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    Facebook stops migration to Google+

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    It looks as if things are not going too well between Facebook and Google, especially as Google are now looking at getting into the social networking business. The first move has been to stop the migrations of its users by blocking a Chrome extension that provides this service. According to Mohamed Mansour, who created the… Read more »

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    Hackers target Google+

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    There is only one thing about announcing a super cool new social networking service that is only available through invitation only and that is scammers are likely to get in on the act by sending our fake emails. This is exactly what is happening, so people need to watch out for Google+ from third party… Read more »

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    Mark Zuckerberg is on Google+

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    Now out all of the people in world, you have thought that the last person that Google would invite to try out their new social media platform Google+ would be the founder of the largest social networking site in the world, Facebook! Yet here it is the Mark Zuckerberg profile page on Google+! Well it might… Read more »

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    Google goes social

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    At the moment Google are testing its new Google+ project, invites have been sent out and according to Google “Already invited? We’ve temporarily exceeded our capacity. Please try again soon.” so even being invited is not enough you have to be fast too if you want to be involved. Google usually start off with a small… Read more »

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    Google +1 goes international

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    The world’s largest search has been flirting with its equivalent of the Facebook Like button that they call +1, you may have seen in on certain sites already and may have even used it. However, Google are satisfied enough with its performance to take it global. Starting off with,, and the… Read more »

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    Legal move for Googles self driving car

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    Imagine a car that drives itself, is this the future, reality or a nightmare! Well Google already have a fleet of these cars that can be programmed to go from point A to point B, without smashing into anything or anyone. However, it is the law that will hold this back, unless you are in… Read more »

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    Finding a job on Google

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    It seems like a no brainer using Google to find to a job would be easy, but as with everything in life it is not always as straight forward as we may think and it seems that when the opportunity does actually arise we often tend to be so excited that the opportunity is lost…. Read more »

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    Google cranks up the speed of search

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    It is looking like the search giant Google has been tweaking up their service to make search even faster and easier. Anyone using instant pages will already know that the search results are faster, in fact according to Google they have managed to shave off up to five seconds from the time it takes for… Read more »

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    Are Info graphics the new SPAM?

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    You how we like info graphics here, but it seems that not all folks do and some have gone as to say that info graphics are not just tacky they are spam as well. According to the research done the info graphic or some of them at least are very sophisticated keyword spamming devices used to… Read more »

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    Google improves Image Search

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    Google appear to always be looking to improve the service that is offering consumers and users, but many of these changes seem to go unnoticed by the average user. However, with Google Image Search any change is going to be noticed straight away. The idea with these new changes is the speed at which the… Read more »

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    Ever heard of Pacman Fever!

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    To find the origins of Pacman fever you have to look back to when the game was first launched, 1980! yes is was that long ago and according to Midway and Namco, Pacman is this highest grossing video of all time eating up and spitting out the competition, which in this case was Asteroids and… Read more »

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    Google Vs Social Networking

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    We have an idea of what we think that the mighty Google thinks of the social networking competition, but there is only one real way to actually find out what is going on here and that is to search! Below are the search results using the instant variety and some these returns are rather amusing,… Read more »

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    Iconic internet pillows

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    Here is something for the geek’s office or home! Wherever they are placed, these pillows are just cool and would look great just about anywhere. It is because these are famous internet symbols and most people would know exactly what they are. However, imagine the fun that could be had with somebody who just happens… Read more »

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    Just how secure is Google

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    To be more precise we are talking about the security that the world’s largest search engine Google, has installed in its data centres, in fact they are so pleased with the results that they have produced this cool video to show, just a safe data is in Google’s hands. These data centres are like the… Read more »

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    Angry Birds at the Google I/O 2011

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    It does not seem right really but Angry Birds really did make it to the recent Google I/O 2011 conference! However, it is true and as we like it, there is video evidence to prove it! Nevertheless, what we have is a deal between the makers of Angry Birds Rovio and Google to produce a… Read more »