Caines Cardboard Games Arcade

    A nine year old boy from East Los Angeles has become an internet sensation and its all down to the cardboard games arcade that he built inside his father’s auto part store. Somehow, the arcade was featured on a DIY site and suddenly everyone wants to know the budding entrepreneur. However, this has gone […]

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The Map Of The Dead

      When the zombie apocalypse happens and it surely will, information will be the key to survival along with a crossbow because we take notice of what happens in the Walking Dead! However, knowing where certain things are located will help you a lot, because you need food, water, weapons and a decent […]

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Want To Play Mad Men?

    It had to happen sooner than later, the hugely popular TV series Mad Men has been made into a game and not just any old game either. It is in 8 bit and the player is able to choose a tailor made adventure, if you can call it that! It is all the […]

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