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The Sawtooth USB Dock!

Charge All Of Your Devices With The Sawtooth Dock!

The Sawtooth USB Dock!

Many devices these days need a USB adapter to charge the battery, but with so many devices requiring a USB connection, it is easy to see how quickly you can run out of connections. The Sawtooth has six USB ports that are capable of charging at 2.4A of power through each one, but there is a useful little feature that allows the user to connect several Sawtooths together at once. This means that you can charge up to sixty devices at once, surely that is going to be enough USB ports for anyone!

This is one of those designs that have been carefully thought out, the slots are slanted so that the devices rest at an angle allowing them to stack in an orderly manner. The Sawtooth dock will be launching this year, although it can still be pre ordered from just $85 for a short while.

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Versi Tube Flexible Stand!

The Flexible Three In One Stand In A Tube!

Most tablet and laptop users will wish for a stand at some point, it might just be a temporary decision, but a stand can come in very handy on some occasions. However, the problem that we all face in this situation is that we do not want to carry an additional device around with us. The 3 in 1 stand is different to any other stand as it comes in a tube. There is no doubt that a tube is easier to carry than a standard style stand. The 3 in 1 stand has four fibreglass rods that are housed inside the aircraft grade anodized aluminium tube and there is a useful cap to cover the end making sure that everything stays inside.

If you need to use a stand and find that you are travelling around a lot, then this is something well worth considering when it launches. There is something stylish about a design that is able to fold down to something small and easy to manage. This stand is fully adjustable allowing the user to find a comfortable position no matter where they are working. When finished the 3 in 1 stand becomes an anonymous tube, how cool is that? The 3 in 1 stand will be launching some time this year and at the moment, it can be pre ordered from just $35 for the early tablet version.

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Aldi Relaunches The Ten Inch Lifetab In The UK!

Aldi Relaunches The Ten Inch Lifetab In The UK!

When you are thinking about buying a new tablet, the discount food store Aldi might not be the first place the you would think of, yet tomorrow they are relaunching the Lifetab and maybe this could be the time to start looking at what else Aldi have to offer. The Lifetab is the next generation of tablet from the store and it comes with essential upgrades, such as an improved 10.1 inch HD display with a 1920 x 1200 of pixel resolution. However, there is more to this tablet and just because it is around £150 that does not mean it is going to be made cheaply, in fact, it has some impressive specs.

It will be powered by the Android 4.4 Kitkat operating system; It is powered by the Intel Atom quad core processor Z3735F up to 1.83 GHz with 2 GB of DDR3 RAM memory. There is a GPS sensor, a couple of built in cameras, a 5.0 mega pixel rear facing and 2.0 mega pixel forward facing camera. It has low energy Bluetooth, wireless LAN IEEE 802.11 b/g/n and USB ports for connectivity and an impressive three year warranty. The Lifetab measures up at just 263 mm (W) x 174 mm (H) x 8.5 mm (D) and it weighs in at a manageable 580 grams.

The improved Lifetab tablet will be going on sale in Aldi stores throughout the UK tomorrow (Thursday) with a price tag of just £149.

Aldi Relaunches The Ten Inch Lifetab In The UK!

Aldi Relaunches The Ten Inch Lifetab In The UK!

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