Case With Cord On Board For The iPhone


It is a time old problem for iPhone users that charging the battery is not that easy when you are out and about. However, if you do not mind a bulky case then the Cord On Board iPhone case is the one for you! This new design for case comes with a special Apple friendly charging cord built into the case design, so all that is needed is a free USB port anywhere to get that much needed juice up!

According the details on the Kickstarter site, this is what the Cord-On-Board Case by CaseInity is all about;

Cord-On-Board iPhone 4 / 4S Case by CaseInity provides infinite charging accessibility. Think about how often you’re near a computer or other USB port. With the charging cord stored inside your Cord-On-Board case you’ll be ready to charge up any time. When heavy use starts to drain your iPhone’s battery, the Cord-On-Board will keep your iPhone from dying.

You can get a first edition case by pledging just $25 or £16 on the Kickstarter site

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Battery Bug Hits The iPhone 4S

There is an issue surrounding the battery life on the new iPhone 4S, it seems to be related to the location services and more specifically the “Setting Time Zone” in the new iOS 5 software.

It appears that users are complaining that there is rapid battery drain, due to the “Setting Time Zone” part operating constantly even without the user making any changes. So far, it seems that the solution is the switch it off, the downside being that the phone will not automatically set itself in line with the current time zone, which is not a disaster.

Here is how to find the settings for the Time Zone on the iPhone 4S;

Settings -> Location Services -> scroll to bottom to “System Services” -> Setting Time Zone.

Source [Guardian]



Emergency Power With Two USB Connections

Gadgets and new tech is great, but when you are travelling you are at the mercy of the battery and no matter how hard you try not to think about it there is always that little voice saying “Don’t use all the battery up!” and this just ruins the idea of using a Smartphone or portable games console.

However, all is not lost because the Japanese based firm Gametech have come up with the cool gadget. It looks like it is about the same size as a packet of cigarettes; it needs four AA batteries, has two USB ports and cables to match. This is emergency power at your service! All you need is normal AA batteries to make sure that you are in the game!

The Gametech double USB emergency charger is priced at around $21 in the US and £15 in the UK.

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The i.Sound back up battery

This is one of those devices that you find you cannot do without once you have tried it. It is the i.Sound back up battery device that is capable of delivering up to 480 hours of additional power that can be delivered through one of five USB ports!

These are features for the i.Sound Portable Power Max – 16000 mAh;

Battery with 16000 mAh

Includes 5 USB ports for charging iPods, iPhones, iPads and any other USB powered device

LED indicator for charging status

Power button and indicator

100 / 240V AC adapter included

Built-in flashlight

Priced at $129.99

Source [Coolest Gadgets]



The smoke detector with build in phone

This is more than just a smoke detector, this device comes with a slot for SIM card and once installed it is able to alert up to four numbers of a problem, it is ideal for businesses and is easy to set up too!

These are the details for the brilliant Firetext Smoke Alarm

Battery powered SMS Smoke Alarm. Upon activation, the alarm generates a user-defined text message, which can be sent to a maximum of four mobile recipients. Photoelectric smoke detection, ideal for smouldering fires; Quad-band GSM; 2 year guarantee; Super-loud ,85db at 3m siren; All fixings supplied; Quick-fix mounting plate supplied for easy installation; Insect proof; Smoke detection complies with EN1406, AS3786 and UL217 standard; CE, BSI, SAI Global approved; Low battery warning (audio)

Priced at £89.99

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Another use for AA batteries

Finally, for all of types that have no use at all for AA batteries, there is a device that could come in very useful indeed. It is not a gadget itself, but for the gadget user this could become an invaluable piece of your kit. Imagine that you are travelling around and your Smartphone’s battery runs into the red, ordinarily this would be a disaster, but with the Sanyo Eneloop Mobile USB Booster simply add two AA batteries and plug the device into any USB cable, it is cool and useful!

These are the features for the Sanyo Eneloop Mobile USB Booster Stick Charger;

Size: 148 x 18m (5.82 x 0.7″)

Weight: 76g (with batteries) (2.7 oz)

Power output: 5V/500mA (USB-A)

Run time: approximately 90 minutes (if using Eneloop batteries)

Two Eneloop AA rechargeable HR-3UTGA batteries included

Suitable for: music players, portable game consoles, mobile phones, computers, and other electronics

Includes micro USB adapter and USB cord

Instructions: Japanese

Note that you cannot properly re-charge Eneloop batteries directly using this booster stick. A separate special eneloop charger is required

Priced at £44 or $70

Source [Technabob]