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    How To Turn Your iPhone Into Two Phones

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      Now this may sound like a trick, but it’s not, with the iPPeel case, because it surrounds the device and makes use of its internal SIM card to produce one device with two faces. On the one side, there is the classic iPhone interface, while on the other it is a bit like a… Read more »

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    Bamboo Case For The iPad 2

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    Normally you would not associate the eco friendly values of bamboo, with the ultra hi-tech iPad 2 from Apple and yet this case from Root Cases does exactly that blending the cool iPad with eco friendly bamboo. The good thing about this case is that it actually looks like a book, so there are some… Read more »

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    The Shell iPad 2 Case By TRTL BOT

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    There are of course a lot cases to choose from for the iPad 2, but it has to be said that according to the specs, the Shell from TRLT BOT does look to have the edge over most of the competition. it comes in Charcoal Black, Arctic White and Grass Green, is made from recycled… Read more »

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    Even iPads like a little comfort

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    This has to be the most luxurious stand that any iPad could ever want, but surely, that is not the point of course not iPads don’t have feelings, do they? but iPad owners do and the IPEVO Cushi iPad Stand add a bit of softness in their for the user who likes the touch and… Read more »

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    Solar Powered Tablet Case

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    It is about time that solar power started to get into the world of the tablet and what better way would there be than a case with built in flexible solar panels. However, there is one serious problem for us UK based folk and that is in order for an iPad to get a full… Read more »

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    The complete lounger

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    With the festival season kicking off this weekend at Glastonbury it seems only apt to show off this brilliant lounger, well we say lounger but it is much more than that! It comes with built in tilting umbrella, cooler for cans, wine and snacks and plenty of other storage solutions too. However, what makes this… Read more »

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    iPad case with handle

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    There are iPad cases and then there is the HandyShell iPad case, this case comes with a hard thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate outer shell, but turn it over and it is a different story. Designed for the iPad 2 this case comes with a handle built into the back, which is great for standing the device… Read more »

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    The Booqpad for the iPad 2

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    This is a folio or case designed for the yet to be released Apple iPad 2, it is a just about as smart as you could get and therefore is well suiting the ultra smooth design features that Apple have introduced into the new iPad. This is just some information from the Booqbags site that… Read more »