Mobile Workforce Rising

Sometimes working nine to five appeals to me, you have your set working day and weekends off too, how good is that! Yet I work more hours than ever and even when I am not working I am, because of Smartphone’s and social media, but I wouldn’t have it any other way and it seems […]

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Who Uses QR Codes

It seems that these strange patterns are showing up everywhere these days, they are of course, QR (Quick Response) Codes they are a bit like an old fashioned bar code but with more information so that the Smartphone user is able to scan and get details on products, services and even places as some tourist […]

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Subaru Hacked By SMS

We have been led to believe that by far the safest way to lock and unlock our cars is by the remote key fob as this not only locks the doors it also activates the alarm and immobiliser too. However, it seems that this system may not be as infallible as we think, because at […]

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Chit Chat For Facebook

From the start, this is something just for Facebook users and the owners of Blackberry devices. It’s about a cool app that keeps the user and their friends chatting; it may sound similar to some of the other chat type apps out in the market but with the one exception and that is users must […]

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Nokero Solar Power Panel

For the Smartphone user the worst thing apart from having no signal is forgetting to put the device on charge the night before. but with the Nokero P101 offers a 1 watt solar power charger, it comes with adapter for Sony, Nokia and Samsung devices, it charge the phone up in around three hours and […]

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In Car Dual USB Charger

With so many devices using a USB connection to charge, this means that travelling around in a car is a problem as there are no USB ports. But it seems that US based electronics firm Brackton, have addressed this issue with the Dual USB Charger, this simple device plugs into the cigarette lighter to provide […]

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Doodle Instead of Tweeting

There is no doubt a need for quick messages, that is why SMS and Twitter are such a success, but there is a huge amount of people around who cannot put their thoughts down in words and this must be very frustrating for them. Luckily, the answer to their prayers could come in the shape […]

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Non Slip Phone Holder

We have heard of these before and to be perfectly honest they have never really worked that well. However, this is design and material is something that appears to actually hold onto the device without letting go, no matter how much strain is put on it. We would have to see this non slip skin […]

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Making a Smartphone Waterproof

Here is a case for Smartphone’s that actually does what it says on the box, put your Smartphone in here and all of sudden it becomes a device that can be used underwater, it may sound incredible but it appears to be true! This case is compatible with iPhone 2, 3G, 3GS & 4 and […]

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Google Maps Go Underground

It seems that from now on travellers on the London Underground will be able to get directions and information on their iOS, Blackberry, and Android-powered devices. Ed Parsons, Who is Google UK’s geospatial technologist said; “We’ve worked hard over the past few years on this, and we’ve worked with TfL to get their bus and […]

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What do you know about Android

Most people have about the Android operating system from Google, but what exactly do we actually know about this big selling software. All I know is that there is a connection with cakes in there somewhere. We have had to wait for [x]cubelabs the mobile app developers to put together all of the information and […]

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Mozilla to go Mobile

The makers of the popular Firefox browser are looking to take the mobile market by storm with the introduction of a mobile operating system known as Boot to Gecko! This OS will be a universal platform aimed at Smartphone’s and tablets, but it will also be available for other mobile device too. Now, before we […]

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