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Mozilla Releases Firefox For Android Beta!


The developer Mozilla has updated its Firefox browser for Android users, but before you get too excited, it is only in Beta at the moment and yet we are still able to download the app and check it out to see exactly what Mozilla have been doing with the Firefox browser.

From what we can make out, they have made some cool changes to the app user interface and an interesting feature that allows guest browsing! Basically, what we are getting here is the ability to share Firefox with family and friends on their device, which is interesting more than anything else.

Other features to look out for is the function that allows users to set up an image as wallpaper, or if needed set it as a contact for a specific webpage. The settings menu has been given a makeover so that user are able to customize how their Firefox looks and feels too.

There is a lot on offer with the beta version of the popular Firebox browser, which is available free right now from Google Play.

Source: Mozilla


Mozilla Launches The Firefox Smartphone OS

Mozilla Launches The Firefox Smartphone OS

Many people are used to the Firefox browser; it was the first real alternative to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer! However, Firefox has been struggling since the launch of Google Chrome and so, the logical next step for Mozilla would be to venture into the Smartphone operating system market. That time has now come with the launch of the all new Firefox OS, that promises to help the user gain control of their online experience and offer a superior browsing experience, let’s wait and see if that is true!

This is what the Firefox OS will be offering the Smartphone user;

Your needs change from one moment to the next. That’s why Firefox OS does the same. It gives you the power to live every moment to its fullest and participate in a better world. Firefox OS anticipates your needs, adapts to every situation and instantly delivers the information you want. That includes popular, big name apps, but also local content that means the most to you and your life.

Source: Mozilla

Mozilla Begins To Test Its Marketplace



A little later than its rival, Mozilla has finally started the test for its app store called Marketplace! Currently it is for invited folks only; there is word that everything seems to be running smoothly. Once open it will require the user to download the latest edition of the browser, but apart from that, it’s just a matter of waiting for Mozilla to open the gates.



According to the Mozilla Marketplace page, this is what’s happening;


Before the public launch later this year, Mozilla will be opening the Marketplace for user testing. Take advantage of this by being one of the first app developers to build a user base. Submit your app to: Test your app with a committed group of early adopters. Build an early fan base and gain popularity. Target tech savvy consumers with your app.


Source [Bit Tech]



What Is Your Favourite Browser?



We all use browsers to access the internet, but at the same time, we all use different browsers too. Still holding on to the top three spots are Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Mozilla’s Firefox and Google’s Chrome browser. However, why do we choose a certain browser, is it resolution, apps, or security that matters?


The idea that a browser is a browser, no longer exists, the user chooses a particular browser for a simple reason, and that is they simply prefer it! It is a complicated idea and there is an info graphic from Bop Design, that explains the trends in browsers and at the same time takes a little look at screen resolution too, which is another factor as to why someone would choose a particular browser.



Source [Daily Infographic]



Mozilla BrowserQuest In HTML5



Here is game that a long time would have looked on one of those early computers in the eighties. However, it may have the looked of a classic game, but when I checked there were sixty other players on there. It is a bit of fun that is easy to play, chat and even fight if you choose.



According to the posting on the Mozilla blog, Paul Rouget HTML5 specialist and Firefox engineer said;



BrowserQuest can be played by thousands of simultaneous players, distributed across different instances of the in-game world. Click on the population counter at any time to know exactly how many total players are currently online. Players can see and interact with each other by using an in-game chat system. They can also team up and fight enemies together.


Source [Browser Quest]



Chrome Users Are More Intelligent!



A study involving one million solved puzzles on the Calcudoku online maths puzzle website has found some interesting things about the people who have completed puzzles. It turns out that out of the million completed puzzles, which were against the clock, Chrome users were the smartest, followed by Firefox and then Internet Explorer. However, another result showed that Chrome users solved the puzzles fastest, while Internet Explorer users gave up the most!



Here is something to back up the claims of the study;


These differences were found to be statistically significant (p = 5%). Based on the fact that Chrome users solve Calcudoku number puzzles the fastest, and that IE users give up on solving them the most, it appears that Chrome users have the highest numerical intelligence, followed by Firefox users, then by Internet Explorer users.


Source [Calcudoku]



Mozilla Opening Marketplace App Submissions Soon



At long last, the wait is over for developers interested in producing apps across the whole Mozilla platform will be able to submit their apps to the Marketplace for approval.

This will be announced by Mozilla at the Mobile World Congress that take place next week in Barcelona, Spain. Once the developer has submitted their apps, it will be reserved and featured during the launch, which should be taking place later on in the year.



According to a posting on the Mozilla Blog, they said;


Today, we are incredibly proud to announce that the Mozilla Marketplace will open for developer submissions next week during Mobile World Congress. If you are an app developer interested in distributing and monetizing your app across device and platform silos, you should submit your app to the Mozilla Marketplace. Submitting your app will reserve your app name and give your app the chance to be featured in the launch later this year.


Source [Information Week]



Google’s Chrome Expected To Pass Firefox

Google has been pushing its browser Chrome very aggressively recently and it seems to have been paying off, for according to the number crunchers at StatCounter, they believe that the Chrome is ready to take Firefox before the end of the year.

The figures are there to be seen, with Google Chrome having a current market share of 23.6 per cent, while Mozilla’s Firefox is just about hanging on 26.8 per cent. Naturally, the big boy Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is still flying high with reasonable 41.7 per cent.

However, the big story here is Chrome; its market share has grown by a staggering 50 per cent since the beginning of the year, taking points off both the leaders to the tune of 13 per cent from Firefox and 9 per cent from Internet Explorer.

Source [IT Pro Portal]


Five good reasons to choose Firefox 5

It does not seem all that long ago when Firefox 4 came out and yet now we are looking at Firefox 5, it once officially launched the other day so users are able to get right in there and experience everything that this new browser has to offer. At this point, we would like to be able to say how wonderful it is, but the leap from Firefox 4 to Firefox 5 is not that great.

However, there are some features that users may find interesting and these are those main reasons as to why you should download and use Firefox 5 now;

1. It Respects Your Privacy; 2. It’s Small and Fast; 3. It Supports an Open Web; 4. It Sports 1000 Improvements and finally 5. It’s Secure, Independent and User-Driven

Source [PC World]



IE’s marketshare slips as IE6 falls

The browser war continues, but you have to think that this does not seem to be as much as key factor for the providers as it should be. Microsoft is still at the top of the tree and it looks to be rooted there for some time to come.

With its main rival Mozilla seeing the Firefox browser stalling at 22.8 per cent of the market share. It looks as if Google’s Chrome is stopping Firefox in its tracks, while Microsoft’s market share fell by just 1.1 per cent, with the new Internet Explorer 9 being downloaded twenty three million times, despite it still being in beta.

“We are pleased to see users continue to leverage Windows 7 capabilities together with IE9 for a more beautiful web experience, “blogged Roger Capriotti – director of Internet Explorer product marketing.

“On Windows 7, Internet Explorer 9 already accounts for 1.82 per cent of users worldwide.”

From December 2010 to January 2011, Internet Explorer’s market share fell from 57.1 per cent to 56 per cent, while Mozilla’s Firefox remained at 22.8 per cent, it is Google’s Chrome that has seen a slight gain from 10 per cent to 10.7 per cent, followed by Safari which rose from 5.9 per cent to 6.3 per cent and finally Opera it also increased its market share from 2.2 per cent to 2.3 per cent.

Source [Tech Radar]

Chrome grabs 10% of the browser market

Google’s Chrome operating system has now got around ten per cent of the global browser market according to figures released for usage in December 2010. The figure may be tiny when compared to the market share of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer with 57.08 per cent and Mozilla’s Firefox with 22.81 per cent.

These are the actual figures for December’s usage; Internet Explorer 57.08%, Firefox 22.81%, Chrome 9.98%, Safari 5.89%, Opera 2.23% and other 2.01%

When it comes to browser versions the figures are broken down like this; IE8 is the most popular (33.0%), followed by Firefox 3.6 (18.5%), IE6 (13.1%), IE7 (8.8%), Chrome 8 (7.3%) and Safari 5 (3.2%)

Source [IT Pro]

Mozilla Accidently Releases Thousands of Passwords

The organisation that millions trust have made a monumental mistake by accidently exposing forty four thousand user passwords, although it may actually seem to be worse than it actually is, as the passwords are from inactive addons.mozilla.org accounts.

However, this should serve as a warning for users to keep an eye on their accounts and possibly even take steps to change their passwords just to be on the safe side!

“On December 17th, Mozilla was notified by a security researcher that a partial database of addons.mozilla.org user accounts was mistakenly left on a Mozilla public server,” Mozilla’s director of infrastructure security Chris Lyon in the Mozilla Security Blog on late Monday night.

“All current addons.mozilla.org accounts use a more secure SHA-512 password hash with per-user salts” since April 9, 2009, Lyons said. “It is important to note that current addons.mozilla.org users and accounts are not at risk.”

Source [Telegraph]

Mozilla pushes back Firefox 4 to 2011

It looks like 2011 is going to be a busy year for launches in the technical sector, with latest company to delay a launch, Mozilla stating that they would be pushing the release of Firefox 4 to early 2011. This firm had been looking at a late 2010 launch, but it seems that delays in the add on, that developers and other third parties use is the reason.

Here is what a spokesperson from Mozilla had to say about the change in release date;

“Development on Firefox 4 has not slowed down, and strong progress is being made daily. However, based on the delays in completing the ‘feature complete’ Beta 7 milestone against which our add-on developers and third-party software developers can develop, as well as considering the amount of work remaining to prepare Firefox 4 for final release, we have revised our beta and release candidate schedule,”

According to Mike Beltzner, vice president of engineering for Firefox, in a mailing list message yesterday.

“The frequent beta releases have been extremely helpful in identifying compatibility issues with existing web content, so we plan on continuing to release beta milestones through the end of December. Our estimate is now that release candidate builds will ship in early 2011, with a final release date close behind.”

Source [Cnet]