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    Try Robotek And You Will Not Be Able To Stop

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    This is a great looking game for Android and iOS powered Smartphone’s and tablets, it is in full high definition and is set in space, you just cannot go wrong with this stuff can you! Anyway this an app based game available for Android Handsets, Android HD – Tablets, Apple iPhone – iPod Touch, Apple… Read more »

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    YouTube Tries Out New Mobile Layout

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    The user generated video site YouTube is trying out a new layout on its mobile site. It is always a good thing to get a mobile version of popular sites. The only problem with this app is that when someone body sends a link via email or SMS it fails to open, which is a… Read more »

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    Apple App Store for business

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    Now it is possible to businesses to make use of the vast resources available on the Apple App Store. Why purchase single Apps for each employee when it is now possible to open up the entire store to all of the work force, well those who have an iPhone and can be trusted not to… Read more »

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    Star Trek app for the iPad

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    All iPad owning Star Trek fans are going to love this cool app on iTunes, it is the Official Star Trek PADD or Personal Access Display Device! It combines Star Trek Next Generation graphics with the iPad and it works so well that it could actually be a prop from the Star Trek TNG series… Read more »

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    Get Facebook for Every Phone

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    Facebook launch the Facebook for Every Phone app, this is a feature where users of Facebook are able to enjoy their favourite social networking site no matter what phone they are using at the time, which is a good move from the guys over Facebook as this will bring in even more users! According to… Read more »

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    Add Duck Shoot to your site!

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    They say on this Duck My Life website that every website should have a shooting duck app, where visitors simply aim the crosshairs using the mouse at the moving duck and to fire hit click, its fun but I am not sure that all sites will go for it! These are the details for the… Read more »

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    The Mosquito Buster phone app

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    Keep away all sorts of pests such as mice and mosquitoes with this high frequency sound omitting app for Android powered devices. This is ideal for those humid evenings when the mozzies start to bite! I am not sure how good this app is, or even if it works at all, but if you have… Read more »

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    Apple fails to stop Amazon Appstore

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    Apple and Amazon have been at a court in California, this is the case over the term “Appstore” which Amazon have called their online store created to sell Android Apps direct to the consumer. But Apple feel that the term is theirs as they used it first and they believe that with Amazon using this… Read more »

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    Cowboys & Aliens freepak from Hipstamatic

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    The cool iPhone app Hipstamatic has launched a cool Cowboys & Aliens theme freepak for the iPhone. It comes with the Matty ALN lens, the Libatique 73 lens and the Steam box camera case just to add that certain Hipstamatic camera a steam punk look to your iOS device. These are the details for the… Read more »

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    Google+ app submitted to Apple

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    It looks as if Google are looking to get an app up and running for its new social networking venture Google+ as soon as possible. For according to reports they have already submitted the app and it is awaiting approval. Google will need this app if they are going to be able to compete with… Read more »

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    Blood pressure check kit

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    The iPhone is a remarkable piece of technology, but who would have thought that with the help of a free App from the iTunes Store and some equipment that you would be able to regularly check your blood pressure! Well you can with the Withings Blood Pressure Monitor, it works with the iPhone, iPad and… Read more »

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    Harrods launch iPhone App

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    The world famous London store Harrods are well known for being able to get anything that their customers desire and now there is an app for that too! Harrods have launched their iPhone app that is simply called Harrods! this app allows the user to check out all of the luxury items available, there is… Read more »

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    The mini RC from iPhly

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    If you have ever those guys with remote controlled cars, boats and planes, you will know that the actual remote control devices are huge and heavy too! However, apparently it does not have to be that way, especially if you get your hands on the iPhly device that turns you iPhone into a remote control… Read more »

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    The SOS Poison iPhone App

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    Outside in the wild countryside or even the busy city streets there are plenty dangers lurking around and we are not talking about people and cars, what we are talking about is poisons and other toxic chemicals that can find their way into blood stream in a variety of way, but once bitten what do… Read more »

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    The Rolls Royce Phantom Family iPhone app

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    So you love the look of the Rolls Royce Phantom, but you may be put off by the price, but don’t despair because there is an app for that created by Rolls Royce Motor Cars Limited for the discerning iPhone owner. This app allows the user to build a virtual bespoke Phantom from the wheels… Read more »