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So Your Mum Has Discovered Social Media

This could be your worst nightmare come true, it is your mum and by some strange occurrence, she has been introduced to social media, but worse than that is, she loves it! Just image having your mum following your exploits on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, how would you feel?

According to the man himself, JD Witherspoon this is the message in the video;

Don’t let your parents use social networks I beg you!

We tend to agree with him here, families and social media can be a terrible mix!

So Your Mum Has Discovered Social MediaSo Your Mum Has Discovered Social MediaSo Your Mum Has Discovered Social MediaSo Your Mum Has Discovered Social MediaSo Your Mum Has Discovered Social Media

Source: JD Witherspoon


Do You Miss The Old Facebook

It might a bit of nostalgia creeping in but it seems that some folks are disappointed in the direction that the social network, Facebook has drifted into. Of course, there are those who still love Facebook no matter where it is heady! It is understandable because it is social.

Do You Miss The Old Facebook

Source: C Section Comics

Take Your Facebook Photos With You

Here is something new for Facebook users, it is a charm that with an app will allow the user to edit and insert images from their pages into the charm using the kit. It is not going to be for everyone but there are a billion Facebook users around, which means it could be good for the Top Charm.

These are the features that the Top Times wearable charms offer;

If your cousin is going through a rough time, wear her image to let her know you’re thinking about her.

Wear your pets!

Proudly display your favourite team’s logo. If they don’t make the playoffs, less-proudly display your second favourite team.

Wear your grandparents.  Wear your grandkids!

Reveal a personal goal to friends and keep a daily reminder of the goal with you at all times.

Wear any image you want, any way you want!

Expect to pay around $20 (£13) for one of these when they become available in store.

Source [Mashable]

Rockstar Launch Facebook Page For Grand Theft Auto 5

It is always a good sign when a games developer such as Rockstar launches a game specific Facebook page. In this case, it is for Grand Theft Auto 5 and fans can check out screenshots, trailers and news on the development of the game. With the launch of GTA 5 already announced as being March 2013, we can look forward to plenty of updates on this Facebook page in the run up to the launch.

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