Can You Be Addicted To Media

When you think about it, being addicted to something is probably easier than we think it is just a matter of using something more and more until we simply cannot do without it. This could apply to drink, drugs and media, yes, it seems that research is showing that media can and is addictive. However, […]

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Stronghold 3 Gets Release Date

Finally the strategy game Stronghold 3, has been given the global release date of the 25th October! It has been a long wait but judging on the images and video it seems that the wait maybe worth it for those who like this kind of game! According to Simon Bradbury, who is the lead designer […]

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Is Sonic about to return

It looks as if the agent who is representing Mario could be getting ready to line up Sonic for a come back, is this going to be the return of these retro game stars or will just be one of comebacks that lasts for one gig! Check out this video done in the traditional format […]

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The Road to IPO

Building a company to the where it gets to the Initial Public Offering (IPO) is major undertaking and yet for a company like Zynga this has been a fairly straight forward business arrangement, which should come a no surprise when you understand their product. Zynga is a games developer and you will know who they […]

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Collector has all PS2 games

Sometimes we see a collection of items that really blows our minds! This is one of those occasions it concerns an avid collection of NTSC Playstation 2 games, in fact according to the collector Ahan76 he has every single NTSC Playstation 2 game ever produced! But naturally there is more here, because not only does […]

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