Twitter Could Use A Makeover

    Despite the little changes that have taken place on the Twitter pages, it seems that for some the changes are not going far enough. However, this is not the words of Twitter user, rather the feelings of the Director of Corporate Development at Twitter!     According to Mike Brown, the director of […]

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The Location Based Photo Booth

    This is Instaprint from Breakfast; it is sort of a mash up between the instagram app and a Polaroid instant camera. However, it does not stop there, because the device uses hash tags such as #instaprint in order to come up with a cool image related to the hash tag. These devices have […]

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Facebook Logs Off For A While

    Yesterday afternoon would have been a nightmare for anyone who tried to update their status on Facebook as they would have been faced with a “This webpage cannot be displayed” greeting. It seems that this issue was network wide with Smartphone and tablet applications being also affected. Of course, the upside is that because […]

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The Best IPO’s So Far

    We all know that Facebook is about to enter the world of big business when it finally goes with its initial public offering (IPO), which is basically the firm switching from being privately funded to becoming a public company! When the Facebook deal finally takes place, it turns the social network into a $100 […]

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