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    Check Out The SpareOne Emergency Phone

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        It is always the case when travelling or participating in extreme sports, what to do with your Smartphone! Well this is the solution, it is the SpareOne and it is just that, a spare phone for those times when your Smartphone is too precious. This phone is so easy to use, all the… Read more »

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    Sony Launches Hand Cranked USB Charger

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        There is nearly always an occasion when the device you are using shows that the battery is getting low and there is no means of charging it either, it’s a disaster. However, Sony have an answer, it’s a hand cranked charger with USB connectivity so it is good for Smartphone’s, tablets and other… Read more »

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    This Tesla Gun Is Real And It Works

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        Tesla is a name that many people may know because of the car, the school in Eureka and from the TV series Sanctuary, but like the Nikola Tesla in the TV show, he was fascinated by electricity and he work back then laid the foundations for future technology. However, it has to be… Read more »

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    Hondas Idea Of Personal Mobility

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        It was believed that the Segway was also going to the be the future of personal transport but it just never seemed catch on enough for it to go into mass production and compete with the bike! But now Honda has taken up the challenge with their UNI-CUB, which is an evolution of… Read more »

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    Hotel Installs Bike Powered TV System

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        Some people go to country hotels to get away from it all, while others like to use the settings for walking and cycling, well a visit to the 17th Century Cottage Lodge hotel in Brockenhurst, will get all the cycling they need if they want to watch the TV. Because the owners have… Read more »

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    Charge Gadgets While Having Lunch

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        Here is one of those ideas that will drive you crazy. It is a work station, lunch table or something else depending on where this table is placed. But how it works is simple, you get your lunch, or sit at your workstation and in order to charge up your gadgets batteries, just… Read more »

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    Nyko PS Vita Speaker Dock

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        If there is one thing that is not too brilliant about the PS Vita games console, it has to be the battery life. So in order to make it is easy to charge you depleted battery then check out this speaker and dock from Nyko. It not only boosts the battery, it means… Read more »

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    Doorbell And MP3 Mash Up

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        Forget about the normal “Ding Dong” door bell ring tone, as this is latest idea for a door bell from Swann. It is battery powered and so can be used anywhere, but best of all is that you are able to connect the device to your computer and download your favourite music track…. Read more »

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    Breathe Life Into Your iPhones Battery

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        Initially this appears to be the breathing apparatus as used by Darth Vader, but in fact, there is more to this device than meets the eye. It is called the AIRE Mask and it will charge up the battery of the iPhone simply by the user breathing through the mask.   It works… Read more »

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    The ZBoard Electric Skateboard

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        Finally, a skateboard that is self propelled, well by an electric motor at least! To make this skateboard go the rider simply needs to move forward and to stop or slow down leaning back does the job. The most scariest thing about this board is that it can travel up to 15 mph… Read more »

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    First Aid Kit For People And Gadgets

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        Not having any power for your Smartphone, tablet or netbook is enough to make you feel sick! However, with this special first aid kit you would be able to patch yourself up and power up any gadgets in the process.   It is the idea of Steven Corraliza who is an industrial engineer;… Read more »

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    The BioLite Stove Cooks, Heats And Charges Your iPhone

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      When you are stuck out in the middle of nowhere and your iPhone battery has just died, you had better hope that you have the BioLite Stove with you. This ingenious device not provides you with heat and a way of cooking food, it has a built in USB port that makes use of… Read more »

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    Pocket Radar For Speed Checking Anything

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      If you have ever wondered how fast you can throw a ball or the top speed of your dog then you need a device that can detect the speed of things up to 375 MPH, which is great for trips to airport! This little pocket sized radar device can check the speed of almost… Read more »

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    Charge Your Devices While On The Move

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      Simply plug this bags adapter into the wall power socket to charge the internal battery pack. Now you have a portable supply of power hidden within your backpack! It is ideal for travellers who are going to be away from a mains power supply for some time. It comes with enough adapters so that… Read more »

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    Case With Cord On Board For The iPhone

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      It is a time old problem for iPhone users that charging the battery is not that easy when you are out and about. However, if you do not mind a bulky case then the Cord On Board iPhone case is the one for you! This new design for case comes with a special Apple… Read more »