The struggle for supremacy

When the winter draws in, you can be forgiven for not finding the idea of going outside and running around a muddy field in a pair of shorts particularly appealing. It ranks alongside the notion of swimming in shark-infested waters… Continue Reading →

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star 8 Bit Style Mobile Game!

As Disney begins the search for new acting talent for the 2015 movie there are plenty of other Star Wars related gear materialising, such as this new game Star Wars: Tiny Death Star. It available on all formats and best of… Continue Reading →

Scale Is The Game That Resizes Everything!

This is Scale a game that is a little bit like Half Life, you have a weapon that resembles the gravity gun! Except in this case instead of moving objects you are able to resize them in order to get… Continue Reading →

Anki Drive Turns Gaming Into Real Racing For iOS!

Here is a cool game designed for the users of iOS powered devices and yet it is not an arcade style video game as such like you would expect. Anki is a real style racing game like Scalextric but with… Continue Reading →

@RockstarGTAV Release iFruit App For iPhone Owners!

  So by now, you have the game, its installed and you have taken those first steps into the world of Grand Theft Auto V! But, isn’t there something missing? That’s right, it’s the Grand Theft Auto V app, it’s… Continue Reading →

@Animazombs! Not All Zombies Were Humans!

  There is no doubt that we like zombies whether they are in games, movies or on the TV and yet we have never seen anything like this before! These Animazombs are cool interactive plushie animals, that just happen to… Continue Reading →

The Dice+ Begins To Roll Out!

  The awaited launch of the little Dice+ gaming device has started, this palm sized cube is Bluetooth enabled and will offer users of Android and iOS powered devices a smart way of playing new games. It is interesting how… Continue Reading →

BlinkDrink Turns Your Drink Into A Lightshow!

  There are apps around that test your drinks, test your breath and in some cases test your patience. However, here is a drinking app that makes you use your iPhone as a coaster and then turns the drink into… Continue Reading →

Blackbar Its A Game With An Edge!

  When you first see this, it looks like someone does who just does not want their identity known, as the photos appear with a black bar across the features. However, in fact, this is a game that mixes censorship… Continue Reading →

What If Blade Runner Was An 8 Bit Video Game?

  Blade Runner is classic sci-fi, but it is one of those movies that you either love or hate and therefore maybe Blade Runner the game would be more your thing. However, there was no such thing as the Blade… Continue Reading →

The New Sphero 2.0 Part Toy Part Robot!

  This is the next generation Sphero; it is the same as the old Sphero only better! This is one of those devices that become part of your life and then like a Smartphone or the internet, life without it… Continue Reading →

AMA Demos First Game Running On Google Glass

  Here is an interesting video that show AMA’s Android game Escape running on Google Glass, its the real deal and not a mock up or anything like that! The object of the game is to move the man up… Continue Reading →

Let Battlefield 4 Takeover Your Life With Battlelog!

  Many of us already know that gaming can take over your life! However, you assume that its only when the gamer is actually playing the game! But with the Battlelog feature for the yet to be released Battlefield 4,… Continue Reading →

Ubisoft Release More Gameplay From Assassin’s Creed IV

  The countdown is running up to the release of the latest instalment of Assassin’s Creed, it is the fourth outing and it is going under the title of Black Flag! It is a step back from revolutionary America to… Continue Reading →

Take Command Of Your Own Critter Army!

Here is your chance to lead an army of critters using real world style maps in this interesting and addictive game called quite simply Critters! Learn the maps and terrain to beat your enemies. What this game so interesting is… Continue Reading →

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