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    Cookie problems for Linkedin

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    The social networking site aimed at business and professional users, Linkedin may have become the latest dot com success with its IPO recently doubling the value of the business. But it seems that the network accounts could be vulnerable to a cyber attack due to fact the cookies used to store log-in data are available… Read more »

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    NY Cuts mean Ghostbuster HQ at risk

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    The headquarters of Ghostbusters in the movie is in fact real working fire station, in fact the station known as Ladder Co 8 was one of first fire crews on scene at the 9/11 disaster in New York. It seems that due to cutbacks, not all of the station houses are going to make it… Read more »

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    Google Vs Social Networking

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    We have an idea of what we think that the mighty Google thinks of the social networking competition, but there is only one real way to actually find out what is going on here and that is to search! Below are the search results using the instant variety and some these returns are rather amusing,… Read more »

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    Who would be a Social Media Manager?

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    Social media is everywhere, business, personal and even politicians have the social media bug. However, really goes on in the world of the social media manager? Check out this cool info graphic it shows all of the ups and downs in a day in the life of the hectic social media manager? Life is so… Read more »

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    Bing gets Facebook integration

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    Software giant Microsoft has recently announced that its search engine Bing will be integrating Facebook into its search results. This means that the firm have had to completely change the way that the search results are created. In effect, this means that a search on Bing will be able to provide the user with personalised… Read more »

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    Most followers on Twitter

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    It should not be a surprise that Lady Gaga has once more broken the record for most followers on the popular micro blogging site Twitter! She currently has over ten million followers and according to the Guinness Book of World Records, this is a record! Makes my eight hundred look a pathetic, I must try… Read more »

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    FA Cup final fans make history

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    During the recent FA Cup final between Manchester City and Stoke City, fans at the game become part of Wembley history as the stadium created its first 360 degree panoramic photograph, which within twenty four hours of being shot; it was fine tuned and uploaded to the Wembley 360 website. This is an incredible feat,… Read more »

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    Facebook using parents name baby “Like”

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    Sometimes it seems that obsessions can become just too much for everyone to even comprehend, as is this case with Lior and Vardit Adler from Tel Aviv, after naming their latest addition to the family “Like” after the button used on the social networking site Facebook. However, could this become a trend, with social networking… Read more »

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    Are You Addicted to the Internet?

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    Addiction can be a terrible thing and the worse thing about it is that the person to whom it concerns very rarely knows that they are actually addicted until it is pointed out to them! Therefore, this useful info graphic might able to help you decided. BTW: It would from the graphic that I am… Read more »

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    Opting for the Freelancers life

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    The workplace of today can be even more stressful than ever, with the mention of cuts everywhere do we really have to take everything that is being thrown at us by the boss and work colleagues! On the other hand, is this the ideal time to step out and go freelancer? This is path that… Read more »

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    Peace award for Julian Assange

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    The founder of the whistle blower site Wikileaks, Julian Assange, has been awarded the prestigious gold medal from the Sydney Peace Foundation an Australian organisation affiliated with the University of Sydney. The gold medal was awarded on the grounds of the pursuit of human rights, in fact, Assange is currently fighting extradition from the UK… Read more »

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    Skateboarding Dog fined £80!

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    It seems that for some local government officials there is no such word a fun or having a good time, take the story of Bodhi the Lakeland terrier from Brighton. He just loves to ride along on his skateboard showing off to the tourists and because of his fame, he has even appeared on the… Read more »

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    Want a career in Space?

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    If you are looking for a career that takes you into space, them your options are going to be fairly limited as even NASA only have two manned space flights left on the calendar, after that they will be relying on the Russian Space Agency to take their crews and supplies up to the International… Read more »

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    UK climber tweets from Mt Everest

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    Not only is he the first person to reach the summit of Mt Everest to make a call and tweet from 30,000 feet, but he has the coolest name too! UK climber Kenton Cool has become the first person send a tweet from the top of the highest mountain in the world and he did… Read more »

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    PCC looking at Twitter Feeds

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    It seems that the Press Complaints Commission (PCC) is looking into the Twitter feeds of journalists and newspapers with a view to bringing them under the scrutiny of the regulator. This comes as more news is being announced through the micro blogging site by news providers, which just goes to show how the social networking… Read more »