Where do old PC’s end up?

Recently we have been uber consumers of almost anything and computers have been no exception either. However, do you ever sit back and think what happens to the computer that you have just left at the local tip? Well it certainly doesn’t stay there for too long that is for sure, in fact when there […]

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New UFO Video Evidence

A few days ago in broad daylight three UFO’s were spotted by hundreds of New Yorkers as these three shining objects drifting over Manhattan, a few days later what seems to be the same three flying objects appear at night over El Paso in Texas. Once again, unexplained bright lights are in the sky flying […]

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The real world “Like Button”

Bringing social networking into the real world is the French car maker Renault, at the recent Auto RAI car show event in Amsterdam the car brand introduced a brilliant concept that brings the online world of social networking into the real world. It works with a simple swipe card and placed around the Renault display […]

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