Twitter intros URL shortener

At last a service that we can finally make use of on Twitter. Instead of having to launch your own URL shortening application, Twitter user will be able to use the latest addition to the Twitter site, automatic URL shortening, which is something that user have been asking for and now Twitter has delivered!

Twitter claim that they are working a number features designed to make using the site easier and more fun, back to the good old days then, bring it on! Head over to Twitter to see what all of the fuss is about.

According to a post place on the Twitter Blog;

How does it work? Just paste a link of any length into the Tweet box on After you’ve composed your Tweet and you hit the “Tweet” button, we’ll shorten the link so that it only takes up 19 characters.

What’s in it for me? Sharing links on is now simple and instant. Plus, since we show a shortened version of the original link, people will know which site the link points to. This service also increases security. If users click links that are reported as malicious, we direct them to a page that warns them.

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Twitter boss warns UK users

The social media site Twitter has been getting some serious media coverage recently and yet not all of it has been good as there are calls for tighter regulations from the authorities following the breaking of the so called “Super Injunctions”.

It seems that while Twitter are willing to allows its users to say whatever they feel, they are being warned that if they say bad or wrong things, Twitter will hand over user details to the authorities when requested within the laws of the land.

According to the new European boss of Twitter, Tony Wang;

“Let them exercise their own legal rights under their own jurisdiction, whether that is a motion to quash the order or to oppose it or do a number of other things to defend themselves.”

This suggests that the micro blogging site is going to allow all users to say whatever they want, but if they fall foul of the authorities, they will definitely be own their own!

Source [BBC]



Twitter takes over Tweetdeck

It seems that the rumour that has been going around for weeks has finally been done and now the Twitter app known as Tweetdeck is not actually part of Twitter! It sounds confusing but really, it makes perfect sense for both parties.

The deal is said to be worth around £30 million, but so far, details of what has actually been agreed too are still coming out.

So finally, Tweetdeck can be added to the other application purchases made by Twitter, currently the Tweetdeck app has been upgraded to the 2.0 version, this is said to be much faster while still keeping all of the features.

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Sir Tim Berners-Lee talks about #Twitter!

It looks like the father of the internet Sir Tim Berners-Lee has got another string to his bow, following a fight for the case of net neutrality; he is speaking up against the micro blogging site Twitter!

It seems that he may be all for freedom and of course net neutrality, but when it comes to millions of voices and opinions of users of Twitter, he is not a fan and claims that Twitter is definitely not the place for the discussion of serious topics!

According to Sir Tim Berners-Lee, as he spoke at the New Web conference at The Royal Society,

When the subject of net neutrality was being discussed on Twitter, “all the tweets were extreme.”

“Is Twitter going to be a part of (the future web)? We need something a bit more sophisticated,” he added.

He finished off on this subject by saying, “Twitter is not really designed for middle of the way discussion. Something should be.”

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If social networking was a high school!

We all like to think of ourselves as being in certain groups or categories, such as geeks, swots and sports. Naturally, these are going to change over time, so does this mean that out favouring of a certain social network will change too!

Well this clever info graphic shows all of the main social networking sites as if they were at high school and this is their end year book, check them out and see if they have got this right or not!

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Who would be a Social Media Manager?

Social media is everywhere, business, personal and even politicians have the social media bug. However, really goes on in the world of the social media manager? Check out this cool info graphic it shows all of the ups and downs in a day in the life of the hectic social media manager? Life is so hard for some people!

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Most followers on Twitter

It should not be a surprise that Lady Gaga has once more broken the record for most followers on the popular micro blogging site Twitter! She currently has over ten million followers and according to the Guinness Book of World Records, this is a record! Makes my eight hundred look a pathetic, I must try harder!

Anyone who has not taken time out to visit the Lady Gaga Twitter page can find it here @ladygaga, she often tweets about up and coming events and tours etc, and has been known to have the odd rant now and then, but who hasn’t!

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UK climber tweets from Mt Everest

Not only is he the first person to reach the summit of Mt Everest to make a call and tweet from 30,000 feet, but he has the coolest name too! UK climber Kenton Cool has become the first person send a tweet from the top of the highest mountain in the world and he did using a Samsung Galaxy S II.

Cleverly, this is a great piece of marketing and PR as the whole thing has been sponsored by Samsung, who supplied Cool with the device and clearly the T Shirt too! He unboxed it at the base camp and used the device once he reach the top, of course he should have also checked in on Foursquare too, he would be the mayor for a long time.

The 3G signal has been possible by the Nepali phone operator Ncell, so you can get a signal at the top of Mt Everest, but where I live you cannot, so how does that work then?

Source [Mashable]



PCC looking at Twitter Feeds

It seems that the Press Complaints Commission (PCC) is looking into the Twitter feeds of journalists and newspapers with a view to bringing them under the scrutiny of the regulator. This comes as more news is being announced through the micro blogging site by news providers, which just goes to show how the social networking scene has grown up over the years.

Apparently, there is no way that a person or organisation can get the PCC involved should a statement that has tweeted by a news provider prove to be untrue. What the PCC will have to do is broaden its horizons to take in the new media of social networking, it is already working on this and a report could be released by the end of the summer.

However there are some more issues that could cause problems, these are when is a tweet personal or professional, many journalists use Twitter for both and so it would seem that there is going to be a clash there, while Newspapers will need to develop a Twitter policy where business and personal account are separated.

If the rules are adopted following the report, there could be some major in the pipeline by the end of the year.

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The @tweetingseat for public #tweeting

When it comes to #Twitter there are two camps, those that that tweet and those that do not, it also seems that either camp cannot understand why the others do what they do!

Well now from Chris McNicholl comes the @tweetingseat this is bench that can turn up just about anywhere, but currently it is located in Dundee Scotland.

But this seat makes Tweeters out of anyone who uses the seat, for as soon as somebody sits the bench takes two images, one of the person sitting down and the other of the surroundings, these images are then tweeted on the benches own Twitter feed at @tweetingseat!

Source [Gajitz]




Is Social Media a habit for you?

There is no doubt that social media is great, it has to be purely because of the amount of people who get involved in posting and tweeting their thoughts and in many cases their movements too!

However, is there a point where tweeting, posting and checking in actually becomes a habit rather than a business tool or simply a bit of fun? Well it seems that if you find yourself getting excited at going to the loo and you have to share it, then maybe this cool info graphic is for you!

According to Column Five Media they say, “If you find yourself tweeting from the shower and updating Facebook while doing 85 on the freeway, we created this graphic to save your life.”

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The brilliant Tweet Topic Explorer

This is a cool tool could Tweet Topic Explorer, it analyses any Twitter ID to create a visual display of a sort of word cloud representing frequency of use in the size of the word circle.

I have created a new tool to help see which topics a person tweets about most often. It also shows the other twitter users that are mentioned most frequently in their tweets. I call it the Tweet Topic Explorer. I’m using the recently described Word Cluster Diagrams to show the most frequently used words in their tweets and how they are grouped together. This example below is for my own account, @JeffClark, and shows one word cluster containing twitter, data, visualization, list, venn, and stream graph. Another group has word, cloud, shaped, post etc. It is a bit hard to see in this small image but there is a cluster about Toronto where I live and mentions of run, marathon, and soccer. Also, there are bubbles for some of the people on Twitter I mention the most often: @flowingdata, @eagereyes, @blprnt, @moritz_stefaner, @dougpete.

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The Winners of Social Networks

The course of Web 2.0 has never really run smoothly, sure, there are a few winners as there is in all markets, but where there are winners there are also losers and as ever there will be more losers than winners.

We all know of Facebook, Digg and Twitter, this is because these are popular in general, but there some networks that have cut out a niche market for themselves, with so much information to digest what we need is a decent info graphic and luckily the social media experts Ignite have come up with the goods.

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MP’s can Tweet from Parliament

It seems that MP’s will be tweeting, sending SMS and checking their emails on their Smartphone’s more often following the decision of a parliamentary procedures committee, of course it you are an avid watcher of Prime Ministers Questions, you will already know that some MP’s are regularly texting and tweeting from the house!

According to the parliamentary procedures committee Chairman, Greg Knight, “The Committee is persuaded that a Member should be allowed to use a device for any purpose for which paper communications are currently allowed.”

“We also recognise that that it is impractical to police activity on an electronic device and trust to the good sense of Members to act in accordance with the central principle that devices must be used with discretion and with due regard to decorum.”

However this is not a down deal as the final decision will either be made by the Speaker or it could even go to a vote, whatever route is taken it should be coming forward within a couple of weeks.

The committee made the following points, “There is a respectable argument that electronic devices should not be used in the Chamber or committees at all. Those Members present should be attending to the debate and not undertaking other activities, and their use of electronic devices might distract others,”

“There is a concern that transmitting messages in and out of the Chamber might allow others to influence the course of a debate which could constitute interference in parliamentary proceedings,” the committee said.

Source [Guardian]



Twitter intros HTTPS connections

Any Twitter user who is concerned about the security of their pages, will be able to switch to the more secure servers using the HTTPS prefix, this follows a trial carried by the micro blogging site and some of its users.

All the user has to do is go into their account settings and at the bottom of the first page below their account details there is the “Always use HTTPS” feature, check the box enter the account password and that is it all done!

According to a Twitter blog posting, “This will improve the security of your account and better protect your information if you’re using Twitter over an unsecured Internet connection, like a public Wi-Fi network, where someone may be able to eavesdrop on your site activity. In the future, we hope to make HTTPS the default setting,”

Source [IT Pro Portal]