Grimm Returns To Watch On Monday

The Grimm brothers return to the UK television screen this Monday with season two of the US hit series from the team behind Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel. The series picks from where the first series finished and promises to deliver even more surprises this time around. Watch have released an extended trailer to […]

Tim Berners Lee warns of closed web

The internet was for a long time free, free of charge and free from interference but gradually governments and powerful organisations have been creating rules and regulations for the rest of us to abide by or face being kicked off the internet, which is only the success it is because of us, the content providers […]

BBC Trust looks at Red Button

With costs on the tip of all conversations when it comes to organisations that receive cash from the public, the latest cost cutting exercise at the BBC will be on the Red Button, according to the BBC Trust the corporation will have to cut the costs associated with the Red Button services. Apparently the BBC […]

Virgin Media offers half price broadband

The cable TV, phone and broadband provider, Virgin Media are currently offering new customers the chance to sign up for six months half price on the company’s dual and triple play bundles, these will include the Virgin Media phone, broadband and the TV service or bundles of these services. New customer can get the choice […]

BT Slams Virgin Media’s Fibre Broadband

BT have been questioning why broadband rival is charging so much for its brand of superfast fibre broadband, given that we are currently in a financial crisis and consumers are having to cut back on their expenses. BT claim that while the rolling out fibre broadband can only be good for the UK, as a […]

Surfing gets a new meaning in Cornwall

It may be the furthest place that you travel west in the UK, but that is not stopping broadband and phone provider BT from initialising plans to deliver fibre broadband to Cornwall. This is part of a £132 million project, which will provide around ninety per cent of Cornish population with a broadband service that […]

P2P traffic throttling introduce by Virgin Media

For first time the cable phone, broadband and TV provider Virgin Media will be introducing peer to peer traffic throttling throughout the cable network. This is not likely to happen overnight; rather more like a phased introduction, the company insist that by this time next the entire network will be affected. This will probably not […]