Are you a dog or cat person

There are three different kinds of people in the world, dog lovers, cat fanciers and those who do not care for either! So forgetting about the last group, we will concentrate on what are the main differences between the two groups. It seems that the general opinion is that dog lovers tend to be more […]

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SMS from your laptop

Sometimes it is just easier to send a text from your computer, but this would normally mean logging into your account and going about it that way, which is not really the easiest way to go about this. Then there is Mighty Text, this system allows your SMS messages to seen and replied to through […]

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Flying car gets go ahead

The US based company Terrafugia has finally been given clearance from the road safety regulator the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This will allow the company to test out their new car on the road and it is likely that the Tranisition flying car could be going on sale in around a year’s time. The […]

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It was that big!

How often do we need to measure something but have no tape or ruler, we seem to end up measuring things with our arms, hands or fingers! This is fine but how many times are these measurements going to be accurate, hardly ever you have to think. Luckily, there is always the SmartFinger a measuring […]

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The two inch spy camera

The idea of a spy camera is that it is small and easily concealable, so that describes the ActionCam; this two inch long device is magnetic and can be fixed to certain objects as this video demonstrates. Fixed to a firework the device shows just a cool it really is and with this amazing footage, […]

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