The Wireless SoundWave Mobile Phone Speaker

The first that you are going to notice about this mobile phone speaker is its shape, it is totally different from anything we have seen in the mobile phone speaker sector and in fact it hardly looks a speaker at all which is great if you do not want it to stand out too much. There are no wires, this is because the SoundWave SW50 connects to your device via a Bluetooth connection allowing you to take calls or listen to music without unsightly cables up to ten metres away from the device.

The SoundWave has a handy microphone button that allows the user to answer or finish phone calls without have to touch the Smartphone or turn off the music. Put quite simply this is a nice compact mobile phone speaker ideal for those who do not want to go for something like the Jawbone Jambox, which of course it the other extreme to the SoundWave SW50 mobile phone speaker.

Priced at around £20 and is available in either Black or White.

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Never Lose Your Keys With Hone For iPhone



Imagine losing your car or house keys, it must be the worst feeling and then you have the agro of getting replacements and even changing locks. This is something the Hone for iPhone aims to stop, it will track down lost keys in no time at and that will be a weight off your mind. This project is currently going the crowd funding site Kickstarter, so far it’s about three quarters of the way to reaching its goal, with just under a month to go!



This is what the team have to say about the Hone for iPhone device on their Kickstarter page;


My partner and I lose our keys almost every day, so we decided to do something about it. Hone for iPhone 4S and the new iPad 3 is Bluetooth low energy device for your keychain that lights up and audibly vibrates when triggered so you can find your keys. It runs for six months on an included battery and has a 150+ foot range.



You can back the Hone for iPhone project for just £25 or $40 and secure one device in the process, how cool is that?


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Wall-E Mash Up With Tandy Computer



If there were ever two things that should not be mentioned together within the same sentence, it has to be Wall-E and a Tandy TRS-80 Model 100 portable computer from the 1980’s. However, we should never that, because somebody comes along and comes up with a cool mash up of the two. So here they are, Wall-E and the Tandy working together in perfect harmony!



This what the YouTube user aliencurv has to say about this cool mash up between a retro style computer and Wall-E;


Watch this video 🙂 I think the title say it all!

I hacked my 1983 Tandy TRS-80 Model 100 Portable “Computer” with a TTL Bluetooth Module to control my hacked Wall-e. Why? Because it’s awesome- that’s why! 🙂

Oh yeah, and Wall-e has wicked dance moves!

For source code and more info, visit our website. The project source is in the EZ-SDK download. Enjoy!



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Check Out The Tod Smart Beacon



The t?d is a smart beacon, it connects all of the user’s devices such as Smartphone’s and tablets to the real world via a Bluetooth connection. The range varies from three to five hundred feet, which may seem extreme but I suppose it is going to depend on the surroundings and conditions. This idea is in its early design stages and the firm behind it are currently looking to raise funds through Kickstarter in order to take it onto the next the level, which is production!



These are the details of the t?d device as taken from their Kickstarter pitch;


t?d (pronounced “toad”) is an exciting and powerful new way to connect your mobile device* to the world around and right in front of you, using our bite-sized ultra low power Bluetooth 4.0 enabled Smart Beacons.

Simply attach or place a t?d Smart Beacon, that can run for years on a single coin-cell battery onto anything, anywhere you want to extend mobile device or web functionality. Or, you can interact with Smart Beacons placed by others that you are allowed to connect with.



To get your very own t?d device you can back the project on Kickstarter for just £16 $25!


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The Gametel Bluetooth Smartphone Controller



Now it is time to take control of your mobile gaming with the controller from Gametel. It uses Bluetooth to connect to a device and offers good old fashioned buttons for complete and accurate gaming. This means that whoever uses this device has the advantage over their multiplayer friends. With a nine hour battery life, this device just keeps going and in fact will out live a Smartphone battery easily.



According to the Gametel website, this what their controller offers;


Gametel is a Bluetooth controller for Android and iOS devices. It’s also working with Windows and OS X. To make it easy for you we’ve made an app for both Android and iOS where you can find compatible games

Here are some of the features and specs for the Gametel Portable Games Controller for Android Phones and Tablet;

Portable Games Controller for Android Phones and Tablets

Connect to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth

Use Gametel with your phone in the spring loaded clamp or remotely

Enhanced gaming experience

Connect your HDMI compatible phone to your TV and play from the comfort of your sofa


Priced at £45 ($73) on Amazon


Source [Gametel]



The Rocketfish iPad Bluetooth Speaker



For anyone who does not know, Rocketfish is a BestBuy own brand, but do not hold that against it because this Bluetooth powered speaker for the iPad is not only stylish, its great value too! Because it uses Bluetooth, there are no ugly cables to hide and the device is black so it fits in with other gadgets although not the iPad itself. You get some decent audio from the triangular device, which can act as a stand for the iPad too.



Here are the details on the Rocketfish iPad Bluetooth Speaker;


Compatible with Apple iPad, iPad 2 and iPad (3rd Generation): For listening to your favourite tunes. Also compatible with most tablets, laptops and mobile phones.

Bluetooth connectivity: Lets you wirelessly stream your music.

Rechargeable design: So you can keep the speaker powered and ready for use.

iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries


Priced at £30 ($50)


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The scale for the future, today



How many times does somebody say that those bathroom scales must be wrong or out or whatever! Well with the Medisana TargetScale there is no more excuses as they come with Bluetooth and there is even an app too, yes there is an app for weight control! It is perfect for the person that needs to keep a precise eye on their weight, but without all of the guess work.



This what the cool looking Medisana TargetScale has to offer the user;


This stylish slice of Bluetooth-friendly tech determines weight, body mass index (BMI), body fat and water, plus muscle and bone mass for up to four users. Used in conjunction with the free VitaDock app you can even set goals and monitor weight changes on the move. (Non-Apple fans needn’t cry into their doughnuts as it also works independently.)


Priced at £130 ($208)


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BlackBerry PlayBook Keyboard And Case



Here is something for the owners of the BlackBerry PlayBook, yes are there are plenty them around apparently. However, it seems that tapping away at the screen to enter long pieces of text can be a nightmare. However, this cool looking convertible case and mini keyboard does a number of jobs, it is a protective case, a stand and it has that very useful mini keyboard with touchpad that connects via Bluetooth to the PlayBook OS 2.0.



These are the features for the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard with Convertible Case;



Powerful multi-touch control; Use the touchpad to navigate and control PlayBook


Portable productivity; View 100% of your screen while typing. Three products in one – keyboard, integrated touchpad and case. Easy to carry – same size and shape of BlackBerry PlayBook. Improved Data Entry- The touchpad enables greater precision and improved navigation


Powered and ready when you need it; Charge your keyboard with your PlayBook charger. Keyboard will last up to 30 days on a single charge!


Keep your data protected; Features 128-bit encryption


Dimensions; Keyboard – 19.36 cm x 13.0 cm x 0.60 cm – Case – 19.9 cm x 14.0 cm x 2.5 cm – Packaging – 21.7 cm x 15.2 cm x 5.6 cm


Priced at $120 (£76)


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Wireless and shake proof headphones

Forget about connecting your music player with cable that runs down to inside of your shirt, this is the Freedom Bluetooth connected headset, these are connected with a cable between the buds only, and so there are no mishaps with the cable pulling at the music player or your ears!

These were first seen at the CES 2011 in Las Vegas at the beginning of the year, but now they are available for sale, with six hours of battery life this is the ideal piece of kit for those who like to get out and about without getting tangled up at all!

Here are some of the features for the Freedom Bluetooth headphone set;

The Freedom features a clean, natural looking design and wearing style, 6 hours music and play time, a premium hard shell magnet sealed carry case, 3 sizes of ear tips, and 3 sizes of secure fit ear cushions for sports

Priced at £61 ($99)

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Wake up with the Lark

I am lucky, as I do not need an alarm as I wake up at 2.00 am every morning, but for others getting up can be a major issue and a load alarm does nothing for the nerves either. Surely there is a better way than this, well there could be if £80 seems okay for alarm clock!

This is the Lark, there are two versions the basic one works with an iPhone and wrist band to wake the user up in a calm manner with no loud noises just a small vibration. The device connects via Bluetooth technology and will even assess the users sleep patterns over a seven period.

The second version is the Lark Pro, this is the same as the above, but it comes with an additional personal sleep coaching app, clearly, the later is important for people who are having difficulty in sleeping.

These are the features and specs for the Lark silent alarm and sleep coach;

Wake like never before – gently, naturally. And without disturbing your sleeping partner.

Sure-thing wristband vibrates at the set time regardless if your phone dies.

Composer-created audio back-up wakes you in case wristband battery dies or you take it off in your sleep.

Priced at £79 ($129) for the Lark and £115 (189) for the Lark Pro

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