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#DearMe on International Women's Day!

Share Advice With Your Younger Self On YouTube #DearMe!

If you could send an inspiring message to your teenage self, what would it be? Naturally, as we get older there are plenty of things that have happened, in many cases, these have changed our lives some for the better and some for the worse. However, if you tell you younger self that things would work out fine in the long run, then this small piece of information could make a big difference at a time when it matters most. This is where #DearMe is hoping to step up and inspire young girls all around the world.

It’s all part of International Women’s Day and the message just has to start with two simple words, Dear Me! Already there are hundreds of videos on the YouTube channel made by some amazing women. Their messages of course, will not only be for their younger self, but for young women everywhere.

Teenagers everywhere know that growing up is tough. However, what advice and wisdom would you share with your younger self? You can’t send this GIF back in time, but you can share it with your friends and the world. It all starts with two words. Dear me.

If you could send your younger self a simple message that begins with Dear Me, what would you tell yourself?

Source: #DearMe YouTube


Kids Get YouTube!

YouTube For Kids Launches!

For a long time, there have been calls for a YouTube just for kids, well now there is but only for the kids in the US at the moment! Hopefully, this will change as the idea becomes more popular. The channel is accessed through an app, that comes with some interesting features and functions to help parents relax about what the kids are watching on YouTube. There is a timer that limits the amount of viewing can be had and there are sound settings too so that the whole world does not have hear what they are watching. For those parents who are worried about available content there is a search feature that only allows the user to search selected videos.

Today, we’re introducing the YouTube Kids app, the first Google product built from the ground up with little ones in mind. The app makes it safer and easier for children to find videos on topics they want to explore, and is available for free on Google Play and the App Store in the U.S.

YouTube for kids has already launched in the US with apps available to download for free from Google Play for Android and iTunes for iOS devices.

Source: YouTube Official Blog