Amazon Launches The Fully Loaded Fire Phone!

Amazon Will Deliver Any Size Just About Anywhere!

When Amazon says that they will deliver your purchases, they mean it! It looks light size is not a problem either. This is a great looking security hut, made in the style of one those Amazon boxes that out stuff… Continue Reading →

So You Think That Amazon Only Delivers Small Items! Well Think Again!

We love this image, even if it is a marketing plan or something! So, we have to ask, what do think is in the box and how are they going to get it through those doors? Source: Cheezburger  

Save £40 On The Kindle Fire HD Tablet From Amazon!

Amazon has reduced the price of its The Kindle Fire HD Tablet by £40, so it now costs a very reasonable £119 for a seven inch tablet device that offers HD quality graphics. It is not just an e-reader there… Continue Reading →

Amazon UK Opens Up Its Playstation 4 Store

  The much anticipated release of the new Playstation 4 from Sony is well on the way and on schedule for the November or December release date! However, pre-ordering seems to be essential if you want to get one of… Continue Reading →

You Can Pre Order Final Fantasy XV From Amazon

Even though we are not really able to say when the new Xbox One or the Playstation 4 is actually going on sale, we can see that some games are already coming up for pre-order, one such cool game is… Continue Reading →

New Game Play Video For Gran Turismo 6!

Playstation owners will be stuck as to what to do here, this the latest game play action for Gran Turismo 6, it’s not been released yet and time is getting on to the point where gamers will need to make… Continue Reading →

Microsoft will launch Forza Motorsport 5 with the Xbox One!

Software giant and games console maker Microsoft have announced that the cool racing game Forza Motorsport 5 will be the game that launched with all new and cool Xbox One games console. There are no prices or further details yet,… Continue Reading →

Check Out The Battlefield 4 Fishing In Baku Game Play

Purple Polka Dot Kindle Fire HD Case

There is no doubt that the owner of a Kindle Fire HD from Amazon is going to be cool and demanding, they require the best that is available and this is going to apply to buying a case. However, would… Continue Reading →

Amazon Coins Digital Currency will Boost Appstore Ecosystem

Last week Amazon announced that they will soon be introducing a digital currency: Amazon Coins. While other digital platforms like Facebook have marginalised or abandoned their digital currencies, Amazon Coins has been designed in such a way that it will… Continue Reading →

Getting To Know The Kindle Fire HD Close Up

Amazon Plans Zombieland Series For Prime

Pre Order Grand Theft Auto V On Amazon

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