Posterous Taken Over By Twitter

    The micro blogging site Twitter has taken over the blogging site, Posterous. According to sources, it seems that Twitter may have been going after the talent behind the site, rather than the actual site itself as the development team have been welcomed into the Twitter fold with open arms.     It is […]

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Facebook Versus Cybercrime

    With almost a billion users, Facebook has to be a prime target for cybercriminals and so taking that into consideration how does it cope everyday to make sure that the site, member’s pages and data is kept safe and sound.   Facebook provides its users with the tools to make their pages and […]

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Twitter Could Use A Makeover

    Despite the little changes that have taken place on the Twitter pages, it seems that for some the changes are not going far enough. However, this is not the words of Twitter user, rather the feelings of the Director of Corporate Development at Twitter!     According to Mike Brown, the director of […]

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