Facebook overtakes MSN in the UK

The social networking site Facebook has overtaken Microsoft to become the second most visited site in the UK with almost twenty seven visits over the year. Facebook had 26.8 million visitors last year, which is seven per cent up! In comparison Microsoft’s MSN, Windows Live and Bing services, which managed to attract 26.2 million visitors, so […]

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Facebook loses millions of users!

Has Facebook reached its limit, well it seems that according to recent research by the monitoring site Insidefacebook.com the social networking firm lost around six million US based users, 1.5 million Canadian users and around 100,000 UK based users during May! But according to the firm’s own data, the membership is getting closer to the […]

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The real world “Like Button”

Bringing social networking into the real world is the French car maker Renault, at the recent Auto RAI car show event in Amsterdam the car brand introduced a brilliant concept that brings the online world of social networking into the real world. It works with a simple swipe card and placed around the Renault display […]

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Facebook Friends tattooed on arm

Sometimes social networking can go just too far, like inviting everyone to a party! However, even that does not touch what this Facebook user has gone and done. She has had all 152 for her Facebook friends tattooed on her arm, but this is not just the names, but avatars too and to show how […]

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Facebook relationship status

Does social networking affect relationships? It seems that like anything else, social networking can easily become a serious habit for some people and there are accounts of Facebook being cited in several divorce cases, so there is a real problem there, but perhaps it is not the fault of social networking at all! The fact […]

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Bing gets Facebook integration

Software giant Microsoft has recently announced that its search engine Bing will be integrating Facebook into its search results. This means that the firm have had to completely change the way that the search results are created. In effect, this means that a search on Bing will be able to provide the user with personalised […]

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