Virgin Media to trail P2P throttling

The cable TV, phone and broadband provider Virgin Media will be trailing a new traffic management system that will slow down the upload speeds for P2P use. If this system proves successful, then the ISP will be implementing right across the board with immediate effect. The throttling will take place between 17:00 and 00:00 in […]

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Lords go for iPads

It seems that despites its old style image, the House of Lords is quite a connected place with a trial of hand held touchscreen devices in the chamber this means that we will see iPads, smart phones and Blackberry’s being used by members of the upper house. Lord Brabazon of Tara, the head of administration […]

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Morrisons cuts price of Nintendo 3DS

The actual launch date of the much awaited Nintendo 3DS is the 25th March, but already there has been a battle of the superstores with Morrisons coming out as the unlikely leader with the cost the device being slashed from the £230 starting price to the current £187 discounted price. According to a Morrisons spokesperson, […]

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Water Skier Travels at 153 MPH

Water skier Reina Iglesias from Acapulco, Mexico, has managed to smash the world water skiing speed record, with a run of 153 miles an hour, yes that its right 153 mph on his bare feet, incredible isn’t it! According to Reina Iglesias “We reached a speed of 153 miles (246 kilometres) per hour in our […]

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The cookies are about to crumble

As from the 25th May of this year, the way that websites track visitors and users will fall under new European laws, which should mean that the website owners or managers would require explicit consent from the visitor to install cookies on their machines. There are good reasons as to why the user would want […]

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The Moon moves closer to Earth

The moon will move closer to earth than it has been for nineteen years on the 19th March, but don’t worry about it because it will still be 221,567 miles away, rather than the usual 238,855 miles. However, the moon should look a lot larger in the night sky than normal and before anyone starts […]

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Android overtakes iPhone at Tesco

The rise of the Android powered phone continues, with the UK’s largest superstore chain, Tesco reporting that the sale of Android powered phones has passed the iPhone for the first time on the service that runs on the O2 mobile phone network. According to Graham Harris, the chief executive officer of Tesco Telecoms and Tesco […]

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Patch Tuesday fixes Critical Flaw

As another patch Tuesday passes, the latest security installation only carried three parts and only one of these was deemed critical! However, it is just as well that this flaw has been fixed as it could have been an easy way for hackers to execute a malicious code by remote, fortunately this would require some […]

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Lord Sugar to save YouView

There is no doubt that Lord Sugar is a force to be reckoned with in business, TV and of course the upper house too, but now he has been taken on by the founding shareholders of YouView (formally known as Project Canvas) to save the free to view channel from under before it even manages […]

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Facebook links with Samaritans

Social networking site Facebook has come up with a feature that allows user to sound the alert about their friends who they believe could be suicidal. The feature has been produced in conjunction with the charity The Samaritans. Apparently, this is result of a number of cases on Facebook where there have been users that […]

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GCHQ to protect the CNI

It looks as if the government are placing the job of protecting the critical national infrastructure (CNI) from outside attack by criminal gangs, hackers or a combination of the two, just out of interest the principle players in the CNI are British Airways, BT and the National Grid! According to the security minister, Baroness Neville-Jones, […]

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Fossilized Alien Microbes Found

This may sound like a sensational subject and in fact, of course, it is, but it seems that fossilized microbes of alien origin have been found in a sample of material taken from a meteorite; this is the claim from a top scientist who has laid down a challenge other scientists to investigate his findings. […]

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