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    The evolution of advertising on Facebook

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    Despite being the social network, Facebook has played around with a few different advertising applications over the years. Considering that this network connects around eight per cent of the world’s population, you would have thought that the leaders in the online advertising market were fighting and climbing over each over in order to get into… Read more »

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    Google+ advert banned from Facebook

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    It seems that Michael Lee Johnson an app developer and member of Facebook had the good idea of creating an advert for his page asking for other Facebook users to join him on Google+! Unsurprisingly Facebook were not too pleased about it and in accordance to the Facebook terms and conditions, all of his advertising… Read more »

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    Get Facebook for Every Phone

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    Facebook launch the Facebook for Every Phone app, this is a feature where users of Facebook are able to enjoy their favourite social networking site no matter what phone they are using at the time, which is a good move from the guys over Facebook as this will bring in even more users! According to… Read more »

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    Even traffic switches to Google

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    This is a cleverly produced image that uses the battle between Google+ and Facebook for traffic, in this case is show the traffic is able to switch to from Facebook to Google+. However, as we all know it is not that simple as you have to invited and unlike any other invitation only beta launch… Read more »

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    Time to clear out Facebook

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    From time to time, there is a need to do a bit of spring cleaning on our social networking sites. However, how do with go about it and especially without upsetting anyone, after all the last thing that you need is to lose followers or friends! So the best way is to sit down and… Read more »

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    One in ten pets on Facebook

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    When we hear that there are 750 million users of the social networking site Facebook, we naturally assume that these are all people! However, of course, this is not so because there are plenty of corporate Facebook accounts and now it seems that pets are getting in on the act! According to recent data, around… Read more »

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    The “Like” button hanger

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    We are so familiar with buttons on the internet that they are now appearing in real life situations and we do not really notice or mind come to think of it! This hanger has been designed in the style of the Facebook “Like” button, it is a bit like an 8 Bit intrusion into the… Read more »

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    Combining Facebook and Google+ Feeds

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    As Google+ and Facebook go to head to head in the battle for social networking supremacy, it seems that the user of both networks could be the winner, especially if they use the latest extension created by Crossrider. This extension is simply called Google+Facebook, which in itself is very clever, but the app is supreme…. Read more »

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    Google plus or Facebook

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    The recent activity in the social networking scene with Google introducing its invitation only Google+ and at the same time Facebook introducing some interesting changes too, such as the chat feature for users who want to see more of their friends. Yet it seems that many of us have been sitting this one out and… Read more »

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    Facebook launching music service

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    It seems that a small piece of code has been found on Facebook following the launch of the Facebook Video Chat, but this code has nothing to do with chat or speaking to friends! The few lines of code are for a new music service to be called Vibes and it was found by a… Read more »

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    Why use Facebook Video Chat

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    With the announcement that Facebook will be getting video chat means that going online will change forever for some of us. It is not that our working day will change because we are already using Facebook, but with video chat, it means that we are going to have to smarten ourselves up a bit, no… Read more »

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    Facebook founder explains social sharing

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    Well when we say explains social sharing these are in fact the Laws of Social Sharing, with folks from around the world sharing four billion bits of information, it would seem to be an appropriate time to come up with some laws to cover this phenomenon. However, these are not laws as we know them, this… Read more »

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    The most popular person on the internet is?

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    There are plenty of candidates for the most popular person on the internet and it can also be said for the most popular person in the world too! But who can they be? It is certainly not me, so therefore it must be you, check this graphic out to see if there is anything familiar… Read more »

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    Why people follow online brands

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    Why do people favour Facebook over MySpace and why has Twitter become the wonderful communications tool that for many is an outlet for joy and frustrations, while for others it has meant only disaster! These brands are the some of the most popular on the internet today, they have made the owners into billionaires and… Read more »

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    Most followers on Google+?

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    So it has only been going for a short while and it is still invitation only too, and yet some celebrities and other folks have thousands of followers, but who currently has the most followers on Google+? Mark Zuckerberg of course, so even the founders of Google Larry Page and Sergey Brin only show up… Read more »