Creating Web Apps

The thing about a web app is that they appear to be so simple and yet nothing could be further from the truth. The idea behind a web app is that they are hosted within the browser, so they are only available when the user is online and these apps can be accessed from any […]

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Apple App Store for business

Now it is possible to businesses to make use of the vast resources available on the Apple App Store. Why purchase single Apps for each employee when it is now possible to open up the entire store to all of the work force, well those who have an iPhone and can be trusted not to […]

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Branded Apps Failing

There is no doubt that the market in Smartphone’s and tablets is growing, the market in apps for these devices is also growing you only have to see the Apple App Store predictions to realise that and yet branded apps are failing to reach the market! Recent research has found that the average branded app […]

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App price to rise

There is no doubt that Apple, its products and services are successful, but it seems that demand could be having an effect on price! by the end of 2011 fifteen billion apps would have been downloaded, with over two hundred million customers visiting the store during the year it all sounds quite good, but it […]

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The Mosquito Buster phone app

Keep away all sorts of pests such as mice and mosquitoes with this high frequency sound omitting app for Android powered devices. This is ideal for those humid evenings when the mozzies start to bite! I am not sure how good this app is, or even if it works at all, but if you have […]

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Twitters America

Imagine a world where the social media site Twitter was your only source of news and information, the world would seem to be a completely different place and as for America, it would not be the place that we have come to love. It seems that around two thirds of Twitter user do not put […]

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Stickers for your iPhone

So, you have bought your new iPhone 4 or in while maybe you have gone for the iPhone 5, so obviously the next thing to do is buy some stickers to put over the devices home button! Well just in this sounds like the sort of thing you would like to do, here are the […]

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The business card redesigned

Here is a cool way of sharing your contact details such as social network profile details, as well as phone, email and other information. But instead of handing over a small piece of card that can get lost or battered up, you will be offering your new contacts a personalised QR code! With this, they […]

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Charger looks like a ball of wool

Sometimes it seems that either, we are out of touch with designers or that designers are out of touch with the consumer, whatever way around it is this design for a mobile phone charger must fall right into this bracket! The charger appears to be a ball of wool! However, once connected to a mobile phone it […]

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