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    Collector has all PS2 games

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    Sometimes we see a collection of items that really blows our minds! This is one of those occasions it concerns an avid collection of NTSC Playstation 2 games, in fact according to the collector Ahan76 he has every single NTSC Playstation 2 game ever produced! But naturally there is more here, because not only does… Read more »

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    The Top Twenty Games this year

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    When you of the quality of games released this year so far, you begin realise just serious the market has become during the first six months and yet the top twenty league table may not read, as we would think. Initially you would have thought that titles such as Portal 2, LA Noire and Crysis… Read more »

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    Closer look at Dead Island

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    This game takes place in the holiday island of Banoi, it is in the Pacific and stop off for the cruise ship Royal Palms Resort. This where the rich like to go for their holidays, unfortunately on this occasion the island is suffering from the “Zombieland” illness! Now it is a battle for survival and… Read more »

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    Got Portal2 Yet!

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    If you are in two minds as whether or not Portal2 from Valve is worth getting or not, then maybe this video will tempt you to go out and spend the thirty odd pounds on this brilliant game. Check out the video below, this is not your ordinary thirty second job, this covers the first… Read more »

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    Nintendo’s 3DS Midnight Launch

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    There will be a midnight launch for the Nintendo 3DS at one minute past the top of the hour on the 25th March at the HMV Store in Oxford St, London. This is where the main launch party will held and with this device being in such demand the crowds should be buzzing, even though… Read more »