Is Social Media a habit for you?

There is no doubt that social media is great, it has to be purely because of the amount of people who get involved in posting and tweeting their thoughts and in many cases their movements too! However, is there a point where tweeting, posting and checking in actually becomes a habit rather than a business […]

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Facebook and College Decisions

There has been plenty said about the social networking site Facebook, such as the calculations that claim if the social networking site was a country, it would be the third largest in the world by population. So with so many people using this site to air their views and show their images, do college admissions […]

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The State of Social Networking

  There is hardly anyone around who has not heard of social networking, but when it comes to joining social networks how do the figures mount up, is there a social network favoured by women, what about older people. With so many different groups of people around how do the social networks stand when it […]

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Group buying sites for big savings

It stands to reason that supermarket chains such as Tesco and ASDA are going to have superior buying power over the average household, but there are ways that the household budget can chip away at the discounts that the big stores are getting. The most popular way is through group buying, the most popular in […]

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The Bloggers Daily Routine

If we are take notice of this info graphic that explains the actual daily routine of the average blogger, it appears that they would be spending a lot of time in the same position, which just happens to be sitting by coincidence! Source [Tech Paparazzi]    

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Writing a Walking Dead Comic

Having watched the series a while back, it makes me curious as to how each episode is planned etc; well it is perfect timing that The Gutters have come up with the answer. Sure, this is related to writing a comic series, but the basic flow is bound to be the same. Check out the […]

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The Winners of Social Networks

The course of Web 2.0 has never really run smoothly, sure, there are a few winners as there is in all markets, but where there are winners there are also losers and as ever there will be more losers than winners. We all know of Facebook, Digg and Twitter, this is because these are popular […]

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Inside Wikileaks

There cannot be many people around who have not heard of Wikileaks, but what they may not know is where the Wikileaks site and data is housed! Some people of the suspicious kind, may even think that it is in some sort of top secret bunker hundreds of feet below ground level; well those people […]

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