Apple sue Amazon over “Appstore”

Since Amazon started selling apps for Android powered mobile phones, they have used the term “Appstore” much to the annoyance of Apple, who have now filed a legal complaint in the Californian courts. According to Apple, “Amazon has begun improperly using Apple’s App Store mark in connection with Amazon’s mobile software developer program.” It added: […]

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So, you think you are a Geek

When you are a geek, you know that you are different and therefore require different attention from others especially your family and friends. But just to help them out, here is a handy graphic by @loulouk it points out the different levels of geek there are and more importantly it shows how to tell which […]

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XXX Domain approved

It is quite amusing that three letters can mean such naughtiness, but XXX maybe the roman numerals for thirty, but for most people on the planet XXX means porn and anything associated with the industry. However, it seems that this is delicate subject that the internet and its authorities have skirted around for some time. […]

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MobileMe to go Free!

For some of us, the fact that MobileMe is about to go become a free service, is that it is about time, for around three years there has been a will they or wont they scenario going on, but now it seems that it could really happen and soon! It came to light when US […]

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Valve release Portal 2 video

There may only be a few weeks until the much awaited Portal 2 from Valve is released in the UK, but that does not mean that the fun cannot start. As such, the games makers have come up with this cool but short video, it does not give anything away, but it does set the […]

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Space the final frontier

This is what happens when a die hard fan of Star Trek TNG comes face to face with technology from the 21st Century, it is just mind blowing! The final frontier appears to be the Kinect device for this guy, “Beam Him Up!” please! Source [The Social Newspaper]

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Birmingham’s Bullring Centre is set to be taken over by an ‘Angel Ambush’ this weekend, allowing West Midlands shoppers their chance to get close and personal with fallen virtual angels. To celebrate the launch of Lynx Excite, a fragrance “so tempting even angels will fall”, Lynx will run a repeat of their Augmented Reality campaign […]