DownTweet for non Twitter users

There has been a lot of studies into social networking and in particular the micro blogging site Twitter the thing is with this site is that many people just do not get it because you are limited to the amount the characters  and the chances are that nobody will see what you write either! It […]

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Explaining Twitter as it is

We all know that there millions of users of the micro blogging site Twitter, but it seems that while there are millions of users it seems that no all of these users are active users. this can be seen in the image below with a sample of 100 users where the figures show exactly how […]

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PayPal’s Twitter Account Hacked

It seems that the online payment firm, PayPal have become the latest victim of a hack attack, but before you start getting worried it was the firms Twitter account that had been hacked, with the hacker retweeting messages and posting new messages into the PayPal feed. The hacker used the term ‘the safer, easier way to […]

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Top Trends on @twitter

Last week see some rather strange top trends on the micro blogging site Twitter, the trends are measured by the amount of times that a subject is retweeted and below are the top trending topics from last week they include, Justin Bieber and Peter Falk which is understandable, but how did The Wild Thornberries make […]

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Twitter intros URL shortener

At last a service that we can finally make use of on Twitter. Instead of having to launch your own URL shortening application, Twitter user will be able to use the latest addition to the Twitter site, automatic URL shortening, which is something that user have been asking for and now Twitter has delivered! Twitter […]

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Twitter boss warns UK users

The social media site Twitter has been getting some serious media coverage recently and yet not all of it has been good as there are calls for tighter regulations from the authorities following the breaking of the so called “Super Injunctions”. It seems that while Twitter are willing to allows its users to say whatever […]

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Twitter takes over Tweetdeck

It seems that the rumour that has been going around for weeks has finally been done and now the Twitter app known as Tweetdeck is not actually part of Twitter! It sounds confusing but really, it makes perfect sense for both parties. The deal is said to be worth around £30 million, but so far, […]

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Most followers on Twitter

It should not be a surprise that Lady Gaga has once more broken the record for most followers on the popular micro blogging site Twitter! She currently has over ten million followers and according to the Guinness Book of World Records, this is a record! Makes my eight hundred look a pathetic, I must try […]

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