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    Not all computer owners are the same!

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    It seems that we do not all treat our computers in the same way. In fact, according to Sticky Comics, there are two types of computer owner and they appear to treat their computers completely differently. They seem to be saying that Apple owners love their computers and their computer love them back, whereas for the… Read more »

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    The iPad wall mount

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    How would you like to hang your iPad or any other tablet come to think of it on the wall, fridge or just about anywhere you like and not have the worry about it falling onto the floor, (Steve Jobs does not like happening!) well you can with this device. This is the PadTab, it looks… Read more »

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    Stop iPhone Owners Recording Live Events

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    Imagine you are a promoter of a live event and want to make the most of the revenues available to you, such as a recording of the event. However, this content is already available on social networking sites, so who will buy it now! But never mind, because as the saying goes “There is an… Read more »

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    The most expensive iPad in the world

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    Could this be the most expensive iPad in the entire world? Well at three quarters of a million pound it should be, but imagine walking around this under your arm. This is a standard Apple iPad that has been covered with 18 carat gold with around three hundred carats of perfect diamonds, while the Apple… Read more »

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    Apple in trouble with the iCloud

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    Apple and other large companies are quick to jump on other businesses that get close to their trade names, such as the case between Apple and Amazon over the term “App Store” but sometimes the boot is on the other foot. It seems that Apple are getting a taste of their own medicine from iCloud… Read more »

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    What connects The Simpsons to Apple?

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    Mention Matt Groening and the first things that you think about is The Simpsons and Futurama! However, what about Apple, doesn’t that ring any bells? Because it is a little known fact that before one of the world’s great TV animations found fame and fortune for Matt Groening, he actually did some work for Apple… Read more »

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    Pre-Order iSteve: The Book of Jobs

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    Interested in Steve Jobs! Then you are bound to be interested in iSteve: The Book of Jobs by Walter Isaacson, who is the CEO of the Aspen Institute! This is the official and exclusive biography of man behind Apple’s success. The only problem that we see here is even though this book is ready for… Read more »

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    Apple’s Value Increases

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    Some of us were surprised last year when the market capital of Apple passed that of old rival Microsoft, well it seems that there is another surprise in store as the numbers are crunched once more! So according to the data compiled by the market value of Apple now stands at $317.6 billion, while… Read more »

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    Half a million apps

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    It seems that despite the competition these days, that Apple is still forging ahead and to show just how well they are doing they have announced that the approved apps on the Apple App Store have now topped 500,000! This is a massive number and thankfully, to put this into perspective here is cool info… Read more »

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    The Fling Analog Joystick for the iPad

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    At last, some decent analogue controls for the iPad, these are the cool Fling Analog Joysticks for iPad, and they stick to the device by a suction pad and once in place will operate the game controls on the touch screen with ease! Once finished with the Fling controls can just be removed and placed… Read more »

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    Napster on iTunes

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    On the back of the recent Spotify music subscription service, they may find that the competition has just got stronger with the launch of the Napster app. The app offers the iPhone owner access to the entire Napster catalogue for just £10 per month, it that is just a little bit too steep then there… Read more »

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    How things have changed

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    It seems that in the world of business and commerce there are ups and downs, as well as changes of direction and fortune. However, it is changes in the way that people operate that really make a difference. We only have to look at these two guys, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates they have swapped… Read more »

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    Remember the iBook?

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    It was a few years ago when Apple launched the iBook, this was a smart looking and fairly useful laptop from Apple. The iBook was noticeable by its opaque body with coloured accents, but that was about all that was good about this computer and it was replaced by more practical laptops. However, here the… Read more »

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    Reasons for Buying a Mac!

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    So you are in the market for a new computer or laptop, but you are not quite sure which way to turn because Apple have some lovely looking and great performing machine available at the moment! But then there is the cost to consider, Apple tends to be a bit pricy and so there is… Read more »

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    Trousers built for the iPad

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    Being motivated gadgets many people find that they simply do not have enough pockets for these essential electronics, but when the iPad came along well that requires a substantial pocket given the size of the device. However, there is always some firm out there that are looking to match clothing with gadgets and these cargo… Read more »