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The Foobler Toy Makes Your Dog Work For Those Treats!

The Foobler Toy Makes Your Dog Work For Those Treats!

The Foobler Toy Makes Your Dog Work For Those Treats!

It is all too easy to give in to the dog and let them have a treat now and then, but this is not helping the dog think and play so something else is needed to bridge the gap between fun, exercise and treats! This is where the Foobler is hoping to fit in, it looks like a fancy ball and that is a good description for it. However, there is more to the Foobler than just being a ball, it is in fact a puzzle for the dog and the reward for solving it is a treat, which is great for keeping the dog active. The Foobler, comes in two colours and can be loaded up with enough treats for the whole day, which is great for keeping the dog busy when you are out. The clever thing here, is that the Foobler has a timer, so the dog cannot get all treats at once, no matter how smart the dog is they are going to have to wait.

Expect to see the Foobler this summer, but for anyone who cannot wait that long it can be pre ordered for a short time for just $45 or £28.

Source: The Foobler


Get The Classic Tomb Raider 1 Game For iOS!

Get The Classic Tomb Raider 1 Game For iOS!

Get The Classic Tomb Raider 1 Game For iOS!

Here is a chance to play the original and the best version of Tomb Raider. However, you are not going to need any classic style games consoles to get in on the action because this game has been re-released for iPhone owners and is ready right now for download for a price! Normally when a developer says classic game, we assume that it has been edited in some way to make it shorter or a faster in some way.

Get The Classic Tomb Raider 1 Game For iOS!


Nevertheless, this version of the Tomb Raider game is complete as it was, so players are able to get in on the action just as players did back in 1998! The game supports certain games controllers that work with the iPhone such as the Ace Power, Logitech Power Shell and the Moga too. Gamers will probably need it too, because this is game that will last for around fifteen hours and that is a long time to play a game on a Smartphone.

Get The Classic Tomb Raider 1 Game For iOS!

This classic game is a paid for game downloaded from iTunes costing $0.99 in the US and £0.69 in the UK.


The struggle for supremacy

The struggle for supremacy When the winter draws in, you can be forgiven for not finding the idea of going outside and running around a muddy field in a pair of shorts particularly appealing. It ranks alongside the notion of swimming in shark-infested waters or having to eat only steamed broccoli and brown rice for the next month!

Given that the coming winter is anticipated to be a particularly harsh one, you could be doing even more gaming than usual over the next few months, which could mean that the time is right to invest in a new console and that will mean experienced gamers revisiting the age old debate – PlayStation or Xbox?

Whatever you choose in the end, the truth is that the nature of gaming in changing and consoles have to do a lot more than beat one another on the graphics front to draw our attention.

Interestingly, a number of independent studies have shown that more of us than ever before are doing what is known as “triple screening”: the practice of using a mobile phone and laptop or tablet at the same time as watching television.

This could tell us that no one device is currently good enough to properly capture our attention, and that we need  something fresh, new and exciting to keep us interested.

Step forward the PS4 and the Xbox One. The struggle for supremacy between Sony and Microsoft in the console market has been an absorbing one, and it would be extremely difficult to get any sort of consensus amongst the gaming community as to which is the better.

The most recent battle, that of the PS3 against the Xbox 360, was arguably shaded by the former, which boasted a 550 MHz NVIDIA/ SCEI RSX with reality synthesiser, instead of the Xbox 360’s 500 MHZ ATI Xenos card.

Unfortunately, the extremely complex architecture and graphics of the PS3 came at the expense of loading times and other issues, making certain games a bit slow and clunky. The next challenge for Sony will be to maintain its visual strength whilst ironing these problems out.

It’s worth noting that Sony took steps to address the triple-screening phenomena with their PS Vita which can be used as a second screening, portable remote for the PS4. Considering GAME recently ran a promotion of their new tablet range by undertaking a study of 2,000 Brits to determine gaming habits and found that almost four fifths (79%) watch TV while keeping gadgets such as tablets, laptops and phones within easy reach, this decision could be a wise one.

The simple truth is that manufacturers need to do more than just create a competent console that performs well. They need a product which engages on multiple levels and allows users to satisfy their triple-screening lust. As GAME’s infographic shows, the nature of gaming now relies on multiple interactions with content and the ability to share and comment with others whilst playing or simply watching TV.

The struggle for supremacy

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star 8 Bit Style Mobile Game!

As Disney begins the search for new acting talent for the 2015 movie there are plenty of other Star Wars related gear materialising, such as this new game Star Wars: Tiny Death Star. It available on all formats and best of all its free, so you really cannot go wrong with this game because it is not going to cost you anything, but your time for playing on it.

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star 8 Bit Style Mobile Game!

The game is a collaboration between Disney Mobile, LucasArts and NimbleBit who are responsible for making the Tiny Tower game, so you know where this is going. The Star Wars Tiny Death Star game is free to download and is available now on Google Play for Android and iTunes for iOS powered devices.

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star 8 Bit Style Mobile Game!

Scale Is The Game That Resizes Everything!

This is Scale a game that is a little bit like Half Life, you have a weapon that resembles the gravity gun! Except in this case instead of moving objects you are able to resize them in order to get through the game.

Scale Is The Game That Resizes Everything!

It is interesting how familiar this game feels and yet it is a completely new game from the pen of Steve Swink! The idea is to get through game, but you need to realise that not everything is what it seems, you have to explore!

Scale Is The Game That Resizes Everything!

The weapon helps because you are able to navigate around the new game world and when an obstacle gets in the way, you will be able to shrink or enlarge an object so that it is able to assist you to get where you need to go.

You can get a copy of the game from just $25 or £16, which seems like a great deal! After all there are not many cool games around that cost so little and yet offer so much in return, such as moving through a world of unexplainable proportions.

Scale Is The Game That Resizes Everything!

Source: Steve Wink


Anki Drive Turns Gaming Into Real Racing For iOS!

Here is a cool game designed for the users of iOS powered devices and yet it is not an arcade style video game as such like you would expect. Anki is a real style racing game like Scalextric but with more skill because the cars have the added bonus of featuring artificial intelligence and robotics. Therefore, that means that these cars can be tuned and adjusted to suit the driver’s requirements and skills on the track.

Anki Drive Turns Gaming Into Real Racing For iOS!

To get racing there is a starter kit that has two cars, the track, chargers and tyre cleaner! Each player will need either an iPhone 4S or newer, an iPod touch (5th generation or newer), an iPad 3 or newer or even the iPad mini. All devices must have the Anki DRIVE Smartphone app installed and ready to go. The final requirement is a clear area of 3.5 feet x 8.5 feet floor to roll out the track.

Anki Drive Turns Gaming Into Real Racing For iOS!

The Anki Drive app for almost all recent devices running iOS is free to download from iTunes. it’s with the app that the racer is able to understand more about what the car is doing and make crucial changes that can have a major impact on how the car performs during the race to the chequered flag, but who will be standing on top of the podium?

Anki Drive Turns Gaming Into Real Racing For iOS!

This cool new racing game launches next week and will cost from around $200 or £124!

Source: Anki Drive


@RockstarGTAV Release iFruit App For iPhone Owners!


So by now, you have the game, its installed and you have taken those first steps into the world of Grand Theft Auto V! But, isn’t there something missing? That’s right, it’s the Grand Theft Auto V app, it’s only available for iPhone owners at the moments, but Android and Windows versions are supposed to be on the way soon!

The app compliments the game, with access to Los Santos Customs where players are able to create a cool custom build, including personalised plates for the game. There is also Chop The Dog, the official pet for Grand Theft Auto V players! However, don’t forget him, he needs feeding and looking after like all pets do!

The Grand Theft Auto V app is available now at iTunes and its free!

Source: Rockstar Games Press Release



@Animazombs! Not All Zombies Were Humans!


There is no doubt that we like zombies whether they are in games, movies or on the TV and yet we have never seen anything like this before! These Animazombs are cool interactive plushie animals, that just happen to be zombies and therefore it is something that anyone who into zombies will need to take a closer look at, their cute, cuddly and will probably eat your brains if you give them half a chance.

Here is the background on why these zombie creatures were created in the first place;

The Animazombs are a horde of misunderstood, clumsy, attention-seeking zombie animal softies who just want to be loved!! Brought to life by the delightfully eccentric Professor Unbound, these creations didn’t quite come out as he’d intended, but he became quite fond of their zany ways and decided to keep them that way.

You cannot buy Animazombs in the stores just yet, but if you cannot wait, they can be pre-ordered! Prices start from just £20 ($32) the price will increase according to style and amount.

Source: Animazombs


The Dice+ Begins To Roll Out!


The awaited launch of the little Dice+ gaming device has started, this palm sized cube is Bluetooth enabled and will offer users of Android and iOS powered devices a smart way of playing new games. It is interesting how something so small can with the help of a free app turn a Smartphone or tablet device into something seriously challenging and entertaining. The Dice+ is now ready for delivering at a surprising low price too; board games will never be the same again.

This is what you are able to do with the Dice+ device;

Gather your family and friends around and surprise them with DICE+! Change your tablet into an interactive game board and have DICE+ send results of your rolls or moves to your device! Enjoy a digital version of board games without losing the pleasure of throwing the dice! Keep all the magic, excitement and uncertainty involved in traditional dice rolling and make the digital characters move accordingly. Turn on DICE+ by flipping it upside down and play for hours. You can be sure that DICE+ will properly detect all your rolls and give you comfort while playing the game.

The Dice device is ready to be sent out now and will cost you around $47 (£30).

Source: Dicepl


BlinkDrink Turns Your Drink Into A Lightshow!


There are apps around that test your drinks, test your breath and in some cases test your patience. However, here is a drinking app that makes you use your iPhone as a coaster and then turns the drink into a cool disco dancing machine that is going to attract a lot of attention of the right kind! With BlinkDrink you do not have to sit in the corner anymore, this is one that everyone is going to enjoy.

Here is what you can do with the BlinkDrink app;

BLINKDRINK transforms your phone from “that thing you play with when no one is talking to you at the bar” into a pint-sized party. Open the app, choose your colour, and put your drink on top. BLINKDRINK uses the prism of your poison to keep time to whatever song is playing. You’re thinking, “iPhone as coaster? Sounds like a bad idea.” Well we put a lot of drinks on top of phones while making this thing- the only bad ideas generally happened afterward.

This app is available right now from iTunes where it will cost you $0.99 or £0.69.

Source: Blink Drink


Blackbar Its A Game With An Edge!


When you first see this, it looks like someone does who just does not want their identity known, as the photos appear with a black bar across the features. However, in fact, this is a game that mixes censorship and text together in a dark moody looking game. It is safe to say that this game is going to be very frustrating, but isn’t that the sort of game that we want?

This is how the Blackbar game is played according to the designer;

Blackbar is a text game: a sci-fi story of a dystopian future told through the medium of word puzzles. Reminiscent of text adventures and interactive fiction, it has a unique mechanic centred around the concept of censorship. Censorship is frustrating, but the human spirit can beat that frustration by turning it into a game.

The Blackbar text game app is available to owners of iOS devices from iTunes for $2.99 (£1.99).

Source: Mrgan


What If Blade Runner Was An 8 Bit Video Game?


Blade Runner is classic sci-fi, but it is one of those movies that you either love or hate and therefore maybe Blade Runner the game would be more your thing. However, there was no such thing as the Blade Runner game in 8 Bit or in any Bit! However, if there were it would probably look something like this video.

Here are the details on this cool Blade Runner 8 bit video;

CineFix presents: Blade Runner retold via old-school 8-bit (& a little 16-bit :) game tech. No quarters or controllers required! Subscribe to CineFix – http://goo.gl/9AGRm

Source: CineFix


The New Sphero 2.0 Part Toy Part Robot!


This is the next generation Sphero; it is the same as the old Sphero only better! This is one of those devices that become part of your life and then like a Smartphone or the internet, life without it would be unbearable. If you do not believe us, check out the video to see it in action travelling at an amazing seven feet per second, which is almost twice as fast as the original version. What ’s more, there are those special all terrain Nubby covers for when only off road adventures will do!

This is what the Sphero device will be offering the buyer;

Choose from over 25 apps and launch a whole new world of mobile game play. Drive circles around your friends with Sphero’s new engine, turn your living room into a video game with augmented reality apps like The Rolling Dead, and upgrade family game night with multiplayer apps like ColorGrab. You can even get a crash course in programming Sphero with MacroLab. And that’s just the beginning. There’s a whole new world of game play ready for you to discover. What are you waiting for? Get rolling!

The Sphero 2.0 is priced from $130 (£84) or with a cool all terrain Nubby cover the total price is $145 (£93).

Source: Go Sphero


AMA Demos First Game Running On Google Glass

AMA Demos First Game Running On Google Glass


Here is an interesting video that show AMA’s Android game Escape running on Google Glass, its the real deal and not a mock up or anything like that! The object of the game is to move the man up and down taking out the stones as you go. Its, quite interesting seeing it in action and at the some demonstrates why drivers should be wearing Google Glass!

These are the features and details for the first game running on Google Glass;

Minimal and stylish graphics for maximum appeal

Simple controls for all ages

Surprisingly addictive!

Dozens of levels to get you started!

More levels (medium and hard) are available through

In-App Purchase A unique brain teaser, complimented by relaxing audio and visual effects

The Android version of this game is available for free on Google Play.

Source: Techcrunch

Let Battlefield 4 Takeover Your Life With Battlelog!

Let Battlefield 4 Takeover Your Life With Battlelog!


Many of us already know that gaming can take over your life! However, you assume that its only when the gamer is actually playing the game! But with the Battlelog feature for the yet to be released Battlefield 4, will mean that your Smartphone or tablet will become your eyes and ears on the action going on when you are not playing! Waiting for the train or bus is never going to be the same again.

This is what makes the Battlelog feature so cool for all gamer looking win big on the next Battlefield offering;

With Battlelog, the Battlefield is always at your fingertips. Discover the new features of the free social platform Battlelog and learn how the experience extends beyond PC and console to tablet and mobile. Learn more at http://bit.ly/1dXgOvD

Battlefield 4 is due to be released on the 1st November when it will cost from £36 on PC and up to £55 on the PS4 and Xbox One from Amazon

Source: Battlefield


Ubisoft Release More Gameplay From Assassin's Creed IV

Ubisoft Release More Gameplay From Assassin’s Creed IV


The countdown is running up to the release of the latest instalment of Assassin’s Creed, it is the fourth outing and it is going under the title of Black Flag! It is a step back from revolutionary America to the West Indies when pirates and tall ships ruled the seas. It is the perfect setting for the game, and this gameplay trailer gives us a taste of what to expect, when the game is finally released.

According to the developer Ubisoft, here is a little bit about the video;

Game Director Ashraf Ismail takes us deeper into the world of Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag with this new commented gameplay video. Embark on a journey with Edward and discover his daily life as a pirate and Assassin in this Open-World demo, in a quest for glory, fame and hidden treasures.

Source: Ubisoft


Take Command Of Your Own Critter Army!

Take Command Of Your Own Critter Army!

Here is your chance to lead an army of critters using real world style maps in this interesting and addictive game called quite simply Critters! Learn the maps and terrain to beat your enemies. What this game so interesting is the use of actual locations as this adds a more lifelike feel to game and of course, there is nothing like taking over your own city!

This is what you can expect to find with the cool new Critters game;

Lead your army of mighty critters and save the world from creep invasion! Critters, Inc. is an action-puzzle defense game that’s played on real world maps. Learn the local geography and survive relentless creep attacks as they crawl through the streets of famous locations.

This is a free app and its available from the iTunes Store right now.

Source: Explorence

Trailer For Cool Zombie Game! 7 Ways To Die!

Trailer For Cool Zombie Game! 7 Ways To Die!

It seems that the zombies have been quiet these days, so it is great to see that a new online game is in development, 7 Ways To Die is based slightly in the future where war and a virus have ravaged the planet. Your goal is to survive and find out the truth behind what happened to cause global devastation. So, from what we can tell, this is a bit like Zombieland and Bourne! Find out the truth before the zombies are the living things on the planet and that just cannot be good for anything, who would want to live on the planet of the zombies? Check out the trailer below to what it is all about.

This is how the story goes, according to the 7 Ways To Die website;

In the year 2034 nuclear attacks have decimated the Earth and the remaining population is infected by an unknown virus. The infected die within 7 days and soon reanimate becoming blood-thirsty zombies. No one believed it; nobody expected it and nothing can stop it! You are a survivor in Navizgane County Arizona, a rare Eden in a world of devastation. Ironically, the Apache word “Navezgane” means Killer of Monsters, and kill you will as you fight, scrap, craft, salvage and fortify your way to survive looking for the truth behind what really happened.

The game is currently raising funds through Kickstarter, so this means you can get involved at different levels and get some cool perks along the way!

Source: 7 Ways To Die

Finally Firefly Is Set To Return!

Finally Firefly Is Set To Return!

Before diehard fans of the sci-fi TV series Firefly get too excited, the second outing for Firefly is not going to be series made for TV or even online, Firefly Online is going to be an MMO and it is currently being developed by the team over at Spark Plug Games. Check out the trailer below to see what it might be like when it is eventually released.

According to Firefly Online Game this is what we can be expecting from the game;

Firefly Online (FFO) is a multi-user, social online role-playing game that will initially be available for smartphones and tablets, including those based on iOS and Android operating systems. Check out updates and pre-register at www.keepflying.com

It may not be the news that fans of Firefly wanted, but an MMO has to be better than nothing for now!

Source: Keep Flying