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    Wake up with the Lark

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    I am lucky, as I do not need an alarm as I wake up at 2.00 am every morning, but for others getting up can be a major issue and a load alarm does nothing for the nerves either. Surely there is a better way than this, well there could be if £80 seems okay… Read more »

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    Android users get Modern Combat 2

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    Android phone users could well be feeling disheartened with the lack of cool games available, especially those produced by Gameloft. However, that has apparently all changed with the launch of the cool game, Modern Combat 2 on the Android Market. It will cost £4.28 and as a first person shooter game the game play and… Read more »

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    Humans losing social skills

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    Smartphones may be the best thing that has ever happened for users, but research is showing that the more we use our Smartphone’s the more that we are losing our social skills it we actually had any in the first place. It looks like some clever folks have been doing their research and it has… Read more »

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    The Gameboy iPhone 4 case

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    Remember the classic Gameboy from Nintendo? Well if you do or you have a taste for retro style and design, then this case for the iPhone could just be the thing that you have been waiting for. This is a real stylish design and is bound to cause a stir no matter where you are,… Read more »

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    This is the phone of the future!

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    Here is a cool idea for future phones; it comes from an idea of Chengyuan Wei from Weii Design. This design starts off as a flat piece of card and then with a few little manipulations, this card becomes a usable phone; just add a sim card and you are good to go. Once you… Read more »

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    Half a million apps

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    It seems that despite the competition these days, that Apple is still forging ahead and to show just how well they are doing they have announced that the approved apps on the Apple App Store have now topped 500,000! This is a massive number and thankfully, to put this into perspective here is cool info… Read more »

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    Wet Smartphone Emergency Kit

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    Spilling some liquid onto a Smartphone would normally spell disaster! However, dropping the device into water so that it is fully under for a number of seconds! Well this is just too much to think about; in fact, I have a cold sweat just thinking about it! However, it seems that this may not be… Read more »

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    Solar Charging Table

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    Here is a cool idea from Panasonic, it is a handheld device charging table, suitable for phones and PDA’s etc! Now we have seen plenty of these devices before, so what is so special about this one then! Well, although there are various solar chargers on the market at the moment, there are not many… Read more »

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    Tesco introduce store map app

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    With a company saying of “Every Little Helps” Tesco are always keen to exploit every angle in order to make sure that customers are getting what they want. In this case, it seems that Tesco feel that customers need help finding their way around the store and believe it or not, there is an app… Read more »

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    Samsung launches the Android Developer Forum

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    Samsung have unveiled its new web site for all Android developers. It is called unsurprisingly the Android Developer Forum; the idea behind this is to provide developers with all of the tools required for them to create some cool apps and games. The Android Developer Forum has forums where developers are able to discuss all… Read more »

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    Are Bees being killed by mobile phones?

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    There is a reduction in the bee population and there is no doubt about that, but what is the cause? As of yet there is no definitive reason as to why this would be happening, but the current leaning is towards the increase use of mobile phones! However, the idea that a mobile phone can… Read more »

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    Protect your iPhone 4 from the world

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    There is nothing worse than seeing a mark or worse a scratch on your brand new iPhone; it just spoils the whole iPhone effect! However, it is not just minor damage to worry about; there is the weather and environment too to think about, water, sand and dust simply are not the best of friends… Read more »

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    The Flexible Paperphone

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    This is the Paperphone, it is being talk of as being the next generation Smartphone, but currently it is still a concept idea from the Queen’s University Human Media Lab (HML) in Canada. However, the images, video and details have already been released, before the big unveil that is due to take place today at… Read more »

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    The Thumb Keyboard

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    Many mobile devices and even Smartphone’s can be difficult to use for some people and this is especially so when it comes to the typing out of a message. However, this is the iTablet Thumb Keyboard and it offers an alternative to using the on screen keyboard or small keypad. It is held in the… Read more »

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    Real Life Angry Birds!

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    It seems that that the phenomenon known as Angry Birds is not fading, in fact the complete opposite it is fast becoming a game for real too and that could be very exciting. The game become popular as the owners of Smartphone’s downloaded the app, they told their friends and so on, the Angry Bird’s… Read more »