Apple ups UK app prices

It seems that inflation is out of control in the app market, for Apple have announced that they are increasing the price of an app by around twenty five per cent and don’t think that you may be getting in there quick, because the changes have already taken place. This price change means that the average […]

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Apple App Store for business

Now it is possible to businesses to make use of the vast resources available on the Apple App Store. Why purchase single Apps for each employee when it is now possible to open up the entire store to all of the work force, well those who have an iPhone and can be trusted not to […]

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App price to rise

There is no doubt that Apple, its products and services are successful, but it seems that demand could be having an effect on price! by the end of 2011 fifteen billion apps would have been downloaded, with over two hundred million customers visiting the store during the year it all sounds quite good, but it […]

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