Social Networking in the UK is huge!

There is no doubt that the social networking is big, but just how big are we talking about here! Well luckily, for us there are plenty of firms who love nothing more than going through all of the facts and figures.

It turns out that the research carried out by Experian Hitwise has found that social networking is more popular than any other online leisure activity and that includes porn!

According to Experian Hitwise research director, Robin Goad, “While social networks of course compete amongst themselves for users, many of those users have a presence on multiple networks,”

He finished off by saying, “One in every eight people leaving a social network visits another one immediately after, something that is encouraged by the connections that exist between the networks. Facebook, for example, is a key source of traffic for many smaller social networks; while almost a fifth of people leaving Twitter go on to visit another social network.”

If all website owners were able to hold onto visitors in the way the Facebook and Twitter can, then the face of the internet would be completely different, but can these sites offer the social networking experience, we don’t think so.

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Top #Twitter Tools

Some many people Twitter is a way of life, but sometimes it can literally takeover the users life leaving little for anything else, such as work and family! So here are some Twitter tools that should help with managing multiple accounts, unfollowing, following and even, schedule future postings.

These are the top Twitter tools for the social networking fan who want more control over their account or accounts.

1. Tweet adder

2. WeFollow

3. Tweetdeck

4. TwitterCounter

5. Tweepi

6. Friend or follow

7. Your Tweeter Karma

8. NutshellMail

9. Twitter grader


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Twitter warning to app developers

The micro blogging site Twitter has told the developers of third party apps, this follows the suspension a couple of weeks ago of a number of apps, the reason given that they were violating the terms of service issued by Twitter.

According to Ryan Sarver, the head of platform and API at Twitter, “With more people joining Twitter and accessing the service in multiple ways, a consistent user experience is more crucial than ever. As we talked about last April, this was our motivation for buying Tweetie and developing our own official iPhone app. It is the reason why we have developed official apps for the Mac, iPad, Android and Windows Phone, and worked with RIM on their Twitter for Blackberry app. As a result, the top five ways that people access Twitter are official Twitter apps,”

It is estimated that around ninety per cent of Twitter users are happy to use an official Twitter App. The response to this is, “Twitter is a network, and its network effects are driven by users seeing and contributing to the network’s conversations. We need to ensure users can interact with Twitter the same way everywhere.”

For the developers it would appear that Twitter are looking to take a more hands on approach to the whole issue of third party apps, “Twitter will provide the primary mainstream consumer client experience on phones, computers, and other devices by which millions of people access Twitter content (tweets, trends, profiles, etc), and send tweets. If there are too many ways to use Twitter that are inconsistent with one another, we risk diffusing the user experience. In addition, a number of client applications have repeatedly violated Twitter’s Terms of Service, including our user privacy policy. This demonstrates the risks associated with outsourcing the Twitter user experience to third parties. Twitter has to revoke literally hundreds of API tokens / apps a week as part of our trust and safety efforts, in order to protect the user experience on our platform.”

He ended by saying “We need to ensure that tweets, and tweet actions, are rendered in a consistent way so that people have the same experience with tweets no matter where they are. For example, some developers display “comment”, “like”, or other terms with tweets instead of “follow, favourite, retweet, reply” – thus changing the core functions of a tweet.”

For developers it seems that life has just become more difficult, but for the Twitter user it would appear that they could be getting the best clients for connecting to service, in theory!

Source [Guardian]



Twitter must hand over user details

In the ongoing investigation into the classified documents on Wikileaks, it seems that a federal magistrate in the US has ruled that personal account information held by Twitter will have to be handed over to the investigating prosecutors if they feel that there is a connection with Wikileaks.

According to U.S. Magistrate Judge Theresa Carroll Buchanan, “The freedom of association does not shield members from cooperating with legitimate government investigations,” the statement was followed up by “The Twitter Order does not seek to control or direct the content of petitioners’ speech or association,”

It has not been stated why they want the information or what they intend to do with it once the data is in their possession. It seems that currently there is some resistance against the ruling with the lawyers representing Twitter users such as the American Civil Liberties Union and the Electronic Frontier Foundation have stated that they intend to appeal the decision.

Twitter has issued a statement with regards to its policy saying that it “is designed to allow users to defend their own rights. As such, Twitter will continue to let the judicial process run its course.”

Of course, all of these issues stem from the publication of classified US documents that have been appearing on the Wikileaks site.

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Google is about to launch a social network, maybe!

For some time it seems that Google have been on the brink of launching its rival social network to Facebook and yet it never seems to happen, sure, there is Orkut, but this social networking site has never really made it big around the world, it seems to be mainly used South American and Far Eastern users.

Therefore, we know that Google are at the SXSW events and have certain slots planned up the end, but will they be announcing at last the Google network, it would seem not if we are to take notice of Google spokesperson.

According to a Google spokesperson, “We don’t have any product announcements today,” clearly this was true as they did not make any announcements, but there are some events planned at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Conferences & Festivals, which runs until the 20th March. However, when pressed further the spokesperson confirmed that “Google doesn’t launch products at other people’s events” which is fair enough and true they have never done that before and finally “We do not comment on rumour and speculation.” So what do we think about that then?

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First case of Twitter libel costs £53,000!

Sometimes it is very easy to get carried away with tweets, but as this court case in Wales demonstrates sometimes care and attention must taken, especially when what you are saying is not entirely true!

Take this case of two politicians, Plaid Cymru candidate Colin Elsbury and his rival Councillor Edward John Talbot, during a county council by election in 2009, Colin Elsbury tweeted that he had seen Edward Talbot beign removed from a Polling Station by the Police!

However, as this turned out not to be true, it seemed like a clear cut case of libel and the result is that Colin Elsbury is first UK citizen to lose a case based on something posted on Twitter.

As a result of this case, Colin Elsbury has to pay £3,000 in damages and this is the killer around £50,000 in legal costs!

According to the welsh politician, Colin Elsbury, “It was a genuine case of mistaken identity which I have acknowledged,”

“This case will no doubt act as a warning to people, including politicians, to be extremely careful when using Twitter and other social media such as blogs.”

The moral here, is if you are going to say something about somebody, you had better make sure that it is correct at the time!

Source [Telegraph]



How to save time on #Twitter

It is true that the micro blogging site Twitter has become a way of life for people and for businesses too, it is a way of getting a short and sharp message out to followers and friends, which can be very useful.

However, it could also be a time consuming project for anyone who gets sucked into the conversations going on and before long, it is easy to find that spending time on Twitter is taking precedence over anything else, now you are in trouble!

These are the seven key ways to save time on @Twitter

Follow Other People’s Lists

Cut Clutter with Micro lists

Automate Routine Processes

Follow Keywords and Hashtags

Mine Existing Content

Share Responsibility

Plan Less, Experiment More

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What to do if your Twitter account is hacked

No matter how careful you are, there is always going to be the possibility that your account could be compromised. Apart from the hassle there is the trouble this could get you into, imagine the problems you could have, if someone else was sending rude and offensive messages to your followers using your account!

If you have noticed any of the following, then your Twitter account may have been hacked;

Noticed unexpected Tweets by your account.

Seen unintended DM’s (direct messages) sent from your account.

Observed other account behaviours you didn’t make or approve (like following, unfollowing, or blocking).

Received a notification from us stating that, “You recently changed the email address associated with your Twitter account” (even though you haven’t changed your email address)

What to do next, if you feel that your Twitter account has been compromised, below are some ideas;

Delete any unwanted Tweets that were posted while your account was compromised.

Scan your computers for viruses and malware, especially if unauthorized account behaviours continue to be posted after you have changed the password.

Install security patches for your operating system and applications

Always use a strong, new password you don’t use elsewhere and would be difficult to guess.

Visit our Safe Tweeting page for more information on avoiding hacks and phishing

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