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    The Ringbow for touch screen users

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    Touch screen devices are cool to use but sometimes it is so easy to double touch a button and before you realise it the device is dialling someone or visiting a website, this is the problem with a device that does require the use of a mouse, but where the idea for the Ringbow device… Read more »

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    See Through Walls with this Backpack!

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    This may sound like something straight out of sci-fi show, but this back pack really can see through walls up to a distance of twenty feet, it does not give the viewer a clear picture. However, the device produces more like a radar type image; this can also be relayed to a Smartphone or laptop… Read more »

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    Mini robots create instant Wi-Fi

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    We have seen recently that natural disasters and even civil unrest can lead to a loss in communications, but by using a revolution concept an  could be set up allowing communications and other essential services to be maintained. The idea comes from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne and the idea is to… Read more »

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    Vodafone customers pay taxis with phones

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    Vodafone customers in London will be able to pay for their cab fare with the handsets. However, this service is only available in the London cabs that have been branded with the Vodafone colours. These cabs are not difficult to find because they are covered in the union flag that has been created by using… Read more »

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    Real hands free for Smartphone’s

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    This is the device that you need when your hands are otherwise engaged doing important stuff, such as washing up or even while in the bath, which incidentally was where the inspiration for this device comes from! It allows the user to operate the touchscreen of a Smartphone without the need of any hands, this… Read more »

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    What is the difference between the iPhone and Android user!

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    It seems that there must be some distinct differences between the users of an Android powered phone to the user of the Apple iPhone. Naturally, the actual users will come up with the reasons as to why they think that their device is much better than the other. But we don’t want to hear about… Read more »

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    The Top Gadgets For 2011

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    The top gadgets in 2010 were obvious there was the iPad, Windows 7 powered phones and of course the iPhone 4, but were are third of the way through 2011 do what can we expect to be seeing this year in way of gadgets? Here is the top ten gadgets expected during 2011, which one… Read more »

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    Cool Offer on the StuckBuddy Suction Cup stand

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    It seems that these days there not many opportunities for many good deals, let alone getting something for free, Yes Free! Don’t you just love that word! Well it looks like the guys over at Mobile Fun are literally giving the StuckBuddy Suction Cup stand away, but only one with each order they are not… Read more »

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    Tweetdeck goes 2.0

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    The Twitter app known as Tweetdeck has undergone a redesign and upgrade, according to the provider it has been completely rebuilt from the ground up and because of this Tweetdeck 2.0 is the fastest and smoothest Twitter application around, so let us see! What is new with the latest edition of Tweetdeck? Here are some… Read more »

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    The Top Twenty Android Games

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    There are hundreds of games around that are being played on cell phones and Smartphone’s, but which ones are the best? This list shows us the top twenty of the best Android games being used at the moment. These are the top twenty Android games as being played on devices powered by the Google Android… Read more »

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    When SMS becomes too much!

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    There are plenty of reports around where mobile phone owners from all walks of life are being harassed by someone sending them SMS messages. However, what do you do when it all gets too much? Well you try this method! Send them this text: Error 23: SMS Not Delivered; The number (insert your number here)… Read more »

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    Top Apps for the iPad2

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    There is no doubt that the iPad2 is the latest cool device on the market and some people simply must have it no matter what the cost is. However, the iPad2 needs apps to be cool, so just what are coolest apps around for the iPad2; These are the top ten apps for the iPad… Read more »

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    How the mobile phone evolved

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    It is amazing how mobile phone technology has changed over the years, first the devices were large, then they got small down to credit card size and now they are heading back along the larger path. If you have ever wondered how the mobile has developed to what we know now, then this video is… Read more »

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    Stolen phones can be checked in seconds

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    A new system available to the police allows them to check to see if a mobile phone has been stolen on seconds, rather than the older system that used to take around twenty minutes. This is all due to the new updated National Mobile Phone Register (NMPR) these changes are down to improvements put in place… Read more »

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    Social networks and Smartphone’s targeted

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    It appears that the next big target for cyber criminal is likely to be the owners of Smartphone’s and the users of social networks. According to experts social networking sites are being used more to spread malicious code and because Twitter and Facebook are very popular with Smartphone owners it looks like this could be… Read more »