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    At Last Its The Facebook Bed

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      This has to be one of the coolest beds around, it is a design from Tomislav Zvonari? of Deviantom and it shows just how brilliant a bed such as this would actually look in a room or dorm whatever applies to the buyer’s circumstances. One thing is for sure, this is definitely a bed… Read more »

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    Power Saving Power Socket

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      It makes a change to find a power socket that actually saves power, but that is what this concept design from a group of designers; Seong Soyeon, Kim Seonmi, Lee Jeongjae, Park Jihye & Lee Yeontaek does. The so called PumPing Tap is basically a spring loaded power socket that can detect when a… Read more »

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    The Social Shower Curtain Sounds Good!

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      The idea of a social shower curtain may sound interesting but in fact it is actually better than it sounds, because this shower turns your bathroom into a cool looking Facebook style page, until you get a little closer and then it turns out to be referencing bathroom terms and items. These are the… Read more »

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    The S2 Robot Has Some Serious Expressions

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    Normally we find that robots are almost devoid of any expression at all, which actually makes them scary. The S2 robotic head on the other hand is something completely different. Sure, it is just a head, but the articulation of the features and expressions are something quite incredible and even though it is a robot,… Read more »

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    The Colourful Hex Nano Watch

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    As Apple is sticking with the current iPod design, it means that firms such as Hex are able to offer a revamped version of the popular Icon Watch Bands. In fact, the company have introduced a variety of interesting colours such as; blue, green, purple, white and black, all with an interesting ceramic style finish!… Read more »

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    How To Measure Time

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    We normally measure time with clocks and a diary, but it seems that there is another way that is more interesting and easily portable. This is the Hiroyuki Miyake Measure Calendar; basically, this design is a mash up of a calendar and a tape measure! The calendar has been printed onto a tape and the user… Read more »

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    Minimal Bike Is Almost Invisible

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    Motor bikes are cool; they are powerful, good looking and just ooze power and speed! well that is what some motor bike owners think, in which case they should be shown this motor bike design, it is by Joey Ruiter (a.k.a. Jruiter) of “Super Minimal City Bike” and naturally they are calling it the Moto… Read more »

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    Some Cool Facebook Timeline Designs

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    The other day when Mark Zuckerburg spoke to the crowd at the f8 conference, we see the “Timeline” feature for the first time. Now this is one of those features that Facebook users are going to either love or hate, personally, I love it and so do the people below who have really embraced the… Read more »

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    Is There Such A Thing As A Real Smurf

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    The Smurfs have been around for long time now, in cartoons, books and there was even a song out at one time. However, where did the idea come from and it is possible that there really could be an undiscovered world of the Smurf, this image gives us an idea of what they may look… Read more »

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    LED’s Plus Surfboard Equal Coolness

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    It is a great combo, LED’s and surfing, you just cannot go wrong here but just in case you are doubting this, check out the video to see just how cool this is. The surfboard has been designed and built by the Puka Surf Co and the surfer is Aritz Aranburu from Argentina, he is… Read more »

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    Love infographics

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    Infographics are an excellent way to get information in front of people in a fund and easy to understand manner, it makes no difference how complex the subject it is either, as infographic can make it clear. But surely, infographics are the work of artists and graphic designers? Well they may have been but not for… Read more »

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    How to produce the best CV

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    We are all guilty of seeing a nice job that we are completely qualified to do and without any thought at all, we simply send off a pre-prepared letter and a CV or resume that has been sitting in My Documents for months, maybe even years without any changes being made to it! Well now… Read more »

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    The 3D Chocolate Printer

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    This has to be a chocoholics dream come true! It is a printer, but no ordinary printer, this is a 3D printer that prints almost any design in chocolate, imagine the possibilities here for special occasions and just because it is chocolate! You can see these machines in store windows printing out names and other… Read more »

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    How to make the perfect paper plane

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    When I was young making a plane was cool, the only problem is that I was unable to do make one that actually took to the sky! How I now wish that there was something like this around at the time, then I would have been the Sky Captain and my paper plane designs would… Read more »

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    The boomarang with built in camera

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    Here is a cool design for taking some seriously different camera shots, it is a modern designed boomerang so hopefully that would mean once it has been thrown it will come back and not just keep going into the distance. This is currently a concept from the pen of Sangyong Park, it takes the video… Read more »