Microsoft Wants You To Switch From Gmail To Outlook!

Microsoft Wants You To Switch From Gmail To Outlook!

The war over customers between Google and Microsoft continues, this time its Microsoft firing the opening shots with a new tool that helps makes importing a Gmail account to Outlook simple! The process is easy and for those Gmail users who thought that they were trapped this is a way out. Microsoft have provided step by step directions to complete the process, but basically all that is required is that the two accounts are connected using the OAuth features. Obviously, an Outlook account is required in order for this to happen and that means signing up for new account for some.

Microsoft Wants You To Switch From Gmail To Outlook!

Once connected the user is able to import everything from Gmail including emails and contacts. The overall structure of the inbox remains the same as the user is able to send and receive emails through the Gmail account but in the Windows based Outlook, which is great for anyone using a Windows 8 powered device. Microsoft believes that there is a feeling of discontent amongst Google users following the results produced by several polls and studies. Security, privacy and advertising have a major influence in how users react to services. It seems now the ball is well in Google’s court now, how will they react?

Microsoft Wants You To Switch From Gmail To Outlook!

Source: Microsoft

Lavabit Seeks Funding For The Dark Mail Alliance!

In the wake of the personal data security issues highlighted by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. Developers Silent Circle and Lavabit are working on Dark Mail an email system that comes with end to end encryption.

Lavabit Seeks Funding For The Dark Mail Alliance!

However, as ever, there is a question of costs and developing something of this magnitude is not cheap and so the Dark Mail team have turned to the crowd funding site Kickstarter to raise some of the funding needed.

Lavabit Seeks Funding For The Dark Mail Alliance!

The question is, if and when Dark Mail gets off the ground, is this something that you would want to use or is Gmail still the preferred mail option, despite the security issues that may or may not exist with it?

Lavabit Seeks Funding For The Dark Mail Alliance!

You can get involved in the Dark Mail project by pledging as little as $25 or £16!

Source: Lavabit

Organise Your Email With Taper Mail!

It makes no difference how old your email account is or come to think of it how it is used, it is a fact that somehow SPAM will find its way into your inbox and if you are busy it can take up an incredible amount of time just de-spamming your emails.

Organise Your Email With Taper Mail!

However, here is an idea that claims to have the measure of your mailbox no matter how active it is. Taper is the security guard on the door of your mailbox letting in only those relevant emails, which will clearly save time and hassle for the account holder.

Organise Your Email With Taper Mail!

To find out what Taper does, it is easier to find out what it doesn’t do; such as being a spam filter, using categorized inboxes, auto unsubscribe tool, view later options and that old to do list. Taper is none of them; it simply manages your mail for you.

Organise Your Email With Taper Mail!

So, how does it work? The Taper simply let’s just five emails through at a time, yes five and that is because five emails are easier manage than 55 or 105, the more emails you have to handle the higher the chance that you have deleted something important without knowing it.

If you think that managing five emails at a time is an interesting idea, and then you may want to consider pre-ordering Taper at the cheap price of just $20 or £13, it’s the web based option that good for the cloud based email solutions.

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MyFocus The Do Not Disturb Desk Button!

It is safe to say that no matter whether you are at work or watching your favourite TV show you are likely to receive a phone call, text message, email or somebody will speak to you. These distractions can have an effect on you and it can easily be prevented.

MyFocus The Do Not Disturb Desk Button!

This is the MyFocus device, it is by the Canadian based Can Focus and what it will do is alert people that you do not want to be disturbed, while cutting you off from outside interruptions such as email, phone and other messages.

The main part of the device is the large button, its green most of the time and when you do not want any interruptions simply press it and the button turns red as a clear warning to anyone approaching that you really do not want to be disturbed.

MyFocus The Do Not Disturb Desk Button!

However, there is more, because in the digital world, nobody is going to be able to see the red button glowing and so MyFocus is connected to Smartphone’s, tablets and computers preventing digital interruptions too allowing a real moment of peace and quiet.

MyFocus The Do Not Disturb Desk Button!

The MyFocus is not in any stores yet, but it can be pre-ordered from $80 CAD or £49 for the entry level package of one device, account and software.

Source: Can Focus


Ion Glasses Will Connect With Your Smartphone Or Tablet!


Glasses are strange things these days, simply because they are often worn by people who do not need any help with their vision, they are a fashion accessory! However, now there is a good reason to be wearing a pair of glasses, but only if they happen to be Ion Glasses. The Ion Glasses look like ordinary glasses and they are worn just like ordinary glasses, yet Ion Glasses are much more than just a pair of glasses these are glasses that are connected using Bluetooth 4.0 technology to either a Smartphone or tablet device.

So now not only does the wearer of these Ion Glasses look cool and intelligent, they are able to receive alerts from the Smartphone in their pocket or tablet in their case. These alerts can be notifications of email, sms, calls or social media updates using pre-selected light codes. The LED is on the inside of the arm, so the wearer is only one to see it. The Ion Glasses have a built battery that is charged via a microUSB port, the charge can last up to ten days. There are two remote control buttons and a buzzer for sound only alerts, these are real connected glasses.

You cannot buy Ion Glasses in the stores yet, but when they do become available, they will cost around $129 or £80 a pair. In the mean time, they can be pre-ordered starting at $79 or £50 and that is quite a good saving to think about.

Source: Ion Glasses


New Google Wallet App For Android Users!


The Gmail payment system run by Google called Wallet is not much easier to use with a new app, the downside is that it is only available in the US so far, but no doubt, it will roll out across all Google Play users in due course. What the app actually does is allow the user to send cash via Gmail, sounds easy and it is. You can send cash from your bank account to another person in the US with an email address and as added bonus, users of loyalty cards are able to add offers to their wallet, which makes it easier to redeem offers faster.

According to a post by Peter Hazlehurst, Director, Product Management – Google Wallet, he says;

Today, we’re introducing a new version of the Google Wallet app, which is rolling out this week to all Android phones (version 2.3 and higher), available this week in the U.S. The updated app helps you easily send money on the go, store all your loyalty cards, save money through offers, and view all your Google Wallet activity – all in one place.

Source: Google Commerce BlogSpot


Pandoo The Desktop You Can Access On Any Device!


We are becoming more mobile and less chained our desks, but that does not mean that we can go without accessing our files, apps and data that would be crazy! So, we look around for online services that provide this type access and surprisingly there are quite a few to choose from such as those offered by Apple, Google and Microsoft! So, why would we want to take a look at another service? Well maybe it is because it offers everything you need in one place!

This is Pandoo, it’s a start up that is hoping to launch early next year! They claim that with the Pandoo desktop set up you will be able to personalise the desk top features to suit your lifestyle, maybe its business or personal we all have different requirements. Pandoo looks like a different way to organise your online life, take a look at the video below to see what you think about the Pandoo service, is it something that you would consider switching over too?

Pandoo will be offering users access to some cool services, such as PANDOOster a task scheduler with alert system, PANDOO M@il a universal mail integrator, PANDOO Cloud with unlimited storage and finally there is EUREKA a personalized search engine! We have been searching for costs, but cannot find any and so we have to ask, will this service be truly free, add supported or will there be any costs involved at all now or in the future?

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Turn Your Emails Into Conversations With Ping!


Email is cool once more and it is down to a new app called Ping! It is still early days for the app; in fact, you have to go onto the Ping website to show an interest. However, the apps should be available next week (18th) on iOS; hopefully the Android version will not be too far behind. Once you have the app installed you will be able to talk in real time to any of your contacts who are on Ping at the same time, this is just one cool feature to look forward to. Ping looks like it has the ability to bring email back to life, let’s hope so. We will see more when the apps are released.

This is how the new Ping email app will transform your email into something more interesting;

Ping is all about making email fit to the way we’ve evolved to communicate today. There are myriad services for communicating that we love dearly – social networks, a plethora of messaging apps and even iMessage – but email, one of the strongest open communication platforms we have, is still stuck in the darks ages.

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