Broadcast your mood with this mug

This is the idea for the world’s first Wi-Fi connected mug to broadcast your mood to the world of the internet! Some folks may think of this as being strange, but for anyone engaged in social networking such as Twitter, Foursquare and Facebook they used to telling the world how they are feeling and what […]

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Humans losing social skills

Smartphones may be the best thing that has ever happened for users, but research is showing that the more we use our Smartphone’s the more that we are losing our social skills it we actually had any in the first place. It looks like some clever folks have been doing their research and it has […]

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Facebook relationship status

Does social networking affect relationships? It seems that like anything else, social networking can easily become a serious habit for some people and there are accounts of Facebook being cited in several divorce cases, so there is a real problem there, but perhaps it is not the fault of social networking at all! The fact […]

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The Business of Social Media

For business, social networking is the new frontier, it offers business of all sizes to get their services and products in front of very wide or if they desire a targeted audience. However, how has this phenomenon grown so fast and how can every business no matter how large or small can make use of […]

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Twitter boss warns UK users

The social media site Twitter has been getting some serious media coverage recently and yet not all of it has been good as there are calls for tighter regulations from the authorities following the breaking of the so called “Super Injunctions”. It seems that while Twitter are willing to allows its users to say whatever […]

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Twitter takes over Tweetdeck

It seems that the rumour that has been going around for weeks has finally been done and now the Twitter app known as Tweetdeck is not actually part of Twitter! It sounds confusing but really, it makes perfect sense for both parties. The deal is said to be worth around £30 million, but so far, […]

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