New Google Wallet App For Android Users!


The Gmail payment system run by Google called Wallet is not much easier to use with a new app, the downside is that it is only available in the US so far, but no doubt, it will roll out across all Google Play users in due course. What the app actually does is allow the user to send cash via Gmail, sounds easy and it is. You can send cash from your bank account to another person in the US with an email address and as added bonus, users of loyalty cards are able to add offers to their wallet, which makes it easier to redeem offers faster.

According to a post by Peter Hazlehurst, Director, Product Management – Google Wallet, he says;

Today, we’re introducing a new version of the Google Wallet app, which is rolling out this week to all Android phones (version 2.3 and higher), available this week in the U.S. The updated app helps you easily send money on the go, store all your loyalty cards, save money through offers, and view all your Google Wallet activity – all in one place.

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Pandoo The Desktop You Can Access On Any Device!


We are becoming more mobile and less chained our desks, but that does not mean that we can go without accessing our files, apps and data that would be crazy! So, we look around for online services that provide this type access and surprisingly there are quite a few to choose from such as those offered by Apple, Google and Microsoft! So, why would we want to take a look at another service? Well maybe it is because it offers everything you need in one place!

This is Pandoo, it’s a start up that is hoping to launch early next year! They claim that with the Pandoo desktop set up you will be able to personalise the desk top features to suit your lifestyle, maybe its business or personal we all have different requirements. Pandoo looks like a different way to organise your online life, take a look at the video below to see what you think about the Pandoo service, is it something that you would consider switching over too?

Pandoo will be offering users access to some cool services, such as PANDOOster a task scheduler with alert system, PANDOO M@il a universal mail integrator, PANDOO Cloud with unlimited storage and finally there is EUREKA a personalized search engine! We have been searching for costs, but cannot find any and so we have to ask, will this service be truly free, add supported or will there be any costs involved at all now or in the future?

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Turn Your Emails Into Conversations With Ping!


Email is cool once more and it is down to a new app called Ping! It is still early days for the app; in fact, you have to go onto the Ping website to show an interest. However, the apps should be available next week (18th) on iOS; hopefully the Android version will not be too far behind. Once you have the app installed you will be able to talk in real time to any of your contacts who are on Ping at the same time, this is just one cool feature to look forward to. Ping looks like it has the ability to bring email back to life, let’s hope so. We will see more when the apps are released.

This is how the new Ping email app will transform your email into something more interesting;

Ping is all about making email fit to the way we’ve evolved to communicate today. There are myriad services for communicating that we love dearly – social networks, a plethora of messaging apps and even iMessage – but email, one of the strongest open communication platforms we have, is still stuck in the darks ages.

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PRSM The New Social Network And You Are Already A Member!


Normally when a new social media site opens its doors, there would be a rush of people trying to get in at the beta testing level. However, with this new PRSM network if you use the internet, phone or just about any other method of communication then you are a member! Unlike other social sites, PRSM has unlimited funding, computing and man power. Yet, there are still some people who would like to try to opt out of the PRSM network for various reasons, how about you?

If you are wondering what sort of tech PRSM has, check this out;

Really fast computers – Our Titan Supercomputer is capable of handling one quadrillion requests per second.

Really big computers – Our data center can store up to 5 zetta bytes of information.

Of course, unlike other social and networking sites PRSM does not appear to have a “Close Account!” option available.

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Want Safe And Secure Email Then Try Out MailPile!

Want Safe And Secure Email Then Try Out MailPile!


There are plenty of reasons for wanting a safe, secure and yet free email service these days, especially with security breaches happening more often! So, step up MailPile, its new and cool, but most of all its safe, fast and secure because of the encryption that it uses. Your email is safe in the hands of MailPile and it works on almost any device too, without loss of speed! Could this be the next big thing in email? We do not know yet, but in time when we have tested it, we are hoping that this could be the one!

This is why there is a place in the world for an email system that safe and secure;

Mailpile is free software, a web-mail program that you run on your own computer, so your data stays under your control. Because it is free software (a.k.a. open source), you can look under the hood and see how it works, or even modify it to make it better suit your particular needs. Mailpile is designed for speed and vast amounts of e-mail, it is flexible and themeable and has support for strong encryption built in from the very start.

The team behind Mailpile are looking to raise money to take the idea foreword, they have chosen the crowd funding route and backers will be treated to various gifts depending on their level of support.

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Gmail Users To Get Full Screen Compose Page

Gmail Users To Get Full Screen Compose Page

It seems that composing an email in Gmail is not big enough, that little box that opens up in the bottom right hand corner just does not seem to do it for some people! Well, as usual Google have been listening to users feedback and as result will be rolling out a full screen option of the compose page! The user will need to enable this feature by clicking on the expand button.

According to a post on Gmail on Google Plus;

The new compose now has a full-screen option. After Gmail’s new compose rolled out to everyone in March, many of you sent us requests for features you’d like to see added. We listened carefully to your feedback and as a result, the new compose now offers a full-screen option.

Source: Google Plus

Android Users Get The Boomerang App

If your Smartphone is powered by Google’s Android operating system and you would like to improve the way that you are handling your email, then maybe Boomerang is worth a look. It is a free app that manages all aspects of email such as; delayed sending, scheduling and tracking too, it is a handy little tool to have.

Here are some features for the Boomerang app for Android;

Meet Boomerang, the most powerful email app for Android. Currently integrates with Gmail and Google Apps accounts ONLY (other services coming soon!)

Featuring advanced functionality like snoozing emails, scheduling email for later, response tracking, and more, Boomerang is the mail client you’ve been dreaming about. These features, combined with an intuitive gesture system and eye-catching design, make Boomerang the best way to access your Gmail messages on your phone.

Boomerang is a free app available to Android users on Google Play.

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The Orsto X1 Is Truly A Very Smart Watch

The watch is the new battleground for technology, it is here where Smartphone technology will move next and already there are some cool smart watches available. Check out the Orsto X1, it looks like a ordinary watch and yet it has so much more to offer, such as phone, sms, email, social media, surfing the net and of course, it shows the time too! The trouble is that its early days for the Orsto X1, they are currently using the crowd funding site Indiegogo to raise cash and that means backers can grab a bargain. In fact, by pledging just £100 ($150), the backer will receive one of the first production models and that is a massive saving on the retail price.

These are the specs available for the Orsto X1 Smart Watch;

Processor: 1.0/1.2 GHz Dual Core

OS: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

Memory: 512MB/ 2 to 8 GB

Display: 1.8″ TFT LED Capacitive Multi-Touch Screen

Camera: 5.0 Mega Pixel

Flash: LED

Frequency: 850, 900, 1800, 1900

Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, USB 2.0, Micro-SIM

Sound & Alert: Speaker, Microphone, Vibration

Ports: Micro USB, 3.5mm Headphone

Data Input: Digital Compass, G-Sensor

Batteries: 450 & 650 mAh Li-Polymer Battery

Expect to pay around $766 (£500) for the Titanium Orsto X1 Smart Watch when it goes retail!

The Orsto X1 Is Truly A Very Smart WatchThe Orsto X1 Is Truly A Very Smart WatchThe Orsto X1 Is Truly A Very Smart WatchThe Orsto X1 Is Truly A Very Smart WatchThe Orsto X1 Is Truly A Very Smart Watch

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Listen To Your Emails With Talkler

It can be frustrating and time consuming checking all of those emails when you are doing something else. But, this free app called Talkler is going to change all of that for iPhone owners at least! This is the app that can read your emails out aloud while you are driving, you can even reply or delete it too just by speaking to the device. There are so many reasons for using Talkler and not too many against, check out the developers video to how cool this app really is.

According to the developers, this why Talkler is the must have iPhone app;

Talkler has 20/20 hearing. To get Talkler’s attention, just say “Hey, Talkler.” Tell Talkler what you want — like “Play my emails” or “Skip to the next email” or “Reply to this email” or “Delete this email.” Talkler is always listening for your spoken commands. Truly hands-off.

This is a free app and it can be downloaded right now from the iTunes Store.

Listen To Your Emails With TalklerListen To Your Emails With TalklerListen To Your Emails With TalklerListen To Your Emails With TalklerListen To Your Emails With Talkler

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Manage Your Mail With The Mailbox App

Manage Your Mail With The Mailbox App

Sure, there are plenty of apps available that help the user manage their email. However, not all are as simple and effective as the Mailbox app, as this is a light and fast way of getting through those emails. It is especially good for people who get a lot of emails and need to manage them so that checking email does not become a full time job; in fact, there is even a snooze feature that allows to user to read certain emails later when time is not at a premium.

Here are just some of the features available from the Mailbox app for iOS devices;

Mailbox checks your email from the cloud, then delivers it to your phone securely. You can even get push notifications for new messages. Add all your GMail accounts for speedy access on-the-go. Mailbox makes getting to zero — and staying there — a breeze. After you experience a clean inbox, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

This is a free app and its available right now from the iTunes Store

Manage Your Mail With The Mailbox AppManage Your Mail With The Mailbox AppManage Your Mail With The Mailbox AppManage Your Mail With The Mailbox App

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