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#DearMe on International Women's Day!

Share Advice With Your Younger Self On YouTube #DearMe!

If you could send an inspiring message to your teenage self, what would it be? Naturally, as we get older there are plenty of things that have happened, in many cases, these have changed our lives some for the better and some for the worse. However, if you tell you younger self that things would work out fine in the long run, then this small piece of information could make a big difference at a time when it matters most. This is where #DearMe is hoping to step up and inspire young girls all around the world.

It’s all part of International Women’s Day and the message just has to start with two simple words, Dear Me! Already there are hundreds of videos on the YouTube channel made by some amazing women. Their messages of course, will not only be for their younger self, but for young women everywhere.

Teenagers everywhere know that growing up is tough. However, what advice and wisdom would you share with your younger self? You can’t send this GIF back in time, but you can share it with your friends and the world. It all starts with two words. Dear me.

If you could send your younger self a simple message that begins with Dear Me, what would you tell yourself?

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Kids Get YouTube!

YouTube For Kids Launches!

For a long time, there have been calls for a YouTube just for kids, well now there is but only for the kids in the US at the moment! Hopefully, this will change as the idea becomes more popular. The channel is accessed through an app, that comes with some interesting features and functions to help parents relax about what the kids are watching on YouTube. There is a timer that limits the amount of viewing can be had and there are sound settings too so that the whole world does not have hear what they are watching. For those parents who are worried about available content there is a search feature that only allows the user to search selected videos.

Today, we’re introducing the YouTube Kids app, the first Google product built from the ground up with little ones in mind. The app makes it safer and easier for children to find videos on topics they want to explore, and is available for free on Google Play and the App Store in the U.S.

YouTube for kids has already launched in the US with apps available to download for free from Google Play for Android and iTunes for iOS devices.

Source: YouTube Official Blog


Create cool time lapse videos with Instagrams Hyperlapse app!

Create cool time lapse videos with Instagrams Hyperlapse app!

Create cool time lapse videos with Instagrams Hyperlapse app!

If you have ever wondered what the best way to create a time lapse video is, then Instagram have done you a favour by releasing their new Hyperlapse app. It is on iTunes at the moment, but no doubt, they will change soon when they release an Android version. Basically, what you do is open the app and shoot your video, the app does everything else for you such as; stabilizing the video and giving it a nice smooth look, which is amazing when you are able to increase the speed up to twelve times the normal video speed. There are many reasons for using something like this. Imagine that you are travelling, visiting an event or just walking to work you will be able to video your journey and condense it down to a few seconds or minutes, depending on how long the original film is.

Create cool time lapse videos with Instagrams Hyperlapse app!

But, normally a time lapse video is going to be shaking all over the place due the speeding up process, but the Hyperlapse app is able to smooth this out making the finished video much easier to view and then share with your friends via social media. The Hyperlapse app for the phone and iPad is free to download from iTunes right now, Instagram have not mentioned if they are currently working on an Android of Windows Phone version of this app yet.

Create cool time lapse videos with Instagrams Hyperlapse app!

Create cool time lapse videos with Instagrams Hyperlapse app!

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GIF YouTube creates GIFs from YouTube videos!

GIF YouTube creates GIFs from YouTube videos!

GIF YouTube creates GIFs from YouTube videos!

With a name like GIF YouTube it does not take much explaining, what it does, but being able to create a simple GIF is an impressive idea with great and it produces great results. It is easy to get started too, simply find a cool video on YouTube and place the link into the field on the GIF YouTube site. You get to choose where the GIF starts from and how long it is going to be. Alternatively, simply by adding “gif” in front of the term “youtube” (gifyoutube) this will also bring up the editing tool. The only problem now is where to start from?

GIF YouTube creates GIFs from YouTube videos!

GIF YouTube creates GIFs from YouTube videos!

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Create A Cool Motion Activated Avatar With FaceRig!

Create A Cool Motion Activated Avatar With Facerig!

How often have you wanted to appear like your favourite animated character while using a webcam? Well, despite how hard it might sound Facerig have the answer their software will be able to create an image that mimics you own head movements and facial expressions. Getting started is going to be easy, which is just as we like it! Once set up the avatar will perform expression tracking in real time to provide the user with a great looking avatar to use while making a Skype call or using some other method of video calling.

Create A Cool Motion Activated Avatar With Facerig!

Currently, there are five versions of the Facerig avatar creation tool being worked on, these are the FaceRig Classic, FaceRig Pro, FaceRig Studio, FaceRig Audio Lite and then there is the FageRig Mobile, which is initially designed for iOS devices and then for Android powered devices at a later date! There Facerig is going to be launched next year, which is not that far away! There will be a lot of options to choose from, but it has to be said the cost of creating a cool looking avatar with a small amount of outlay!

Source: Facerig

Woman Picks A Fight With A Cat! Guess Who Wins?

Woman Picks A Fight With A Cat! Guess Who Wins?

Woman Picks A Fight With A Cat! Guess Who Wins?

By now, people should know that cats are very cunning, smart and can hold their own in a fight. Nevertheless, does this also mean humans? Well one Detroit woman was so fed up with a cat bullying her dog that she decides to give the cat a taste of its own medicine! Sounds like a big mistake to us, what do you think is going to happen here? View the video to find out, who is better in Cat Versus Human!

Source: Gawker


This Is The YouTube Mashup Of 2013!

This Is The YouTube Mashup Of 2013!

This Is The YouTube Mashup Of 2013!

When it gets to this time of the year, we often find that there are plenty of new reviews for the year. Well it seems that YouTube are hitting this early with the launch of the YouTube Rewind: What Does 2013 Say? Collection of cool videos and clips with the help of some interesting YouTubers. So what was your highlight in 2013?

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How To Quit Your Job In Style!

There must be times when we all have the urge to quit our jobs, but for one reason or another, we seem to hang on and continue with the work that needs to be done. On the other hand, there are those folks like Marina V Shifrin, who decide that enough is enough, its time to quit! But how? Well if you are needing a little inspiration check out Marinas quitting video!

Source: Marina V Shifrin

For Video Mixing And Editing There Is Nothing Sympler!


This is a cool and free app called Sympler, it is for iPhone owners only and basically what it does is helps the user to create cool video with music. It even works with Vine and Instagram, so the potential here is virtually limitless when it comes to producing a really cool video to share with your friends.

This is how the Sympler app for iPhone owners works;

Fill up to six grid boxes with video or stills

Get this content by either shooting it or selecting from your phone’s libraries

You can even use other apps’ content like Vine or Instagram to make mixes

Adjust the start point of your content by sliding the seek bar back and forth

Select music from your iTunes and also choose the start point on your track

Start mixing! You have 20 seconds but you can hit ‘finish’ earlier if you want

Tip: The best videos have great timing

Once you’re happy with your mix hit the ‘check’ mark and then ‘share’

Hit ‘X’ if you want to remix it.

This is free app for owners of iOS powered devices and its available at iTunes.

Source: Sympler


The Official Trailer Of Gravity With Clooney And Bullock!


They say that in space no one can hear you scream, well in Gravity it seems that Sandra Bullock and George Clooney are about to find out. They play a couple of astronauts floating 372 above the earth after their shuttle is destroyed! What would you do in that situation?

Here is a little taster of what’s in store;

Bullock plays Dr. Ryan Stone, a brilliant medical engineer on her first shuttle mission, with veteran astronaut Matt Kowalsky (Clooney) in command of his last flight before retiring. However, on a seemingly routine spacewalk, disaster strikes. The shuttle is destroyed, leaving Stone and Kowalsky completely alone—tethered to nothing but each other and spiraling out into the blackness.

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