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    Never Lose Your Keys With Hone For iPhone

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        Imagine losing your car or house keys, it must be the worst feeling and then you have the agro of getting replacements and even changing locks. This is something the Hone for iPhone aims to stop, it will track down lost keys in no time at and that will be a weight off… Read more »

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    Wall-E Mash Up With Tandy Computer

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        If there were ever two things that should not be mentioned together within the same sentence, it has to be Wall-E and a Tandy TRS-80 Model 100 portable computer from the 1980’s. However, we should never that, because somebody comes along and comes up with a cool mash up of the two. So… Read more »

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    Check Out The Tod Smart Beacon

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        The t?d is a smart beacon, it connects all of the user’s devices such as Smartphone’s and tablets to the real world via a Bluetooth connection. The range varies from three to five hundred feet, which may seem extreme but I suppose it is going to depend on the surroundings and conditions. This… Read more »

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    The Gametel Bluetooth Smartphone Controller

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        Now it is time to take control of your mobile gaming with the controller from Gametel. It uses Bluetooth to connect to a device and offers good old fashioned buttons for complete and accurate gaming. This means that whoever uses this device has the advantage over their multiplayer friends. With a nine hour… Read more »

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    The Rocketfish iPad Bluetooth Speaker

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        For anyone who does not know, Rocketfish is a BestBuy own brand, but do not hold that against it because this Bluetooth powered speaker for the iPad is not only stylish, its great value too! Because it uses Bluetooth, there are no ugly cables to hide and the device is black so it… Read more »

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    The scale for the future, today

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        How many times does somebody say that those bathroom scales must be wrong or out or whatever! Well with the Medisana TargetScale there is no more excuses as they come with Bluetooth and there is even an app too, yes there is an app for weight control! It is perfect for the person… Read more »

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    BlackBerry PlayBook Keyboard And Case

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        Here is something for the owners of the BlackBerry PlayBook, yes are there are plenty them around apparently. However, it seems that tapping away at the screen to enter long pieces of text can be a nightmare. However, this cool looking convertible case and mini keyboard does a number of jobs, it is… Read more »

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    Wireless and shake proof headphones

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    Forget about connecting your music player with cable that runs down to inside of your shirt, this is the Freedom Bluetooth connected headset, these are connected with a cable between the buds only, and so there are no mishaps with the cable pulling at the music player or your ears! These were first seen at… Read more »

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    Wake up with the Lark

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    I am lucky, as I do not need an alarm as I wake up at 2.00 am every morning, but for others getting up can be a major issue and a load alarm does nothing for the nerves either. Surely there is a better way than this, well there could be if £80 seems okay… Read more »