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    Marvel Goes For Augmented Reality

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        The comic giant Marvel are launching a new app featuring augmented reality (AR) that allows the user to scan a printed comic with the camera of their Smartphone to unlock extra content, such as; original artwork, writers notes and editors comments.     According to Joe Quesada, who is the Chief Creative Officer… Read more »

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    Minecraft Pocket Edition Is Updated

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        The pocket edition of the popular Mojang game, Minecraft has been updated, the announcement was made on the developers site and is offers some decent new features such as; New controller option, flying has changed, pigs in Survival Mode and few Bug fixes too.     According to posting by Daniel Kaplan on… Read more »

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    Near Field Speaker By iFrogz

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        Sometimes you want to listen to your music not through ear buds, but in the open and that means speakers or does it? This is the Boost by iFrogz, it is a box that has no wires, Bluetooth or synching and yet it is able to produce a wonderful deep sound through its… Read more »

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    Android Market Becomes Google Play

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        Google have pooled a number of its services into one handy portal, so now Google users are able to store all of their apps, books, movies and music all in one place, Google Play! This cloud based service means that from now on users will be able to access their content no matter… Read more »

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    Roku Remote Control App For Android

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        You can turn your Android powered Smartphone into a remote control device for your Roku streaming player with this free app available on the Android Market. Once installed you will be able to launch, search, and play the media player as you would normally but with your Smartphone, from the comfort of your… Read more »

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    Mozilla Opening Marketplace App Submissions Soon

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        At long last, the wait is over for developers interested in producing apps across the whole Mozilla platform will be able to submit their apps to the Marketplace for approval. This will be announced by Mozilla at the Mobile World Congress that take place next week in Barcelona, Spain. Once the developer has… Read more »

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    Want Clean Teeth There Is An App For That

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        It seems that these days there is nothing that can be done without the use of a Smartphone and an app; this now included brushing your teeth! This is the Beam brush and app, it works with a Smartphone to keep track of how long you are brushing your teeth and keeps a… Read more »

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    What Are The Best And Worst Apps

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            Love them or hate them, apps are everywhere these days, on your phone, tablet and computer, there are even apps available for your TV so there is no escaping them.   So the best thing to do is get used to apps and find out which ones are good and in… Read more »

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    Chrome For Android Gets Beta Launch

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      This may sound great, but this beta release of the Chrome browser will replace the existing version in the Android operating system, but only those running the Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android and at the moment, that is not very many devices. In fact, it is estimated that only around one per cent… Read more »

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    BT Develop Free Fon App For Blackberry Owners

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      With three and half million BT Wi-Fi hotspots around the UK, the owners of Blackberry device could have well felt left out. But, not now, because BT has released an app that offers connection to the BT Fon wireless network. What is more, BT broadband customers get free access to the BT Fon network… Read more »

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    Apple Kicks Out Fake Apps From The App Store

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      For the developers of the Temple Run, Tiny Wings and Words with Friends apps seeing Temple Jump, Tiny Birds and Numbers with friends, booted out of the App Store must have been a bit of a relief, but for the developer of the fake apps, Anton Sinelikov it was all bad news. In fact Apple… Read more »

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    Mobile Phone Ownership Around The World

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      This graphic from So Mobile is very interesting because it clearly shows the top countries according to the percentage of mobile phone ownership, but worryingly it also shows that there are many countries with little or no mobile phone ownership at all. In this case, we assume that the percentage of ownership when compared… Read more »

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    Vimeo Launches Official App For Windows Phones

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      Finally the owners of Windows powered Smartphone’s will be able to get the Official Vimeo app that offers all of the great Vimeo features all in one free app. Now managing and sharing videos with friends has never been easier, as well as being able to set privacy settings, comment and watch videos later… Read more »

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    Visit Britain Launches Best of Britain App

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      Android users can find out the Best of Britain with an app developed for national tourism agency, Visit Britain, as an official guide to all of the great places to visit around the UK. These are the features and details for the Best of Britain app for Android devices; The official guide to the… Read more »

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    Free RAC App For Nokia And Windows Phones

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      This is a smart app from the RAC; it uses the integrated GPS feature in Nokia Symbian and Windows Phones to use the devices location in conjunction with the latest RAC traffic updates. This means that the user should always be aware of what is happening just down the road or around the corner…. Read more »