Tech Boom or Bust!

We have heard the terms boom and bust many time over the past few years, the term relates those times in the eighties and nineties when things were going so well until it all went bust! But now it seems that those times are back, we have experienced the boom times, the bust and currently […]

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Mine transformed into Solar Park

The first solar farm in the South west of England has gone online, the 7.2 acre site at the former Wheal Jane tin mine in Cornwall. The site is a joint venture between the UK based solar system developer, Lightsource Renewable Energy and Solorcentury, has a system of 5,680 solar panels that will be producing […]

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Is Sonic about to return

It looks as if the agent who is representing Mario could be getting ready to line up Sonic for a come back, is this going to be the return of these retro game stars or will just be one of comebacks that lasts for one gig! Check out this video done in the traditional format […]

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Add Duck Shoot to your site!

They say on this Duck My Life website that every website should have a shooting duck app, where visitors simply aim the crosshairs using the mouse at the moving duck and to fire hit click, its fun but I am not sure that all sites will go for it! These are the details for the […]

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Are you a dog or cat person

There are three different kinds of people in the world, dog lovers, cat fanciers and those who do not care for either! So forgetting about the last group, we will concentrate on what are the main differences between the two groups. It seems that the general opinion is that dog lovers tend to be more […]

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