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    The Difference Between Wanting And Needing

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        Occasionally we have the need for certain things and then on other occasions, we might want something, normally the two are related and yet are divided by cost, style or some other distinction. In this graphic, we can clearly see the difference between what we want or what we actually need.    … Read more »

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    Tesco Tries Out New Style Packaging

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      Out of all the fresh produce that supermarkets sell, it is tomatoes and avocados that are wasted the most, but not for much longer if Tesco have anything to do with it as the supermarket chain are working on new packaging that could prevent this waste in the future. If this works out, Tesco… Read more »

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    Games Controller With Built In Food Holder

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      You know how it is, the game is in full swing and suddenly you are starving hungry! What do you do now? Stop the game, carry on until you drop or get a controller that offers something that other controllers do not. Well you may just be in luck here as Ben Heck, who… Read more »

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    The Hand Held Food Smoker In Use

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    This is the aptly named Smoking Gun, it is not a weapon but it can make you boss of the kitchen with some serious flavours to foods that you never dreamed of before as being smoked. The list is virtually endless, but imagine adding smoked flavouring to butter, oysters, cocktails, salads, chocolate and even meringues!… Read more »

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    The Swiss Army knife of cutlery

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    This is the Multi Food Utensil and it is what it says it is, a single device that tackles any style of food because it comes with a wide range of cutlery.¬†Yes, this tool could easily revolutionize the take away problem, by providing the consumer with a tool for all foods. Currently this is just… Read more »

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    Report suggests gaming makes you fat!

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    It is rather a blanket phrase, but it seems that a study carried out by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has found that computer gamers tend to eat more than people who do not like to play video games. In fact the report went on to claim that not only does gaming offer no… Read more »