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The Orsto X1 Is Truly A Very Smart Watch

The watch is the new battleground for technology, it is here where Smartphone technology will move next and already there are some cool smart watches available. Check out the Orsto X1, it looks like a ordinary watch and yet it has so much more to

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Listen To Your Emails With Talkler

It can be frustrating and time consuming checking all of those emails when you are doing something else. But, this free app called Talkler is going to change all of that for iPhone owners at least! This is the app that can read your emails

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Manage Your Mail With The Mailbox App

Sure, there are plenty of apps available that help the user manage their email. However, not all are as simple and effective as the Mailbox app, as this is a light and fast way of getting through those emails. It is especially good for people

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You Cannot Say That You Were Not Warned

Remember all of those chain emails that you received and quickly deleted thinking that nothing would ever come from those threats? Well we are betting that you are now wishing you had forwarded it instead of trashing it. Source: Le Funny