The Slim aluminium tablet stand in a simple design!

Seta The Universal Smartphone And Tablet Stand!

There is a need for minimal designs when it comes to buying a stand for your tablet or Smartphone, but there are not many designs that fit the bill at the moment. However, there is the Seta in the works… Continue Reading →

The Bamboo Slate Airdesk For Laptops!

Using A Tablet In Bed Is Easy With Lazepad!

The Frame Folio Tablet Case For Cyclists!

Fully Waterproofed Kindle Paperwhite Device!

The Kindle Paperwhite is a great ereader as you can use outside in the bright sun without losing anything from the display. So that makes it great for holidays, but there is a risk here as taking it holiday means… Continue Reading →

Understand Sign Language With The MotionSavvy!

Around seventy million people around the world use sign language to communicate, this is fine if the person that they are trying to communicate with can understand what they are saying, otherwise it is just another language and the message… Continue Reading →

The Tablet Tail Holds The Device In Any Position!

The KWIB Docking Station With LED’s And Utensil Storage!

The Nextand Wireless Charging Dock For Nexus Tablets!

Build Your Own Raspberry Powered Tablet With Pi-Tab!

Xplore Launches The Seriously Tough XC6 DMSR Tablet!

The Sphinx Turns A Tablet Into A Workstation!

The Mobkeys Rear Facing Keyboard And Bag!

Cydeburns The One Stand That Fits All Tablets!

One of the real pains about buying accessories for a tablet or Smartphone is if you change the device you have to change the accessories too. This is no laughing matter and one reason why some people stick to the… Continue Reading →

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