Universal Wi-Fi Range Extender

The modern home tends to have many wireless devices, but sometimes the router just does not have the range to cover all of the rooms. However, with a wireless extender this range can almost be doubled, meaning that the entire house is covered with the wireless network and saves on everyone crammed into one part […]

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iPad case with handle

There are iPad cases and then there is the HandyShell iPad case, this case comes with a hard thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate outer shell, but turn it over and it is a different story. Designed for the iPad 2 this case comes with a handle built into the back, which is great for standing the device […]

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Print A New Bikini

There is a bit if a trend around for 3D printing, the process is complex and expensive at the moment, but the idea is that eventually we will all have the ability to print in 3D and when that time comes this is the sort of thing that we could be making. It is not […]

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