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    A bed made from cardboard

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    When it comes to furniture, cardboard would not normally be on the list of favourite materials, but after seeing this bed I have to say that I have changed my mind! This is the Paperpedic bed and storage drawer system, it is made from 100 per cent recyclable cardboard, can be resized from a single bed… Read more »

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    The Space Invader Traffic Lights

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    Here is a real cool design for traffic lights, they look normal with the same colours, but upon closer inspection, you will notice that they are in fact a design based on Space Invaders. These where on show at the cool Invader 1000 exhibition being held in Paris until the 7th July! The exhibition is… Read more »

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    Blood pressure check kit

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    The iPhone is a remarkable piece of technology, but who would have thought that with the help of a free App from the iTunes Store and some equipment that you would be able to regularly check your blood pressure! Well you can with the Withings Blood Pressure Monitor, it works with the iPhone, iPad and… Read more »

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    What sort of Geek are you?

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    I was amazed to find that there are so many different types of Geek around that a cool diagram of the geek culture has emerged. It is made up from the six types of the geek schools of thought, which are of course, Geek Types, Geek Activities, Geek Obsessions, Geek Social Communities, Geek Terms and… Read more »

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    Magic Carpet Furniture

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    This design has been called a magic carpet, but it could also be known as the Swiss army knife of the furniture world too, it is that diverse. designed by the Alexander Munk Design Bureau the Sasan is many things.   It can be a rug, bed, sofa or all three at once, this is a design… Read more »

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    Transformer design mouse

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    During the nineties Transformers were popular and today following the success of the movies, everyday objects that can transform into robots are now even more popular than before. Check out this mouse, it appears to be a regular mouse but with a few pulls here and there it transforms into a tough looking dino type robot,… Read more »

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    Print A New Bikini

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    There is a bit if a trend around for 3D printing, the process is complex and expensive at the moment, but the idea is that eventually we will all have the ability to print in 3D and when that time comes this is the sort of thing that we could be making. It is not… Read more »

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    Laptop in a box!

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    When I say that this is a laptop in a box, I actually meant it! As you can see this is clearly, a working laptop built in to an old and therefore hopefully clean pizza box! The laptop appears to be slightly dated with a mono screen, but the effect is very interesting, although we… Read more »

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    The Felt Mouse

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    Imagine using a mouse that was soft and comfortable, instead of the current model that cold and hard! Now imagine how your hand would feel at the end of a long day or cut and paste, this why the Felt Mouse is a great idea! Apart from looking great and making everyone in the office… Read more »

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    New design for laptops

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    For as long as there has been laptops the design has always seemed to remain more or less the same but when it comes to the Fujitsu Design Awards. There is always going to be some concept designs simply stand out from the rest and this design from the US based designer René Lee is… Read more »

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    The Mindbending Watch

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    Check this out, it is the Kaleidoscope Watch from GRO Design, check out the video to see it in action, but be careful not to be near anyone who is likely to offer suggestions as you may end up being sorry that you see this watch at all. In a way, this watch reminds us… Read more »

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    Starbucks gets a makeover

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    Starbucks is one of those coffee stores that the consumer either loves or hates, personally, it is my kind of coffee shop and in fact, I was to hear that that the brand is celebrating forty years in business this year! However, changes are occurring, we can say goodbye to those cool mugs and the… Read more »

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    Check out Iconscrabble!

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    This is great logo or name creation tool, it uses all of the icons from the Mac OS X dock, but it produces a word using random icons so each time it is used there will be different icons making up the letters. It is different and for people who cannot get enough of the… Read more »