Smart IP Look Up

Usually when you look up a wed address to see what is going on behind it you get a standard blurb of text, which sometimes does not line up correctly and generally just does not look smart at all. However, check this out, it is a site called IP.PHURIX.NET and it will show your address […]

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SpaceX November Launch

Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) are planning the second launch of its space vehicle, but this time it will be part of the agreement with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to supply cargo to the International Space Station (ISS), which is said to be worth around $1.6 billion! According to the Virgin Galactic CEO […]

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Spotify Sued By PacketVideo

This should be a golden time for the digital music service Spotify and yet after only two weeks of the US launch the firm are being sued for patent infringement by software developer PacketVideo. Basically, what PacketVideo are saying is that a patent they registered in 1997 that covers the distribution of digital music, by […]

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Harry Potter Anime Style

Everything has its fate, what if this and what if that sort of thing. So today‚Äôs what if event is! What if the creator of Harry Potter, J K Rowling, was Japanese? We would have ended up with a version of Harry Potter that would be more like the sort of thing that comes out […]

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Boost your paper airplane

This is something that I wished I had when I was a boy, we made paper planes and mine was the one that only went a few feet before plummeting to the ground. It was a around this time that I realised my piloting ambitions would not ever come true! However, things have changed, because […]

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