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    The First Case For The Raspberry Pi

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        The Raspberry Pi is a cool little device, but it lacks a certain eye pleasing style. However, not for long as Marco Alici has come up with a case design just for the Raspberry Pi. These images are rendered at the moment, but you get a good idea on what it will look… Read more »

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    YouTube Rolls Out New Design

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        The user generated video site YouTube will be rolling a new look throughout the site as part of the process that started at the end of last year. As expected, there is lead to encourage users to subscribe to various channels, as well as offering more features to aid the collation of content…. Read more »

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    This Clock Has Pixels To Share

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        For once your monitor does not need adjusting; the pixelated image you see in front of you is actually how this cool Pixel Time clock looks in real life! It is a smart looking thing though that almost everyone can relate to as most of us have come across the odd pixelated image… Read more »

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    The Game Boy Coffee Mug

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        This cool design was actually a part of a College assignment for Tiago Gonçalves but in reality, this should be available in stores so that we could appreciate its retro styling and just plain coolness, especially the “Game Over” touch on the bottom.     According to the designer, this is the inspiration… Read more »

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    This Is Monopoly The Internet Version

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        Most of us know of Monopoly as being a board game with famous city street names and some interesting figures as the players counters. However, this game was first seen in 1904, used by the British Secret Service during the war to help prisoners held by the Germans escape.     However, this… Read more »

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    Trousers With Built In Keyboard

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        Sometimes something so crazy turns out to be one of the greatest ideas ever and that is what these cool trousers are, called Beauty and the Geek, they are the idea of Erik de Nijs and Tim Smit from the design company Nieuwe Heren! They combine fashion clothing with a keyboard, mouse and power… Read more »

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    Shoes With Built In LED’s

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        Sometimes we come across something that just happens to be so outrageous that it simply must be shown to you and these shoes are just one example of that.     Here we have a pair of retro shoes that have been steampunked with LED’s offering sixteen colours and five different styles of… Read more »

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    Colour Plays A Big Part In Design

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      Whatever you want to call it, the psychology of colour or choice of colour can have an effect on how your visitors react and interact with your website. For some colour can mean the difference between having a look around a website and pressing the back button, so colour plays an important role in… Read more »

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    The Scientific Pocket Calculator Is Forty Years Old

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      In February 1972, Hewlett Packard launched the world’s first pocket sized scientific calculator! It was called the HP-35 simply because it had thirty five keys and it retailed at $395 or £250, in either currency back in the 1972 that was a lot of money! HP worked it out that ten thousand sales would… Read more »

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    So You Love Portal Then Create A Portal Room

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      Having a spare room is cool, being able to create a room dedicated to the Portal game series would be just so special and that is exactly what we have here. This room has been converted into a sort of mini Aperture Science lab where as we know everything seems to go wrong time after… Read more »

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    Hats With Built In LED Lights

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      There are a couple of good reasons for using a hat like this, the first could be for a job where light is limited and you need both hands free! The other is purely for marketing purposes as a business or event could use this type of hat to promote products and services. State… Read more »

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    The Grass Is Always Greener On These Sandals

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      It is a nice feeling walking on grass with bare feet. However, due to certain weather conditions and the lack of good clean grass in the city what can you do? Well this answer is simple; get yourself a pair of these Kusa sandals by Yashin! Of course, they are not using real grass… Read more »

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    Retro Style Phone From The 1970’s

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      This is something that only people of a certain age will remember, it is a phone but not as we know it today and it has a ringer that can really grind you down, but this is retro style and that is all part of the fun. However, despite the old style design, this… Read more »

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    Mini Robot Building Blocks Called Cubelets

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      Building robots is easy with these Cubelets, they piece together easily to produce a wide range of working robots. There is a starter kit that comes with six Cubletes, two sensors, two brains, two action blocks and a battery pack. However, there are larger kits available with twenty Cubelets and the potential to build… Read more »

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    How Good Is Your Business Card?

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      No matter what your business is at some stage you will decide that it is time for a business card, now this may sound like an easy thing to create because it is just contact details and maybe logo. But no it is not that at all, this is who you are your business… Read more »