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Google Test Out Internet By Balloon Service

The world’s biggest search engine Google are much more than just search these days, it is everything to do with the internet and now Google is looking at providing the internet itself to places where it is not just possible or practical to get online, this is Project Loon! It may sound a bit a crazy hence the name Loon! The idea is to create a ring a balloons circling the Earth that will be beam down wireless internet equivalent to 3G or faster! Continue reading →

SunnyBot Directs The Sun To Where You Want It

When you are in a building, the sun may not penetrate certain parts and so using solar energy is not an option. The same goes for building obscured by other objects such as trees and walls. The SunnyBot from the Cambridge based Solenica, is a cool piece of kit that will beam solar energy directly to your location even its two hundred yards away, providing you with free energy to use as you will, as well as illuminating dark rooms! Continue reading →

Want Clean Teeth There Is An App For That



It seems that these days there is nothing that can be done without the use of a Smartphone and an app; this now included brushing your teeth! This is the Beam brush and app, it works with a Smartphone to keep track of how long you are brushing your teeth and keeps a record of well you are doing, of course, it will be great for kids.



Here are some details on the Beam toothbrush and Smartphone app;


Beam improves your relationship with your patients, and your practice will feel modern and progressive to your entire patient base. You will be the leading “techie” among your peers; you can even promote and advertise on the Beam app.


Priced at around $50 (£32)


Source [Coolest Gadgets]