Great Looking Retro Style Handset For Smartphones

Great Looking Retro Style Handset For Smartphones

If you are thinking about taking a step back in time to when Bakelite was the hip and trendy product, then this is for you. It uses Bluetooth to connect to your device and is made from a tough rubber like material, so it might appear to be aged but in reality, this is cutting edge design at its best.

Want the specs? Here they are;

Retro handset compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices

Eliminates up to 96% of absorbed radiation compared to using a mobile phone

Noise reduction technology for improved audio clarity

Allows you to navigate your device while talking

Perfect for VoIP applications

One button pick-up and hang-up functionality

Great Looking Retro Style Handset For SmartphonesGreat Looking Retro Style Handset For SmartphonesGreat Looking Retro Style Handset For Smartphones

This cool retro style handset is priced at around $45 (£30).

Source: Cool Material

The BEM Wireless Plug In Speaker

The idea behind this speaker is simple; you plug it in, pair it up with your device and press play to produce wonderful sound wherever you need it. This is the Outlet Speaker from BEM Wireless who are no strangers in bringing cool and interesting cases; it uses Bluetooth to connect to compatible devices to provide a better audio experience.

These are the details on the handy Outlet Speaker from BEM;

The amazing convenience and sound of the b?m wireless Outlet Speaker connects directly into any electrical outlet, letting you control your music from your iPhone® or any other Bluetooth device, wherever you are. Tuck it behind a sofa, near a desk, or under a kitchen cabinet so you won’t take up any precious space while you bake for the party, destroy zombie invaders or design your website.

The BEM Wireless Plug In SpeakerThe BEM Wireless Plug In SpeakerThe BEM Wireless Plug In SpeakerThe BEM Wireless Plug In SpeakerThe BEM Wireless Plug In SpeakerThe BEM Wireless Plug In SpeakerThe BEM Wireless Plug In Speaker

The great looking BEM Outlet Speaker is priced at $100 (£65).

Source: BEM Wireless


Sonos Playbar Soundbar Review

Sonos is about to release their brand new Sonos Playbar. This Sonos Soundbar is a nine-speaker power-house packs three tweeters and six mid-range drivers to provide you with high-quality, high-fidelity sound. If you can afford the upgrade, it sounds even better when paired with one of Sonos’ thumping subwoofers. The technology that has been implemented in the speaker setup allows this little baby to pump out sound that seems much wider than you’d expect from a three-foot sound bar, and you’ll be amazed at the the simulated surround sound; you might even find yourself looking around for the other speakers. It also has a nifty “Night Mode” that allows you to listen at a low volume without sacrificing clarity, which is really handy when the baby is finally sleeping in the other room and your favorite show just came on.

Sonos Playbar Soundbar Review

Setup is a breeze, as it only takes a single optical cable hooked up to your television for the Playbar to provide sound for anything you have connected to your TV. No more receivers or extra remotes. Just turn on the television and you’re ready to go. It also has wireless connectivity to any other Sonos device, so this could easily become the first piece in your home cinema system using their Sonos Bridge technology. It can be easily expanded from its 3.0 to a 3.1 system with the previously mentioned subwoofer, and further to a 5.1 system with a stereo pair of Sonos Play:3s. If wireless isn’t your thing, there is also an Ethernet connectivity option.

Sonos Playbar Soundbar Review

Like other Sonos devices, this one can be controlled by almost any IR remote control as well as from your iPad, iPhone, Android-enable device, or their proprietary Sonos Control device. It can stream “all the music on the earth” as their website says, including Pandora, Spotify and your entire iTunes library, to name a few.

The Sonos Playbar would be an excellent addition to any home theater system, and would provide you with amazing sound with minimal setup, and the flexibility for future expansion. You won’t believe what big sound you’ll get from such a small device!

New Meaning To Wrap Around Sound

Portable speakers are fine, but they nearly always end up on the floor or balancing somewhere that is unsafe. However, the Helix speaker is flexible not only because it uses Bluetooth to connect to the users devices. The Helix has a flexible body, which is bendable, so it can be bent around something to hold it securely in place.

New Meaning To Wrap Around Sound

These are the features and details for the Helix flexible speaker system;

Speaker docks and wireless speakers are getting smaller to match portable music players. Yet most are still difficult to carry on the go. That’s why Quirky developed Helix: Bluetooth speakers with a flexible inner core, that let the user wrap them like a bracelet. From the user’s wrist to their shower head, Helix’s flexible body helps it wrap around what they want, while it is water resistant exterior keeps its inner electronics safe, as long as it is not submerged.

New Meaning To Wrap Around SoundNew Meaning To Wrap Around SoundNew Meaning To Wrap Around SoundNew Meaning To Wrap Around SoundNew Meaning To Wrap Around Sound

Currently there no details available on how much the Helix is going to cost.

Source: Quirky

Cylinder Shaped Tablet Speaker System

This the Sound Cylinder it first surfaced at the CES 2013 in Las Vegas and this month it will be going on sale! This speaker uses Bluetooth to connect to almost any device, but it does work well with a tablet due to the shape and design.

Cylinder Shaped Tablet Speaker System

These are the Sound Cylinder specs and features;

Convenient Bluetooth connectivity

Enjoy high performance sound with any Bluetooth enabled mobile device

Conveniently and securely clamps to most tablets, mini-tablets, and many laptops

Surround Array imaging technology frees the sound from the Cylinder for lifelike sound

A 2.1 channel bi-amplified audio system, for consistently superior music quality

Two front-firing 32 mm midrange/high frequency drivers provide high definition clarity

Side-firing 43 mm woofer driver, for rich, warm bass sound

10 hour battery life, rechargeable via micro USB

3.5 mm audio input jack for connection to any non-Bluetooth audio source with analog output (headphone jack)

Rugged aluminium / magnesium alloy construction; beautiful, durable and long lasting

Built-in kickstand holds your tablet at the ideal angle, for fatigue-free viewing / listening

Cylinder Shaped Tablet Speaker SystemCylinder Shaped Tablet Speaker SystemCylinder Shaped Tablet Speaker SystemCylinder Shaped Tablet Speaker SystemCylinder Shaped Tablet Speaker System

The Sound Cylinder will start shipping during February 2013 when it is expected to cost around $200 (£128).

Source: Definitive Tech

Phorce The Worlds First Smart Bag

If you were in the market for a new laptop bag, then you might be interested in this new idea from Phorce! They call it the world’s first smart bag and for good reason too, because it has a built in battery pack for charging devices, such as Smartphone’s, cameras and tablets, but what makes this smart is that the bag communicates with the users Smartphone via Bluetooth to keep them updated on the power levels, now that is smart!

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Music While You Shower

We have all tried it, listening to music while in the shower! However, it seems electrical items and water just do not mix that well for some strange reason. Yet the answer is simple, build the speaker into the showerhead! Alternatively, there is the Kohler Moxie Showerhead, this is a piece of genius as it actually does come with a wireless speaker built inside that uses Bluetooth to connect to a Smartphone and has rechargeable batteries that can last for up to seven hours, sorted!

These are the details for the Kohler Moxie Showerhead + Wireless Speaker;

Lasting finish: the finish is engineered to resist corrosion and daily wear

Full-spray footprint: 60 angled nozzles deliver full-spray coverage

Magnetic wireless speaker: pairs wirelessly with a Bluetooth-enabled device–snaps securely into place and pops out to play music anywhere

Fill your shower with sound: the wireless speaker fills the space with clean and clear sound

Easy to clean: the silicone spray face makes it easy to wipe away mineral build-up

This cool showerhead and speaker system comes with a $200 (£126) price tag

Source [Gadget Review]

Virtual Keyboard On A Keychain

Here is something that is really useful, while being highly portable! It’s a laser powered virtual keyboard that is so compact that it comes on a keychain for easy transportation and to ensure that you always have it to hand! Simply carry it around with you until needed and then it connects via Bluetooth for easy typing and message writing.

These are the specifications for the Laser projection keyboard;

Revolutionary laser technology projects a virtual keyboard on any flat surface

Advanced optics track your fingers like magic

Connect via Bluetooth® wireless technology

Easily pair the laser projection keyboard with your smartphone, laptop or tablet

Compact, keychain design makes our virtual keyboard super portable

Rechargeable li-ion battery (USB cord included)

This cool laser virtual keyboard will cost you around £64 ($100)

Source [Brookstone]