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Grimm Returns To Watch On Monday

The Grimm brothers return to the UK television screen this Monday with season two of the US hit series from the team behind Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel. The series picks from where the first series finished and promises to deliver even more surprises this time around. Watch have released an extended trailer to episode one, check it out below.

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Virgin Media To Double The Speed Of Broadband


For most UK broadband users the thought of a broadband speed of around 1.5 Gbps is simply science fiction, but this is exactly what cable TV, phone and broadband provider Virgin Media have been testing.

These tests have proven to be such as success that the company are looking to roll out this super fast broadband service in the hi-tech business centre known as Silicon Roundabout in East London over the next eighteen months at a cost of around £110 million.

According to Neil Berkett, the chief executive of Virgin Media, he said that;

“As people are increasingly doing more online, and getting connected to the internet with lots of different devices, having a fast, reliable broadband service should not be a luxury,”

“We want to make sure that consumers have access to the best value broadband service and that means a superfast connection.”

Source [Guardian]


Tim Berners Lee warns of closed web

The internet was for a long time free, free of charge and free from interference but gradually governments and powerful organisations have been creating rules and regulations for the rest of us to abide by or face being kicked off the internet, which is only the success it is because of us, the content providers and users!

Tim Berners Lee, warns of social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn who have played their part in limiting the flow of information around the internet.

According to creator of the World Wide Web Sir Tim Berners Lee, he says, “The web evolved into a powerful, ubiquitous tool because it was built on egalitarian principles and because thousands of individuals, universities and companies have worked both independently and together as part of the World Wide Web Consortium, to expand its capabilities based on those principles.”

“Facebook, LinkedIn, Friendster and others typically provide value by capturing information as you enter it: your birthday, your e-mail address, your likes, and links indicating who is friends with whom and who is in which photograph,” he writes.

“The sites assemble these bits of data into brilliant databases and reuse the information to provide value-added service—but only within their sites. Once you enter your data into one of these services, you cannot easily use them on another site. Each site is a silo, walled off from the others. Yes, your site’s pages are on the web, but your data are not. You can access a web page about a list of people you have created in one site, but you cannot send that list, or items from it, to another site.” he added

It is not just the Internet based firms that have these issues, Sir Tim targets cable TV firms too, and who also have the power to prevent the flow of information around the web.

Source [Telegraph]

BBC Trust looks at Red Button

With costs on the tip of all conversations when it comes to organisations that receive cash from the public, the latest cost cutting exercise at the BBC will be on the Red Button, according to the BBC Trust the corporation will have to cut the costs associated with the Red Button services.

Apparently the BBC spend almost £40 million on the Red Button services, of which almost half goes on distribution costs across the various platforms where it is available. Although the BBC Trust acknowledges, that the service is actually the most used interactive TV service in the UK, with twelve million users every week.

These are the words of Diane Coyle, one of the BBC Trustees as told to the Independent;

BBC Trustee Diane Coyle, who led the review, said: “Red Button reaches a large audience and is effective in helping the BBC promote some of its public purposes.

“It is not as popular as the BBC’s other interactive services such as the iPlayer, however, and its overall costs – particularly for distribution – are substantial.

“The Trust will therefore look to the BBC Executive to reduce costs when and where possible by focussing on the aspects of the service that are most successful to date.”

Source [Independent]

Virgin Media offers half price broadband

The cable TV, phone and broadband provider, Virgin Media are currently offering new customers the chance to sign up for six months half price on the company’s dual and triple play bundles, these will include the Virgin Media phone, broadband and the TV service or bundles of these services.

New customer can get the choice of either 10 Mbps, 20 Mbps or the highly rate 50 Mbps connection speed services.

So this means that a new customer can get onto the lowest level of the Virgin Media experience for a mere £6.25 per month, this will rise to £12.75 after the six month half price offer has expired.

These are the main features for the special half price offer for Virgin Media bundles;

6 months half price offer: 18-MONTH MINIMUM TERM CONTRACT APPLIES, except for Mobile, which has a 24 month minimum term. Cable areas only. Offer ends 31/01/11. May not be used in conjunction with any other offer unless stated by Virgin Media. New customers (subject to status and credit checks): to get half-price discount you must take TV M+ with a phone line, Broadband L with a phone line, or a bundle combination of at least TV M+, Broadband L, Phone M with a phone line. Half-price discount not applicable to Phone L or XL or line rental

Source [ISP]

BT Slams Virgin Media’s Fibre Broadband

BT have been questioning why broadband rival is charging so much for its brand of superfast fibre broadband, given that we are currently in a financial crisis and consumers are having to cut back on their expenses.

BT claim that while the rolling out fibre broadband can only be good for the UK, as a whole charge a high price for it is not going to do anyone any good at all!

Virgin Media are charging £45 per month for 100 Mbps fibre broadband service, but if it is part of a bundle then the price reduces to £35 per month.

The problem here is that BT’s fibre broadband service, only costs from £19.99 per month, but will only provide an up to 40 Mbps service, so currently there is no real like for like comparison.

Source [IT Pro]

Surfing gets a new meaning in Cornwall

It may be the furthest place that you travel west in the UK, but that is not stopping broadband and phone provider BT from initialising plans to deliver fibre broadband to Cornwall. This is part of a £132 million project, which will provide around ninety per cent of Cornish population with a broadband service that promises to offer connection speeds of up to 100 Mbps.

According to sources, the cost of installing this superfast broadband service has been estimated at costing around £263 per person, the work is expected to be complete by 2014 and once finished it will make Cornwall the best connected areas in the world.

BT could run into problems with this plan, as it will require a diversion of funding in other areas in order to complete this project.

Source [The Inquirer]

P2P traffic throttling introduce by Virgin Media

For first time the cable phone, broadband and TV provider Virgin Media will be introducing peer to peer traffic throttling throughout the cable network. This is not likely to happen overnight; rather more like a phased introduction, the company insist that by this time next the entire network will be affected.

This will probably not affect most of the companies cable broadband customers as the reduction in bandwidth will be employed on peer to peer protocols and Usenet during peak hours for all customers.

Until this is actually in practice it is unlikely that precise details will emerge, but once the network is under the traffic throttling scheme then full details will emerge.

Source [The Register]