GIF YouTube creates GIFs from YouTube videos!

With a name like GIF YouTube it does not take much explaining, what it does, but being able to create a simple GIF is an impressive idea with great and it produces great results. It is easy to get started… Continue Reading →

These Days Everything Ends Up on YouTube!

Woman Picks A Fight With A Cat! Guess Who Wins?

By now, people should know that cats are very cunning, smart and can hold their own in a fight. Nevertheless, does this also mean humans? Well one Detroit woman was so fed up with a cat bullying her dog that… Continue Reading →

This Is The YouTube Mashup Of 2013!

When it gets to this time of the year, we often find that there are plenty of new reviews for the year. Well it seems that YouTube are hitting this early with the launch of the YouTube Rewind: What Does… Continue Reading →

When Is Free Pizza Not Free? When Its A Prank!

Common sense would tell you that nobody is going to give away a free pizza and yet still some people still fall for it! Check this prank out in the video below. Source: Prank vs Prank  

The Official Trailer Of Gravity With Clooney And Bullock!

  They say that in space no one can hear you scream, well in Gravity it seems that Sandra Bullock and George Clooney are about to find out. They play a couple of astronauts floating 372 above the earth after… Continue Reading →

Original YouTube Co-founders Release The MixBit App!

  MixBit is not your average video app, firstly because it is an idea from YouTube co-founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen! Unlike other apps that are designed to shoot short videos and post them on social networks, MixBit have… Continue Reading →

BSKYB Launches The New Now TV Set Top Box

  When you first see the new Now TV set top box, you might think that you have seen it somewhere before! The chances are you have, as looks just like the Roku set top box and yet we should… Continue Reading →

Ubisoft Release More Gameplay From Assassin’s Creed IV

  The countdown is running up to the release of the latest instalment of Assassin’s Creed, it is the fourth outing and it is going under the title of Black Flag! It is a step back from revolutionary America to… Continue Reading →

Google Take On TV Once More!

  Google have tried to harness the power of television before and failed, so they are not just going to give up on it are they? Check out the new Chromecast device, it fits into the HDMI port of the… Continue Reading →

Brilliant Shopping Mall Fall Prank

It is amazing how a single dummy falling over the side of a shopping mall down to the floor can people believe that it is actually a real person. It all happens so fast that the senses must need time… Continue Reading →

Guy Proposes To Girlfriend While Wearing Google Glass

Create Cool Slow Motion Videos With YouTube

Who doesn’t like a cool video in slow motion, well now you too can make one with no special equipment needed thanks to YouTube. This new feature is easy to use too, simple apply to one of your existing videos… Continue Reading →

Arnie Wants To Tell You About YouTube Comedy Week

We have missed Arnie, when he was busy being the Governator! However, he is back and he is having fun!

New Trends Map Launched By YouTube

We love videos, short or long and the growth of YouTube just proves this,

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