Just How Does Etsy Work

Mention Etsy and a world of coffee mornings, knitting and homemade cakes might spring to mind, but that image couldn’t be further from the truth. Etsy has over 875,000 stores located all of the world and these shops are selling almost three million items per month. So now, all of sudden Etsy looks more like […]

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Most Apps Do Not Break Even

    When we speak about apps and the firms behind them, it is often thought that these are making millions and yet it turns out that could not be further from the truth. This info graphic from App Promo shows just how the market in apps is shaping up and how poorly they performing in a […]

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Check Out The Tod Smart Beacon

    The t?d is a smart beacon, it connects all of the user’s devices such as Smartphone’s and tablets to the real world via a Bluetooth connection. The range varies from three to five hundred feet, which may seem extreme but I suppose it is going to depend on the surroundings and conditions. This […]

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The Winning App Is?

    It is hard to take much notice of awards but the Appys are different this is because although the nominations are voted on by industry experts, but most of the winners are voted on the public. So this means that users of the apps are actually voting for them and therefore other Smartphone […]

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Skype For Windows Phone App

    Finally, the owners of Windows powered Smartphone will be able to take advantage of the Skype app for Smartphone’s running the Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” operating system or above. It works on most of the devices running this OS, but before downloading it might be worth checking out the seven Smartphone’s that it […]

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