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Get Free Gift Cards With Pocket Points!

There not many ways for Smartphone owners to make money just from using their phone, in fact, it’s normally the other way around. However, here is an app that promises the user that they will be able to earn cash and gift cards just by downloading apps and playing games. Apparently, all you have to do is download the app to an Android powered device and sign up to the service. The user is able to earn point by simply downloading and playing free games, watching videos and completing surveys. There are also rewards for referring your family and friends.

Each Pocket Points reward is different it depends on what is required, but there are additional points to be earned such as; 250 for each referral, 250 bonus when it reaches 1000 and 200 points when a referral redeems their points in a free prize or gift card, a 1000 points is equal to $1. Once the user has built up enough points they can then redeemed from Amazon as a gift card or code, from Google Play as a gift code or gift and from PayPal as cash, so there is something for everyone there. It sounds cool, but is it; we will need to take a closer look at Pocket Points.

The Pocket Points app is free and available now for Android powered devices from Google Play.

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Inner Gravity Launches The Recharga

Recharga The New Dual Port iPhone & iPad Car Charger!

Charging a Smartphone or tablet in the car has always been available, but with Recharga, Inner Gravity, is planning to bring a bit of quality and style into this already busy market. The device provides the user with a full 3.1 amps power through both ports and that means you are not going to be hanging around for ages before being able to use the device again. It looks great too, finished in black and gold, it looks classy enough to suit any Apple device.

Inner Gravity Launches The Recharga

But don’t just take our word for it, have a look at what Andrew Shields, Inner Gravity’s co-founder and director, has to say about the Recharga dual port Apple device in car charging device, in a recent company press release;

The launch of recharga represents a major step forward in the area of accessories for the Apple iPhone and iPad, accessories which are MFi certified.

Inner Gravity Launches The Recharga

The Recharge device is available through Amazon right now with prices starting from £15 and rise up to around £25, either way this is one of the not to miss devices for anyone who spends a lot of time out in the car, but also need to use a tablet or Smartphone too.

Source: Release Wire


You Like Taking Selfies? You Need The "This Is My Selfie Shirt"

You Like Taking Selfies? You Need The “This Is My Selfie Shirt”

You Like Taking Selfies? You Need The "This Is My Selfie Shirt"

Most people take selfies, some more than others and so it stands to reason that you should have the right clothing for the situation. This is where the “This Is My Selfie Shirt” comes in, just take a selfie and the T Shirt does the rest for you, sorted. The T Shirt comes in a wide range of colours from blue to green to white, there are eleven to choose from so you could have your entire summer wardrobe sorted here. The “This Is My Selfie Shirt” T Shirt is priced at around $13. Continue reading →

Amazon's Robot Army At Work!

Amazon’s Robot Army At Work In The USA!

Amazon's Robot Army At Work!

Normally we think of seasonal workers as people who could use a temporary job for the build up to the festive season, but while Amazon employs many seasonal workers across its vast distribution network, it also has over fifteen thousand Kiva Robots plus Robo Stow robotic arms and other robots too. To see them in action check out the video below. You will soon realise that it is quite interesting to see them at work going about their daily routines without complaining about pay or working conditions. It also makes us feel grateful that these machines do not have independent thought yet; otherwise, we will all be risk when Judgement Day begins.

According to Dave Clark, who is Amazon’s senior vice president of worldwide operations and customer service, he says;

The Amazon fulfilment teams are dedicated to innovating in our fulfilment centres to increase speed of delivery while enabling greater local selection at lower costs for our customers. The advancements in our latest fulfilment centres hit all three of these customer desires while continuing to provide a work environment that is great for employees.

Amazon's Robot Army At Work!

The robot invasion into the workplace continues, is there no stopping this mechanical takeover? It might be in the workplace at the moment, but isn’t that where all revolutions begin and it gives a whole new meaning to the Android operating system too.

Amazon's Robot Army At Work!

Source: Mikey Pryvt On YouTube