What Is Your Favourite Browser?

    We all use browsers to access the internet, but at the same time, we all use different browsers too. Still holding on to the top three spots are Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Mozilla’s Firefox and Google’s Chrome browser. However, why do we choose a certain browser, is it resolution, apps, or security that matters? […]

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Mozilla BrowserQuest In HTML5

    Here is game that a long time would have looked on one of those early computers in the eighties. However, it may have the looked of a classic game, but when I checked there were sixty other players on there. It is a bit of fun that is easy to play, chat and […]

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Chrome Users Are More Intelligent!

    A study involving one million solved puzzles on the Calcudoku online maths puzzle website has found some interesting things about the people who have completed puzzles. It turns out that out of the million completed puzzles, which were against the clock, Chrome users were the smartest, followed by Firefox and then Internet Explorer. […]

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