    Poorsquare Finds Freebies On Foursquare

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        Poorsquare may sound a little down in the dumps, but this is a site founded by a couple of Columbia Journalism School alumnus, Jeff Novich and Andrew “Pinz” Pinzler. It is intended for the “99%” which is of course, most of us. The site uses the well established Foursquare technology to track down… Read more »

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    Marvel Digital & Printed Published At Same Time

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    The comic publisher Marvel have announced that it will be making both digital and the printed versions of their comics available at the same time, rather than as they do now where third party sellers offer the digital version. According to Peter Phillips, who is the senior vice president and general manager of Marvel’s Digital… Read more »

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    Been Arrested? There’s An App For That!

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    These days with flash mobs and street occupations, you never know if one day you might be caught up in the action and eventually find yourself being arrested. It is a sobering thought but there is an app for Android devices that can actually help you in situation like this. Sure, the app cannot prevent the… Read more »

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    Siri Cannot Understand Scottish Users

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    For as long as there has been voice activated software, there has been problems with the device understanding the user, especially if they have a regional accent. This is something that is being made very clear with the new Siri voice recognition app, especially if you happen to come from north of the border. Yet… Read more »

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    New Free App For Photo Editing

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    There plenty of web applications around that offer photo editing, but many of these are basic and to be honest most of the editing could have been done on the computer in the first instance. Then are sites such as Pic Full; they offer free picture editing with a difference and the difference here is… Read more »

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    Handheld Smartphone Scanner App

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    When we hear the saying, “There’s An App For That!” we normally think of games, tools and social networking. However, there are some interesting and sophisticated apps becoming available these days, such as this MobiUS SP1 ultrasonic scanner from Mobisante. Naturally, this is not just an app, but it is equipment too, so there is going… Read more »

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    Tighter Rules For Mobile Apps On The Way

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    It would seem that there are worries that consumers are being misled and over charged by mobile apps and as such, the regulator PhonepayPlus is looking to cover apps with the same rules applied to premium rate services. This cannot just be applied though; the idea will need to go through a consulting period first,… Read more »

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    Zombies And Running Means A Great Workout

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    Sometimes runners need a bit of motivation and what more motivating could there be than a load of zombies coming after you and best of all you don’t know what is around the corner either! Well that is exactly what a new Smartphone app does, the runner puts on the headphones and suddenly the groans… Read more »

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    How About A Game Of Foursquaropoly [VID]

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    This is a game of Monopoly that has been mashed with the social networking site Foursquare to produce a new game that is being played on Smartphone’s called, Foursquaropoly! Well what else did you expect it to be called? Basically this is an app that allows players to buy check ins and build a cool… Read more »

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    Tetris Comes To The Android Market

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    It seems that some games you just cannot see the back of, with Tetris this is most definitely true for it is back, but this time it will be annoying the owners of Android powered devices. This is a free app too, so that means more people will be using it on the way to… Read more »

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    Queue Your Tweets For Easy Reading

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    If you follow a lot of people who Tweet a lot on the micro blogging site Twitter, it is hard to keep tracks of all feeds, unless you are online all day. So most of the time you are getting just bits and pieces of conversation or you blast off a few tweets of your… Read more »

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    Social Media Firms Say No To Riot Restrictions

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    In the wake of the recent riots across the UK it looks as if the Home Office is looking to ways of monitoring and even blocking Blackberry Messenger, Facebook and Twitter in order to prevent those involved communicating with each. As such, executives from the firms have been summoned to meet the Home Secretary Theresa… Read more »

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    Who Will Be Using QR Codes More

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    It seems that a recent study has found some interesting stats when it comes to who is actually using their Smartphone’s to scan QR Codes in order to get extra information about something. Apparently, fourteen million mobile phone owners swiped a QR Code during June of this year and sixty per cent were male! there… Read more »

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    Foreign Office Offer Emergency Text

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    The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) are to trail a new text message service that will warn UK residents abroad of any dangerous situations that may occur. The service has been developed with the help of Vodafone UK; the system will alert registered users of any natural disaster or other situations such as civil unrest… Read more »

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    Who Uses QR Codes

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    It seems that these strange patterns are showing up everywhere these days, they are of course, QR (Quick Response) Codes they are a bit like an old fashioned bar code but with more information so that the Smartphone user is able to scan and get details on products, services and even places as some tourist… Read more »