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    The Travel Case You Can Ride On

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        Getting around the airport these days can be a bit of trek, especially the new ones. So in order to get around a bit faster the Micro Scooter travel case will transport you and your luggage around the airport with complete ease.     This is so simple, that it is a surprise… Read more »

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    Smartguard Pepper Spray iPhone Case

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        This is something that seems like a great idea, but when it comes to it could land the user in trouble. It is a case that has been designed for the iPhone but with a difference and that is it comes with a built in pepper spray device to fight off anyone who… Read more »

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    Bamboo Case For The MacBook Pro

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        Most owners of the MacBook Pro would appreciate that their laptops require something a little special to carry their machine around in and this case from Silva could be just the job. The Silva MacBook Case is made from a hundred per cent bamboo, which is very sustainable and looks absolutely stunning too,… Read more »

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    Sound Cover iPad Case With NXT Speakers

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        Once this design comes out of the Kickstarter stage and into production, it is going to be a great case to use with your iPad. Not only does it protect the device from damage, it has a built in screen, speakers and acts as a stand too, this is a device that has… Read more »

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    The iPad 2 That Looks Like An Apple Mac

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      This is a great of protecting your new iPad 2 and confusing people in the process. It is a case that clips over the tablet device, but it looks like that classic computer from the mid eighties the Macintosh. This is chance to protect the iPad 2 and look cool all at the same… Read more »

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    The Smartphone Hanger From Bondi

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      Most Smartphone users like to hang around with their device and so here is a way where they can quite literally get their Smartphone to hang around. This is the Bondi; it is a silicon based hanger with a loop style design at the top. To make sure the device is secure, there are… Read more »

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    A Tough Case Designed Especially For The iPad 2

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      This is the iPad 2 Ballistic Tough Jacket series case and although it may look strange with those protruding edges, it is in a face a real tough guy of a case so that should the worst happen and the device is dropped, this case should keep it all in one piece. The iPad… Read more »

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    This Is YetYet And He Likes Your iPad

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      Yours kids are going to love this YetYet from Totoya Creatures, place your iPad inside and with the free app from the iTunes store your kids will be loving it. You on the other hand will never see your iPad again, but it could be a price well worth paying. These are the features… Read more »

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    The Cool Looking Rokform Rokbed v3 iPhone Case

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      This is a cool looking case from Rokform designed¬†for the iPhone and it should be because it managed to get an International CES Innovations 2012 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree the other week. However, this is a decent case that the Rokbed v3 iPhone case¬†comes in a range of cool colours and has been… Read more »

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    This Is The Book Of iPhone

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      With so many cases and covers for the iPhone, but this one is something else! It is based on a book, so when the iPhone owner is walking along the road with their phone in their hand, to anyone else it looks like they are carrying a book! In fact, to some observers it… Read more »

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    Nissan Have An iPhone Case That Repairs Itself

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      The Japanese based car manufacturer Nissan may be at the cutting of green energy powered cars, but it is their design for a self repairing iPhone case that is getting all of the attention at the moment. With so many styles and designs already on the market for the iPhone, Nissan had to come… Read more »

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    Classic Apple Look For The iPhone

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      When we look at the old Apple Macintosh, it has the off white look that you get when something is left in the sun for too long, well this is the classic Apple style and it has been recreated for the iPhone. This is the Legacy case, it is a design by Maxime de… Read more »

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    An iPad Survives Fall From Space

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      The test of a good product is a demonstration, so when G Form want to show off how good their cases are, what better way would there be to demonstrate its properties than by dropping it from a hundred thousand feet of so, yes that is the edge of space! Remarkably, they manage to… Read more »

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    Case With Cord On Board For The iPhone

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      It is a time old problem for iPhone users that charging the battery is not that easy when you are out and about. However, if you do not mind a bulky case then the Cord On Board iPhone case is the one for you! This new design for case comes with a special Apple… Read more »

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    Glow In The Dark iPhone 4 4S Case

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      Losing your phone in the dark is a nightmare, literally! However, that would never happen with this glow in dark case designed for the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S. Under normal light conditions, it appears as a sort of jade green colour, but in the dark, its glow in the dark feature lets… Read more »