UK firms lack social media rules

In a recent study into how UK businesses operate their social networking, it was found that only a quarter of those who took part in the survey actually give any guidance to employees on the company’s social networking policy. But the use of social networking is on the rise for businesses of all sizes, with […]

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What will be the top gTLDs

We mentioned yesterday that the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers or ICANN as it is more popularly known, would be making it possible for businesses and individuals to register  (gTLDs) with almost any suffix, so this begs the question which ones will become the most valuable and popular. These are the domains that […]

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Stop him and buy one!

This is the HMS Flake 99, it sails the seas and sells ice cream to waiting kids on shore, boat or even the beach if necessary from the 30th May through to the 5th June. The Flake has to be one of the coolest ice cream vans around the UK and to make it even better […]

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Walmart or Amazon who wins!

The battle for market superiority has almost been won by the online retailing giant Amazon, but what about Walmart they have a big presence on the net too and totally cleans in the retail arena. But according to Amazon in around twelve years time they will be the number one in retail, it may seem […]

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