Laser target alarm clock

This is not something that you every day, it is an LCD digital display alarm clock with a target above it, so you can guess what happens here as the alarm goes off the users has hit the bulls eye with the laser to turn the laser off. This is a battery powered device, so […]

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Limited Edition Red Radar Watch

This is a watch that has either been inspired by air traffic control or has been designed for air traffic controllers, whatever way is right, it makes no difference to us, for this is a seriously cool watch and needs to be seen working in order to fully understand its concept. The watch has been […]

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The Best April Fool of the Year

Despite the resources of Google and every other large media organisations attempts to fool us into thinking that things are not quite what they are supposed to be! The winner of the best prank of the year has to go to this guy, who altered the contacts in his wife’s phone, changing his name to […]

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Google April Fools Pranks

The internet would not be much without Google and neither would April Fool’s Day, as the search giant likes to make the fool out of us mere internet users by simply making up a believable story and by putting the weight of the mighty Google behind it too for credibility. This is a list created […]

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Translate for Animals

When it comes to April Fools pranks Google are up there with the best of them, we have a seen many stories that have been put together so well that they make you think about it, could it be real or not. In many cases because this information is coming from Google, it is taken […]

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Android on 63.9% of Smartphones

The rise of the Android mobile operating system from Google has been remarkable, in fact despite the efforts of Microsoft and Apple, it seems that Android can now be found in almost sixty four per cent of Smartphone’s and mobile devices. According to a statement from Michael Morgan, senior analyst at ABI Research, “Android, Bada […]

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Arnie is the Governator

When Arnold Schwarzenegger became the Governor of California there were all sorts of things said. However, one word stuck and that is the “Governator” but it seems that there is one other term that springs to mind too, “I’ll be back” as it seems that retirement is not on Arnies agenda just now as he […]

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Star Wars on Blu-ray

For anyone who has been waiting for the release of the complete Star Wars series of films on Blu-ray, well the wait will be nearly over for a provisional date of the 16th September has been given for this great day! This is the first time that all six films from episode one to six, […]

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Google gets Doodle patent

There cannot be many internet users around the world who have not seen or heard of the Google Doodle. However, just to refresh, it is where the search giant changes its logo to what they call a special event logo. But it seems that for some time Google have been trying to patent Google Doodles […]

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NASA celebrate the Space Shuttle

On the 9th March, the Space Shuttle Discovery glided down to Earth from orbit to complete its 39th and final mission, for many, this may not mean much for others it is the beginning of the end of a dream. However, there is still two more flights to place on April 19th 2011, Endeavour and […]

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