Get Cool Looking Panoramic Views To Improve Your Sales

Selling goods online is a hard thing to do, with so much competition around you are going to need to make your goods stand out more than any of the others do. Check out the RotaryView 360 degree image maker, it comes with a free app although the online storage has to be paid for.

Here are the features for the RotaryView CupChair;

RotaryView CupChair — 360 photography for your online store

Create a 360 interactive image for your online store in just a few minutes.

Increase online sales by 15-50% using RotaryView 360 photography instead of static product pictures.

Try it FREE now!

Increase online sales

Reduce return rates

Show items from all sides

Allow shoppers to interact with the image

Look better than your competitors

The Rotary View storage costs from $5 (£3.50) per month, but the app is free and available to download from the iTunes Store right now

Source [Technabob]

Produce Great Collages Instantly With The Mixel iPhone App

We all have hundreds if not thousands of images stored on our iPhones and now you can produce a wonderful collage that is not tacky with this free app called Mixel, it is easy to use and the finished image is cool and classy.

These are the new and older features for the Mixel iPhone app;

Choose from 6 beautiful styles for your collages (more coming soon!)

Add pictures from Facebook, Instagram or your iPhone

Built-in camera lets you take multiple pictures at once!

Follow your friends and see what they’re posting

Threads let you and your friends post collages together in a continuous flow

Login with Facebook or Twitter

What’s New in Version 1.1

NEW: Newbie feed – see recent mixels by new users!

Take FASTER photos with the camera

Now to delete a mixel you’ve posted, just Flag it (tap on the Share icon) and it will be instantly blocked

Fixed bugs with login and sharing

This is a free app that is ready to download now from the iTunes Store.

Source [Gizmodo]

How To Remove Baby Images From Your Facebook Feeds

We have all seen them, baby pictures that appear on your Facebook feed and there comes a point when enough is definitely enough, but what can we do about it? Well it seems that there is an add on got Chrome that will do the job for you with little fuss and it will replace those images of babies with something a bit cooler, such as cars, cats or a number of other categories.  Continue reading “How To Remove Baby Images From Your Facebook Feeds”

Mobi-Lens The Universal Smartphone And Tablet Photography Tool

Taking images and creating video has never been so popular it is all down to the use of Smartphone and tablet cameras! These devices are really useful, but sometimes limit the users creativity, the Mobi-Lens is a device that sets the user imagination free, check out the video to see exactly how cool this little device is.  Continue reading “Mobi-Lens The Universal Smartphone And Tablet Photography Tool”

Yahoo Launch Photo App For Email



Most people who use email will have an accumulation of images that people have sent; these are either left in the inbox or deleted if not required. However, what if you want to find specific image, you will have to trail through them all wasting time and patience! Not any longer with Yahoo! Mail though, as they are bringing out an app that will do all of the hard work for you. It is in beta at the moment, but users of this mail service can expect to see it appear soon!



According to a blog posting by Miriam Geller, Director of Product Management, Yahoo! Mail these are the features of the new app;


Skip searching: Easily find all of your photos in one place

Share in seconds: Email your photos with one click or upload to Flickr

Find the associated email: Locate the photo (or attachment) and the email it was originally sent with

Sort easily: Easily sort and filter photos and attachments by sender, date, size or file type



Source [IT Pro Portal]



NASA Probe Finds Mickey Mouse On Mercury



This is something that you could not make up, well you could, but nobody would listen! However, this is not made up, these are actual images sent back to Earth from the NASA Messenger spacecraft close to Mercury! Clearly, this is not mercury but the Disney Planet and image is branding to make sure that there is no mistake. Alternatively, it is an image of a rock formation and shadows, but I prefer the Mickey version, what about you?



According to a statement by NASA, this is what they have to say about finding;


“The shadowing helps define the striking ‘Mickey Mouse’ resemblance, created by the accumulation of craters over Mercury’s long geologic history,”


Source [Neatorama]