UFO Filmed Over Yorkshire

    A strange triangular object has been spotted flying over woodland in Yorkshire, UK. This latest UFO incident took place three days ago and was captured by an amateur camera operator, who was fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time.     So here we have a triangle shaped […]

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Cool Trailer For Dark Shadows

    Check out Dark Shadows, the latest movie from Tim Burton starring Johnny Depp as an Englishman turned New Englander and then into a vampire. He just happens to be buried alive by a witch, that he managed to annoy and then is accidently released in the 1970’s to a very different world. Fortunately, […]

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He Said He Would Be Back

    Finally, Arnold (The Governator) Schwarzenegger speaks out on how the Terminator series of movies has developed over the decades. He speaks about the women too, which should be so cool and it is too.     We have to ask, is Arnold ready to return at the killer machine from the future or […]

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