PRSM The New Social Network And You Are Already A Member!

  Normally when a new social media site opens its doors, there would be a rush of people trying to get in at the beta testing level. However, with this new PRSM network if you use the internet, phone or just about any other method of communication then you are a member! Unlike other social […]

Want Safe And Secure Email Then Try Out MailPile!

  There are plenty of reasons for wanting a safe, secure and yet free email service these days, especially with security breaches happening more often! So, step up MailPile, its new and cool, but most of all its safe, fast and secure because of the encryption that it uses. Your email is safe in the […]

Gmail Users To Get Full Screen Compose Page

It seems that composing an email in Gmail is not big enough, that little box that opens up in the bottom right hand corner just does not seem to do it for some people! Well, as usual Google have been listening to users feedback and as result will be rolling out a full screen option […]

Android Users Get The Boomerang App

If your Smartphone is powered by Google’s Android operating system and you would like to improve the way that you are handling your email, then maybe Boomerang is worth a look. It is a free app that manages all aspects of email such as; delayed sending, scheduling and tracking too, it is a handy little […]

The Orsto X1 Is Truly A Very Smart Watch

The watch is the new battleground for technology, it is here where Smartphone technology will move next and already there are some cool smart watches available. Check out the Orsto X1, it looks like a ordinary watch and yet it has so much more to offer, such as phone, sms, email, social media, surfing the […]

Listen To Your Emails With Talkler

It can be frustrating and time consuming checking all of those emails when you are doing something else. But, this free app called Talkler is going to change all of that for iPhone owners at least! This is the app that can read your emails out aloud while you are driving, you can even reply […]

#Mega Wants To Expand Into Secure Email And Other Services

If certain authorities thought that Mega boss Kim Dotcom was going to disappear under a cloud, they were wrong because not only has bounced back, his new site Mega is growing at an astonishing rate. In fact, he claims that Mega has over three million registered users, something that took Dropbox a couple of years […]